Stretching the muscles of the back and hip - Symptoms, Treatment


1. Symptoms of muscle strain

2. Treatment

Crick, as a rule, is the result of the tension of ligaments or muscle fibers.Often the cause of tension are intense physical activity, which do not correspond to physical human capabilities, as well as over-active and sharp movements or stress on not heated and mashed muscles.At a time when the ligament or muscle tissue stretched as much as possible, you can feel like something breaks or bursts, after which there pain when walking or moving.The duration of treatment of muscular tension is an average of one to six weeks.

One of the most common forms of stretching is stretching the hip muscles, which can be characterized by the back muscle injury, resulting from the simultaneous extension of the legs at the knee while reducing muscle hamstring.

Note that hamstring muscles are three: semimembranous, semitendinous and biceps.These muscles contribute to the extension of the legs at the hip joint and bending it at the knee joint.The stretch

ing of the thigh muscles occurs usually when the muscles are not sufficiently warmed up.

Stretching the hip muscles in the front part of it is also quite common and this is accompanied by acute pain.A sharp pain in the groin area is the main symptom of stretching the hip muscles.Stretching the hip muscles, located in the inner part of it, may occur during the execution of the maha foot or squats.

Stretching the muscles of the back - a fairly common cause of back pain.Among the main factors contributing to the stretching of the muscles of the back, a weakly developed muscular corset and low daily physical activity.Perform heavy physical work, strength training and weight lifting can cause stretching of the back muscles.Physical workout and "warm up" muscles before exercise reduces the risk of stretching the back muscles and pain in this area.Mikronadryvy, as well as stretching the back muscles characterized by the development of painful muscle spasm.Muscle contraction contributes to the stabilization of the damaged vertebral segment while blocking movement therein.This process protects the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine from further damage.


muscle strain When you stretch the muscle may be too stretched, and some fabrics can even be broken.Thus, bleeding and swelling may occur in the damaged portion.In the process of rebuilding the muscle can form scars of small size, with the result that the muscle loses its original stronghold and elasticity.Rupture of ligaments and other supporting elements of the joints can result from over-voltage joints when performing excessive exercise.At the same time the joint swells, becoming extremely sensitive and painful.

Treatment Treatment of muscle tension is primarily stop bleeding and removal of the tumor.To do this, after the injury is recommended to avoid any physical exertion and sudden movements.At the same time during the 48 hours of the injury should not take any physical exercise to ensure the load on the damaged area.After receiving the damage site to stretching should make ice at least 20 minutes, and then every four hours, applying it for two days.It is noted that ice is recommended not to apply the skin itself, and a towel or napkin, superimposed on the previously damaged area.In addition it is recommended to apply to the place of stretching an elastic pressure bandage.

injured arm or leg is recommended to keep in the raised position.
After 48 hours from the time of injury are allowed to use a hot compress.Enough light can be effective exercises performed while taking a bath.After this time, also allowed to perform stretching exercises for the affected muscles, but they should be soft and smooth.In this case, the problem is easy workout, so you should avoid sudden movements that could harm the damaged muscle.After an injury it is recommended to carry out regular daily exercise.It should start with a small load and smooth movements.The primary goal of treatment is to stretch the muscles of her recovery, bringing it into a strong and flexible form.

stretching muscles as treatment is the application of a number of drugs that contribute to pain relief and reduction of swelling.It should be noted that most of the strains takes place independently, without the use of drugs, for about a week, subject to all of the above recommendations.If muscle or joint sprain gets serious, physiotherapist can conduct X-ray examination in order to verify the integrity of the bone.Surgery is the treatment of muscle tension can be applied only in the case of complete rupture of ligaments.


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