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1. Ewing sarcoma

2. soft tissue sarcoma

Sarcoma - a large group of malignant tumors that are non-epithelial nature (as opposed to cancer).The disease develops from the cells of the primary connection.Sarcoma Tumors contain cellular elements of muscles, blood vessels, bones, ligaments, tendons, meninges.

sarcoma most often occurs in young children and people over 25 years.It takes about 15% of all malignant tumor formations.

exact causes of sarcoma, like all cancers, is unknown.

Experts point to several factors that can trigger this disease.These include:

  • genetic predisposition to malignant diseases;
  • chemical influence or radiation rays;
  • injury of organs and tissues, especially after which they were foreign bodies;
  • immunosuppressive therapy following organ transplantation;
  • viral infections, especially herpes virus.

Today distinguish about one hundred kinds of sarcomas.The most frequently encountered and Ewing sarcoma of soft tissue sarcoma.

Ewing sarcoma

Ewing's sarcoma - a malignant neoplasm of the bone skeleton.Usually the disease develops in the lower part of the long bones, ribs, pelvis, scapula, clavicle, spine.

This cancer is among the most aggressive tumors.Prior to the application of the system of treatment, about 90% of the patients already had metastases.Even at the time of diagnosis 15-50% of patients have metastasis.

Ewing's sarcoma is the second frequency distribution of malignant neoplasms of bone in children.

The cause of this type of sarcoma is unknown.However, according to statistics, its occurrence in 40% of cases provokes injury.It is known that the disease is more common in men and boys than in girls and women.

first symptom of Ewing's sarcoma is a constant pain.Unlike pain in the inflammatory process, this does not stop the pain at rest, limb fixation.It is further enhanced during the night.

a result of tumor growth are deteriorating in the nearby joint function, often formed a pathological fracture.In the further course of the disease in the 3-4 th month because of pain disturbed the movement in the nearby joint.Later, the joint becomes immobile.

In place of growing tumors occur following bone sarcoma symptoms - redness, swelling, local increase in temperature, the expansion of the saphenous veins.In addition, increases the overall temperature of the body, there is fever, often violated function of the affected limb.

treatment of Ewing's sarcoma is conducted by the following methods - multicomponent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery.

Multiple chemotherapy is a combination of six of chemotherapy, which is used to increase the efficacy and reduce its side effects.It is carried out by intravenous way with a central venous catheter.

Simultaneously with chemotherapy in the treatment of bone sarcomas radiation therapy used in high doses.Directly irradiating the tumor and in the case of metastases in the thorax and lungs.

Surgical treatment of sarcomas of this type is the radical removal of tumors, including soft tissue and bone.The use of surgical method possible when the tumor focus in the shoulder blade, ribs, collarbone, arm bone, the fibula.

most unfavorable prognosis of the disease in the development of metastases in bone marrow.

soft tissue sarcoma

soft tissue sarcoma - a group of cancers that develop in the connective tissue is skeletal.For this disease is characterized by a pronounced local aggressive growth, in particular with spread to surrounding structures, the ability to early metastasis.

This type of sarcoma is the first place to spread among children under 15 years.

risk of developing the disease increases significantly in some genetic disorders, intestinal polyposis, tuberous sclerosis and some other diseases.

very first symptom of soft tissue sarcoma is a lump or knot in any part of the body.Neoplasm is circular or oval.The most common tumor is painless.

Usually such sarcoma localized in the pelvis and lower limbs, the shoulder girdle and upper extremities, retroperitoneum, at least - in the neck, head and torso.

The most characteristic symptom of a sarcoma, in contrast to the benign tumor - her limited mobility, and growth rate.The mobility of the tumor varies from subtle to full lock splice to nearby tissues.This results in the sprouting tumor neighboring tissue.

Consistency sarcomas of this type can be soft or plotnoelasticheskoy.It can have a smooth or rough surface.Along with the centers of softening can meet lots of dense consistency.

later symptoms of this type of sarcoma are expanding and ulceration of subcutaneous veins, increased local temperature, infiltration (accumulation of fluid in the tissues and cells of non-core elements), the appearance of purple-cyanotic shade surface.

Metastasis in this disease usually occurs through the blood vessels (hematogenous route).The most common metastases affect the lungs, liver, and significantly less bone.Lymphatic path metastasis observed in 15% of cases.

treatment of soft tissue sarcoma should be started as early as possible.

Complex therapy includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy.

main method of treatment of this type of sarcoma is surgery, which will conclude in the excision of tumors.The volume of the operation depends on the size and location of the tumor site.If malignancy affected areas of muscle, they also excised.In the case of complicated, advanced forms, in which the tumor has grown into the bone, nerves, bloodstream, requires amputation of the affected limb.

additional method of treatment of the sarcoma after surgery is radiation therapy.After its implementation significantly decreases the likelihood of disease recurrence.

addition of radiation therapy, chemotherapy is used successfully.Its use reduces the number of metastases, prevents the appearance of complications after surgery.Chemotherapy with sarcoma conducted before surgery (to reduce the size of the tumor) and after the conference (for the destruction of certain malignant cells).

forecast of unfavorable disease.About 50% of patients die within 3-24 months after the onset of illness.


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