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1. development and causes of blood cancer

2. Symptoms

3. Stage Blood Cancer

4. disease in children

5. treatment of blood cancer

blood cancer (leukemia and hematological malignancies) - oncological disease, which is characterized by the appearance of tumors in the blood system, the lymphatic system and bone marrow.The disease is common in young children (under five years) and elderly people 60-70 years.

development and causes of blood cancer

Human bones filled tubular fabric, which takes part in the formation of blood cells.The body produces several types of blood cells.Especially important cells - leukocytes (white blood cells).They protect the body against various infections.

After the defeat of bone marrow cancer cells begin the process of formation of a very large number of leukemia cells.However, they are immature leukocytes.As a result of the lack of normal white blood cells in humans develops anemia.His body can not fight bacteria and viruses.Then, blood ca

ncer gets into the lymph and affects many internal organs.

The exact cause of the disease is not known.Experts called the factors that contribute to disease development.

Hereditary predisposition.As a child inherited predisposition is transmitted blood cells mutate in certain circumstances.If the mother or father suffered from cancer of the blood, the risk of developing the disease in a child increases by about a factor of 3-4.

harmful radiation.High risk of leukemia in people working in nuclear power plants, Radiologists.Also at risk are people who live near the enterprise or radiation radioactive waste burial.

Carcinogens.For carcinogenic substances include pesticides, certain medications, drugs, alcohol, nicotine.

Some viruses.There are viruses that are capable of provoking a mutation of blood cells and cause disease progression.


first blood cancer symptoms are not specific, and rarely go to the doctor the patient.Yet they point to the beginning of the disease.The main symptoms of blood cancer following:

  • general weakness, dizziness;
  • headaches, pain in the bones;
  • periodic slight increase in body temperature, which is not associated with infectious or colds;
  • aversion to certain foods and smells.

following symptoms of blood cancer in a patient exhibiting increased irritability or unusual drowsiness, weight loss, pale or jaundiced skin color.Some types of the disease to the above symptoms of blood cancer join heaviness in the upper quadrant, bloating and abdominal enlargement.Many patients dramatically increased liver and spleen.

Signs of blood cancer are small rash on the skin, increased bleeding of mucous.

When lymphatic tumors first symptom of cancer of the blood is an increase in lymph node.It can be found in the natural folds of the skin (in the armpits, in the groin, the neck, above the collarbone) in the form of painless dense knot under the skin.

Stage Blood Cancer

Stage Blood Cancer indicate the extent of the disease.They take into account the size of the tumor, penetration of malignant cells into adjacent organs, the presence of metastases.

first stage of blood cancer - the initial stage of the disease, which is caused by abnormalities in the immune system.Atypical cells begin to divide uncontrollably, reborn in malignant.

second stage - the formation of clusters of malignant cells, the formation of the tumor tissue.

third stage blood cancer - cancer cells travel through the body with blood and lymph flow.Actively develop metastases.Even at this stage, there is the likelihood of successful treatment of blood cancer.

fourth stage - malignant tumors develop in many organs.Treatment at this stage can not bring full recovery.

Only after determining the stage of the disease, its treatment the doctor prescribes.

disease in children

Most often the disease occurs in children 2-5 years, mainly boys.The main causes of the disease in children called heredity (violation of the genetic apparatus of cells) and the harmful effects of radiation on the body of the mother during pregnancy.

The most frequent symptoms of cancer of the blood in children include pain in the joints and bones, pale skin, fatigue, drowsiness, weakness.In addition, pediatric patients swollen lymph nodes, spleen and liver.They refuse to play, they lost appetite and, of course, decreases body weight.An early manifestation of the disease in children can be a sore throat.Often the symptoms of this disease are increased bleeding and skin rashes.

The most common blood cancer in children manifests itself in the form of neuroleukemia.Neuroleukemia - defeat malignant cells of the central nervous system (brain matter, cranial nerves, brain membranes).Symptoms of this form of the disease are headaches, dizziness and other neurological symptoms.

Nowadays blood cancer in children is not a death sentence.Children's survival in this disease is much higher than an adult.According to statistics from the disease are cured more than 72% of children.

treatment of blood cancer most often used in the treatment of diseases of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation.

Chemotherapy consists of intravenous administration of potent chemotherapy drugs that can destroy cancer cells.Although this is an effective method of treatment of this disease, it is quite long and very difficult.Within six months, the patient is administered high doses of chemotherapy.The absence of leukocytes in the body it increases the patient's susceptibility to various infections and bacteria.So he is in a hospital and is shielded from the external environment.Chemotherapy has many side effects.The most difficult of them - the damage to bone marrow cells, the reproductive system, violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

the treatment of blood cancers good results demonstrates a method of bone marrow transplantation.First, the patient his destroy all bone marrow cells.Thereafter, it is administered through the IV concentrate containing donor cells.This procedure is very complicated.In addition, it is necessary to choose the right donor - a person with a compatible blood for all indicators.

if necessary in the treatment of cancer using blood brain radiation therapy.

Sometimes in therapy of this disease prescribe antibacterial and antiviral drugs, corticosteroid hormones.To improve the immunity of patients taking immunomodulators.


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