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1. Ways of transmission

2. Symptoms of rotavirus infection

3. treatment of rotavirus infection in children

4. treatment of rotavirus infection in adults

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rotavirus infection - an acute viral disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract.The causative agent is rotavirus.The largest outbreak seen during epidemics of influenza, so many call it "intestinal flu".Ill rotavirus at any age, but most often this disease affects children from six months to two years.The patient becomes infectious already at the first symptoms of rotavirus infection and the virus continues to spread throughout the disease (within 5-7 days).


transmission of the disease Infected intestinal influenza, primarily through infected food, especially through milk.It should be noted that the agents of rotavirus infections thrive in the refrigerator, and in chlorinated water.This infection can also be attributed to the "disease of dirty hands".Rotaviruse

s cause inflammation and respiratory tract, so they as influenza viruses, can spread through airborne droplets.


rotavirus disease involves an incubation period lasting about 5 days, the acute phase lasting from 3 days to a week and the recovery period, which lasts 4-5 days.

Disease begins acutely, and accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, diarrhea, repeated vomiting, rumbling and cramping abdominal pain.One of the main symptoms of rotavirus infection is characteristic of a chair on the first day of the disease yellow chair and a liquid, and in the days that followed, he acquires a grayish hue and glinoobraznuyu consistency.Also gastrointestinal manifestations of infection, the patient is also concerned about runny nose, cough and sore throat.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection in children are similar to the symptoms of infectious diseases such as cholera and salmonellosis, so when they appear necessary to call a doctor.Do not give your child pain medications before consulting with your doctor, as these drugs can mask the symptoms of more serious ailments.

The above symptoms are the symptoms of rotavirus infection in children.As for adults, they rotavirus symptoms often resemble ordinary digestive disorders: mild fever, lack of appetite and diarrhea.Usually, these symptoms pass quickly and do not cause the patient much suffering.Rotavirus infection in adults may be asymptomatic, but in spite of this, the patient is still contagious to others.

treatment of rotavirus infection in children

Preparations struggling with rotavirus does not exist, which is why the treatment of rotavirus infection is purely symptomatic.It should be aimed at the restoration of water-salt balance and to prevent secondary infection.The main purpose of this treatment - the fight against the effects of exposure to the virus in the body: toxicity, dehydration and related problems with urinary and cardiovascular systems.

If the patient has no appetite, do not force force him to eat.It is better to offer him drink some homemade jelly or chicken broth.Portions of food and drink should be small, so as not to provoke vomiting attacks.In no case can not eat milk and milk products, as they are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

rehydration therapy will help prevent dehydration.The patient is recommended to drink pure non-carbonated water and brine (salt solution or rehydron).Fluids should be taken in small portions (50 mL) every half hour.In severe rotavirus infection with increasing intoxication of the organism may need intravenous fluids.

When the body temperature of 38 ° C rotavirus kills, so do not need to shoot down the temperature below this level.To reduce the higher the temperature, babies up to 3 years is usually prescribed candles tsefekon and older children - paracetamol.If a high temperature for a long time did not "go astray", for children older than one year can be given a tablet of paracetamol?analgin tablets.

for the treatment of rotavirus infection in children are assigned such antidiarrheal drugs like enterol and Enterofuril.Admission sorbents (activated charcoal, smectite, enterosgel) required for the release of toxins from the intestines.In severe pain in the abdomen (subject to confirmation of the diagnosis "rotavirus infection"), the child can be given a no-silos.

When a patient appears appetite, he prescribed drugs that restore the intestinal microflora (bifiform, Atsipol, baktisubtil, Linex).In order to correct violations of the function of digestion can take enzymes (pancreatin, Mezin).

treatment of rotavirus infection in adults

any special treatment for rotavirus infection in adults is required.Maximum - symptomatic treatment in the presence of overt signs of the disease.Remember that even if no symptoms of rotavirus media is dangerous to others, especially to young children.

complications of rotavirus infection

With timely proper treatment of rotavirus infection in children takes place without complications.If you do not provide the child with diarrhea and vomiting, a sufficient amount of drinking occurs dehydration, which in severe cases can result in lethal.Do not forget to constantly monitor the temperature of the baby's body, as a long-term rise in temperature over 39 ° C leads to cell death.

death from intestinal flu occurs in 2-3 per cent of cases, mainly among children with low immunity and poor health.As a rule, after the recovery of rotavirus infection does not result in any long-term consequences.


effective prophylactic against rotavirus vaccination is special.The vaccine is taken orally and contain attenuated live virus.However, such vaccines are available today in the US and Europe.Non-specific prevention also requires compliance with basic health and safety standards.


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