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1. Causes of salpingitis

2. symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of salpingitis

Salpingitis - an inflammatory disease of the fallopian tubes infectious nature.

The disease is diagnosed very often, it is found in 30% of women.

First, the disease affects the mucous membrane of the uterus, and then develops on the muscular layer of the fallopian tubes.Consequently, the fallopian tubes are soldered, their obstruction occurs.

Causes of salpingitis

can name many reasons that trigger the appearance of salpingitis.But more often the disease occurs after infection of the fallopian tubes.Infectious agents are usually gonococci, fungi, staphylococci, streptococci, enteric bacteria, Chlamydia, Escherichia, TB germs.Salpingitis - quite a dangerous disease.When its development is often in the fallopian tubes accumulate pus which can gradually spread to the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs.

There are the main factors that provoke the beginning of salpingitis.

1.Besporyadochnaya se

xual life of women, a large number of sexual partners.In addition, the reason is the early onset of sexual activity, sexual intercourse during menstruation, non-traditional forms of sexual relations.

2.Nalichie a woman other gynecological diseases.Often salpingitis develops simultaneously with oophoritis (ovarian inflammation) and some other diseases.

3.Neprofessionalnye intervention in the female genital organs.Salpingitis may occur after non-professional gynecological examination, abortion, caesarean section.

4.Nalichie IUD.IUD is perceived by the body as a foreign woman's body, which also provokes a disorder of the fallopian tubes.

5.Oslablenie protective functions of the organism.This contributes to reduced immunity, poor nutrition, frequent stress, alcohol abuse.


salpingitis Symptoms depend on the form of the disease.

Acute salpingitis usually manifests itself after the end of menstruation.The patient rapidly deteriorating health, there is a strong pain, gives to the rectum and the sacrum.In women with acute salpingitis temperature rises, there is a fever, signs of fever.The patient feels weak, suffering from nausea, vomiting, bloating, frequent diarrhea.Often women develop tachycardia (increased heart rate), myalgia (muscle pain).

Another symptom of this form of salpingitis is the appearance seroznognoevidnyh cables from the vagina and urethra.The patient feels frequent urge to urinate, accompanied by sharp pains, minor release of urine.Some women have spotting or slight bleeding from the vagina.

Subacute disease is characterized by acute salpingitis significantly lower intensity of pain, the best state of health of the patient.This is a common symptom salpingitis low-grade body temperature.

Chronic salpingitis usually develops after an acute form of the disease.With the development of this form of the disease the fallopian tubes are increased due to the thickening of the walls.The symptoms of salpingitis in this case, there are persistent pain pulling character, menstrual irregularities.The majority of patients with a normal body temperature, general health is satisfactory.Chronic salpingitis often interrupted by relapses of the disease.Such relapses are associated with hypothermia, fatigue, certain infections.Prolonged course of chronic salpingitis dangerous many serious complications.The most common and unpleasant of them is female infertility.

Diagnosis and treatment of salpingitis

For successful treatment of salpingitis is very important the correct and timely diagnosis of the disease.Diagnosis salpingitis causes considerable difficulties because of the similarity of symptoms with symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and appendicitis.Severe pain and muscle spasms greatly complicate diagnosis.

doctor conducting a pelvic examination the patient, at which drew attention to the pain and the sensitivity of cervical appendages.

to establish pathogen salpingitis gynecologist takes swabs from the vagina, which are then investigated by laboratory methods.In addition, we study the blood and urine of the patient.In some cases, further diagnosis is performed puncture of the uterine tube or posterior fornix.

pelvic ultrasound is performed to confirm the inflammatory process in the fallopian tubes.

most accurate method of diagnosis is laparoscopy.The reliability of the results is about 80%.However laparoscopically first method in the diagnosis of salpingitis used in the most severe cases, as it is quite traumatic and costly.

salpingitis choice of treatment depends on the form in which the disease occurs.

Acute salpingitis is very important to start as soon as possible the use of antibiotic therapy.With timely beginning of treatment, improvement in the patient usually begins 7-8 hours.In addition, early treatment prevents the chronic form of the disease.

In acute purulent salpingitis often require surgery.During surgery, the surgeon removes the purulent exudate and sanitizes the lesion.

In addition, surgical treatment salpingitis used when the fallopian tubes are detected tumors that are similar in structure to the tumor.Another indication for surgery are adhesions in the fallopian tubes, preventing pregnancy in women.

most frequently in the surgical treatment of salpingitis using laparoscopic techniques.Women spend a few punctures in the abdomen.Malotravmatichen This method does not contribute to the formation of adhesions.When this method of surgery the patient on the third day leaves the hospital.

Equally important in the treatment of both acute and chronic salpingitis is the use of immunostimulatory therapy.It may be drugs and physiotherapy methods.


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