Retinopathy - types , causes, symptoms, extent , treatment


1. symptoms of retinopathy

2. stages of the disease

3. Diabetic retinopathy

4. Diagnosing diseases

5. Treatment of retinopathy

Retinopathy - a significant failure of retinal blood vessels, which is most common in children who had just been born.Often the disease is triggered by a high content of oxygen in a special incubator, where to put premature babies or babies with pathologies of the lungs.Oxygen is vital matter for later life, but results in premature infants retinopathy.

Strange as it may sound, but the disease is often found in countries where the medicine is on the high level of development and there is a possibility to save children weighing even 500 grams.But such a miracle, unfortunately, in almost all cases leads to retinopathy in premature babies, because the incubator conditions are far from those created by nature in the female uterus.


Symptoms Symptoms of the disease may be of direct and indirect.The latter include such features as: l

ow weight baby, the use of an incubator to maintain its viability, unstable condition of the newborn, and so on.

also indirect symptoms of retinopathy in children who have reached the age of two, considered: strabismus, decreased visual acuity, or the ability to clearly see with only one eye.

Direct signs of retinopathy of prematurity can only be detected by special equipment, which is applicable to ophthalmology.To clear signs of retinopathy include:

  • defective retinal development of the eye and its vessels;
  • abnormal formation in the lens and retina.


diseases On how difficult runs retinopathy in premature infants, it conditionally divided into several stages:

1. For the first degree of retinopathy characterized by minimal violations retina functions.

2. The second and third degree of retinopathy considered a turning point, and they are the indication for laser vision correction.

3. The fourth stage of the disease is the status of critical, because there is a complete retinal detachment.This degree of retinopathy can be triggered by too much strain of ocular tissues and muscles.

Diabetic retinopathy

very rare disorders in the retinal blood supply of the eye can be triggered by diabetes.Such pathology of diabetic retinopathy is known and common in patients of any age, and does not depend on whether they are consuming artificial insulin or not.Diabetic retinopathy is usually accompanied by other diseases of the eye tissue blood vessels, which can carry or atherosclerotic hypertonic character.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy origin often go unnoticed.For example, a diabetic patient may experience a decline in visual acuity, and other attributes are determined by means of special equipment.These symptoms of this type of retinopathy include:

  • multiple hemorrhages in the vitreous body of the eye;
  • swelling of the central portion of the retina;
  • circulatory disorders of the retina, and so on.

Diagnosing diseases

Scheduled Scans newborns for signs of retinopathy and the proper formation of blood vessels of the retina, are held every two weeks after the child was born.If there is the slightest symptoms suggestive of development of the disease, more frequent inspections of ophthalmologist and conducted with the use of special equipment and ultrasound.This makes it possible to diagnose the first degree of retinopathy.People with diabetes must undergo examination by an ophthalmologist every five years.

Treatment of retinopathy

therapeutic methods relating to the treatment of diseases in the newborn, must fully comply with the degree of retinopathy.For example, a monitor developments and apply supportive measures recommended in the primary stage of the disease.On the second and third degree of pathology is performed by laser cauterization of the retina problem areas.Sight on the ground scarring is lost, but the central vision can be saved.Only such a treatment of retinopathy can prevent complete detachment of the retina.

Diabetic retinopathy is also exposed to the laser correction, but this method requires careful monitoring of sugar levels in the blood.Therefore, in such cases it is recommended to use drugs that improve the quality of the blood for the treatment of retinopathy, which will reduce the rate of disease development.

treatment of retinopathy, which occurs in severe form, is carried out surgically.Blood clots formed in the cavity of the eye and the vitreous body itself, are completely removed.This helps to ensure normal blood flow in the retina.At the same time, this method of treatment of retinopathy is a complication often in the form of high pressure inside the eye.


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