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Rosaceaor rosacea - a chronic skin disease, the main features of which are persistent, highly visible redness on the face, neck, chest, and the formation of bumps, pustules and other rashes.When rosacea possible eye damage.

The disease occurs in about y10% of the world population.Rosacea is more common in women.But the complications of rosacea and often develop faster in men.Ill mostly fair-skinned people aged 40 to 50 years.Children and the elderly suffer from rosacea rarely.

Causes disease

Causes of this disease are uncertain.Experts point to a number of factors that provoke rosacea.

External factors of development of the disease.It is believed that foods containing spices, alcoholic beverages, coffee, citrus fruit affects the gastric mucosa, resulting in reflex expansion vessels in the skin.

Infectious factors.In this disease pustules appear on the skin, which

implies an important role in development of the disease bacteria.Supporting this theory is the fact that the lesions are significantly reduced in the appointment of antibacterial drugs.But still it was not possible to detect a bacterium or virus, that may be the cause of rosacea.

gastrointestinal disease.Thanks to the research found that 50-90% of patients with rosacea have gastritis symptoms, and 35% of patients - symptoms of small bowel diseases.

role of ticks.When taking the test material from the skin of patients, it is often found Demodex mites kind.In addition, the appointment of therapy aimed at the treatment of demodectic mange, observed partial effect of the treatment of rosacea.This theory has not yet received final confirmation.

role of mental disorders.For a long time, mental disorders were considered one of the main causes of rosacea, but studies have not confirmed this.

symptoms of rosacea

development of the disease goes through several stages, each of which has its own symptoms.

initial stage rosacea is characterized by the appearance of redness from time to time in the middle of the forehead, nose, cheeks, décolleté.Gradually, more frequent bouts of redness, then appear on the skin resistant areas bright red color, which will eventually become cyanotic.This color is associated with damage to the superficial veins.They shine through the skin in the form of spider veins.In addition, symptoms of rosacea at this stage are the peeling of the skin, burning sensation, swelling of the face.

Stage papules-pustular manifestations.On the reddened skin of pimples and pustules.Within a few weeks on the skin acne rash in groups.In the area between the eyebrows and the forehead there is swelling of the skin.At this stage, the skin is very sensitive to the sun's rays.After a long stay in the sun to the symptoms of rosacea are attached solar comedones - bumps on the skin.Pustular rash gradually affect the whole face, the chest, scalp, occasionally, the back.Eruptions in the scalp causing severe itching.

Fimatoidnaya stage of rosacea.At this stage, some patients skin thicken individual.It has a lumpy appearance, reminiscent of orange peel.It may be thickening of the individual parts of the face.Frequent complication in men - a thickening of the nose, called the pineal nose.Such a nose has a bluish color with a lot of blood vessels, increased in size.Gradually emerging deep furrows, share the nose on uneven slices.Similar symptoms of rosacea may also appear on other parts of the skin.Maybe forehead skin thickening, chin, eyelids, earlobes.


disease treatment methods of rosacea are varied.This is due to the presence of a number of factors that provoke illness.

antibacterial agents used in the treatment of this disease.Frequently used antibiotics, well-proven in the treatment of demodectic mange.

for the topical treatment of rosacea using ointments, gels, creams sold off the shelf in drugstores or manufactured by prescription.All of them have anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and drying effect.

In severe inflammation and itching of the skin used antihistamines.

Ascorutinum vitamin preparations, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is prescribed for a large number of spider veins on the skin.In rosacea treatment using medicines that have a calming effect on the human nervous system.

well-proven in the treatment of rosacea physiotherapy.Small spider veins can be removed by fotolecheniya.Larger vascular formation is removed by laser.This treatment smoothes the skin surface.Are also effective treatments with liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Rosacea Treatment folk remedies

widely used for getting rid of rosacea folk remedies.There are many recipes for masks, poultices, tinctures.

The national treatment of rosacea often use cucumber mask.For its preparation juicy shredded cucumber.To this is added a tablespoon of fresh aloe juice.Apply on face for 30-40 minutes and wash off.Repeat every day for a month.

in the treatment of rosacea folk remedies used cranberry juice.It moisten a clean cloth and put on the affected skin site.Keep for 40 minutes, then wash and dry your skin gently with a towel.This compress is applied to every day until redness subsides.After this procedure was repeated once a week.

also in the national treatment of rosacea using propolis tincture.A cotton swab dipped in it, rub the skin at night.Up in the morning film is formed on the skin.She washed soaked in vodka with a cotton swab.The first month of the skin is rubbed with 5% propolis tincture.The second month - a 10% tincture.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment of rosacea folk remedies, taking into collection, which consists of nettle leaves, grass and horsetail stems of burdock.To prepare the decoction of two tablespoons of the collection is poured 0.5 liters of water.Insist 5 minutes on low heat.Broth take 4 times a day for 100 g


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