Multiple Sclerosis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. Causes Multiple Sclerosis

2. Symptoms of the disease

3. Diagnosis of the disease

4. treatment of multiple sclerosis

Scatteredsclerosis - a disease of the central nervous system that is chronic and progressive nature continuously.Until recently it was believed that the disease is subject to only men aged 20-40 years.To date, the statistics changed somewhat, scientists have found that multiple sclerosis suffer predominantly male, age older than 50 years.

Causes Multiple Sclerosis

In medical practice, there is no clear definition of the factors provoking the emergence of the disease.The doctors of different specializations put forward their theories as to the causes of multiple sclerosis.By one of those true heredity, but a gene that can transmit disease from generation to generation, was not found.This assumption is based only on statistics.

Possible causes also include the negative impact of the environment.However, this option is relevant only if the person liv

ing in areas at risk zone.

most real cause of multiple sclerosis is considered to be different kinds of viruses that may be decades in nerve cells and gradually destroy their protective shells.As a result of such viruses formed a foreign protein in place of healthy cells, the appearance of which the human body reacts aggressively and tries to get rid of it.In fact, the immune system destroys the very nervous and all of these processes can occur in spinal cord and brain.

At the same patient with a diagnosis of "multiple sclerosis" foci of disease can be found, which have varying degrees of severity and duration.For example, those who are in active stage, old, or chronic sclerotic shadow formations.

Also, during the process of the disease accelerated decay and aging body gray substance of nerve cells and their fibers.

Symptoms of the disease

There are two stages of the flow of multiple sclerosis, each of which has its own symptoms.Initially, the patient feels fatigue, impaired balance, appears unsteady gait, and acute sensitivity to sunlight, ambient temperature, sounds, smells and other irritants.Early symptoms of multiple sclerosis often appear against a background of viral colds or when the body is weakened by the struggle with the disease.This leads to the fact that they simply remain without attention and slow flow in the severe form.

Later symptoms of multiple sclerosis appear as:

  • Alternating fatigue hands or feet;
  • muscle weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • decreased vision in one or both eyes, double vision, blurred, and so on;
  • speech defects;
  • difficulty swallowing, urination or defecation.

Multiple Sclerosis: a type and characteristics

there are four types of this disease in medical practice:

1. remitting MS is characterized by periods of acute exacerbation of symptoms that do not last more than a day.

2. When the secondary-progressive type of disease, the patient noted an abrupt manifestation of symptoms.Symptoms of multiple sclerosis gradually become more frequent and steady state periods are significantly reduced.This form is typical for people who ignored the treatment remitting multiple sclerosis.

3. primary progressive type of disease is characterized by symptoms of complications and more severe form of their manifestations.This steady state period are reduced to nothing.

4. Increasing and strengthening the symptomatic during the "attack" of the body's disease, and since its inception, is typical remitiruyusche-progressive form of multiple sclerosis.

disease diagnosis

People with MS should as soon as possible to draw attention to their condition and diagnose pathology.This makes it possible to prevent the exacerbation of symptoms, to avert the onset of disability and improve quality of life.But in most cases it prevents the vastness of the manifestations of the disease, people neglect their health and other circumstances.

On the other hand, very early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and its treatment could harm the health of the patient, as for getting rid of pathology strong medications and therapeutic methods are used, which can not help but harm the body.

treatment of multiple sclerosis

Given the fact that the causes of the disease and ways to prevent it are not established, treatment sclerosis remains a major problem in medicine.In acute diseases are appointed corticosteroids - drugs that can relieve the inflammation in the spinal cord and brain, as well as shorten the time of exacerbation.Patients with multiple sclerosis is carried out reception of additional drugs that have antioxidant, immunomodulatory and other therapeutic effects on the body.

to improve the patient's quality of life, it is recommended to take courses of social rehabilitation, visiting a psychologist to lead an active social life.For the treatment of multiple sclerosis is used physiotherapy, magnetic therapy and other therapeutic methods and techniques.Often complications of sedentary lifestyle, which often results in disease, are bedsores, which are also in need of appropriate treatment and prevention.


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