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prostate, also called prostate gland is an organ of the reproductive system of a man who like wide bracelet covers the main sections of the urethra.Its main function is to create the seminal fluid, urine retention and participation in ejaculation.According to statistics, one in seven men in the world after 50 years are diagnosed with prostate cancer - malignant tumor that develops from cells of the prostate gland and has a tendency to form metastases.

stage prostate cancer

cancer stages are determined according to three aspects:

  • size of the main affected areas;
  • cancer spread to the lymph nodes;
  • metastasis of prostate cancer.

There are four stages of the disease:

  • I stage - a cancerous tumor was found only in the prostate, but it can not probe or see in the picture;
  • II stage of cancer - tumor within the prostate, well diagnosed;
  • III stage - cancer affects itself prostate and seminal vesicles or other nearby tissues;
  • IV stage - metastases occur in the bones, liver, lungs and lymph nodes.

Causes Scientists believe that the only reason for which a man develops prostate cancer, can not be.There are several factors that can trigger this dangerous disease:

  • old age - the older the stronger sex, the higher the risk of developing cancer;
  • heredity - discovered a gene responsible for the emergence of a family disease;
  • race - black men are most susceptible to ailment;
  • precancerous changes that occur as a result of a long ongoing inflammation;
  • particular diet - a tumor is diagnosed more often among fans of fatty foods;
  • smoking, alcohol-containing beverages, harmful production, the effects of cadmium and other toxic substances.

Installing the causes of prostate cancer is made difficult by the fact that about 30% of cases does not occur and are detected incidentally during the autopsy of people who died of other diseases.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

symptoms in the earliest stages differ little from enlarged prostate symptoms of benign nature.For this reason, very often the disease is diagnosed only at the III or stage IV.The main symptoms of prostate cancer include:

  • weak, intermittent urination, the patient is difficult to start;
  • discomfort and strain during urination, the need to make an effort;
  • leak urine during the day;
  • urinary retention;
  • frequent urination, especially at night;
  • false urge to urinate;
  • presence of blood in the urine;
  • erectile dysfunction and ejaculation;
  • urinary tract infections.

the later stages of the disease joins exhaustion caused severe intoxication.


is important to accurately define the stage of cancer.In the first stage symptoms are usually absent, the second - the tumor can be detected by palpation and other diagnostic methods.And only at the III and IV stages of the patient's symptoms appear above.

main types of diagnosis of prostate cancer:

  • definition in PSA blood levels (prostate specific antigen);
  • digital rectal examination;
  • prostate using ultrasound rectal probe;
  • ultrasound and computed tomography of the pelvis bone and to detect metastases of prostate cancer;
  • prostate biopsy to determine the degree of malignancy (cancer cell growth rate).

Treatment of prostate cancer

doctors, choosing methods of treatment of this disease, try to take into account not only the stage of the disease, but also the age of the men, the risk of possible complications and the likelihood of a prolonged period of time without relapses.

main treatments for prostate cancer are:

1. Surgical treatment, which is a radical prostatectomy.

2. Radiation therapy - exposure of cancer cells with the purpose of their destruction.

3. Cryotherapy - the destruction of tumors using low temperatures.

4. Hormonal therapy, which is used when it is impossible to use other methods.


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