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Cancerstomach - a malignant tumor that develops from the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the stomach.The disease is the most common cancer diseases.

Causes of stomach cancer

exact reason that causes the disease, has not yet been established.Experts call the main factors that trigger the appearance of the disease.

Malnutrition.The risk of developing malignant tumors in the stomach increases significantly with frequent use of fruits and vegetables with a high content of nitrites and nitrates, spicy, dried, smoked, fried foods.

Alcohol and smoking.Alcohol abuse, especially on an empty stomach, is another factor that provokes the development of gastric cancer.Smoking greatly increases the risk of this disease.

There precancerous gastric diseases that can eventually move into cancer or cancer can develop on their background.These diseases include:

  • hypertrophic gastritis Menetrie
  • chronic gastritis, accompanied by low acidity of the stomach;
  • chronic ulcer of the stomach;
  • polyps in the stomach;
  • B12 deficiency (pernicious) anemia;
  • partial removal of the stomach.


Clinical symptoms of stomach cancer are quite diverse.They depend on the location of the cancer, the nature of its growth, stage of development, the presence of precancerous diseases and complications.

Symptoms of stomach cancer is conventionally divided into general and local.

Common symptoms of the disease are:

  • sedentary lifestyle (weakness), drowsiness;
  • wanton loss of weight;
  • apathy, depression, loss of interest in everything around;
  • anemia;
  • improving overall body temperature when running form of the disease.

Local symptoms of stomach cancer include:

  • physiological dissatisfaction with food from saturation;
  • lack or loss of appetite;
  • bloating and fullness in the upper abdomen;
  • dull pain in the stomach;
  • limiting the amount of food intake, picky and selective about choosing her;
  • nausea, vomiting.

There are three clinical forms of the disease course.Each of these is characterized by certain symptoms of gastric cancer.

1.Latentnaya form.It is characterized by asymptomatic disease.When probing the abdomen patient or physician detected tumor formation.the tumor is often detected incidentally during diagnostic procedures such as X-ray examination.

2.Bezbolevaya form.Manifest local and general symptoms of stomach cancer.But in this case there is no pain.

3.Bolevaya form.Often there is pain in the upper abdomen.They can give in the waist.Often the pain intensifies during movement may continue for a long time.The peculiarity of pain in this disease is that it is not of a regular nature.There is no pain, depending on the season, meals.Sometimes the pain have a greater intensity.In the case of tumor sprouting in the pancreas, or even further, patients complain of back pain.Often, these patients are treated for neuralgia, sciatica.

Symptoms of gastric cancer depend on the location of the cancer.In cancer of the antrum (the final part of the stomach) relatively quickly severity occurs in the upper abdomen, vomiting rotten, unpleasant odor.When the cancer is in the stomach (the middle part of stomach) no local symptoms over time.The patient observed common symptoms of stomach cancer.In the case of cardia cancer (part of the stomach, which is adjacent to the esophagus), the patient has a gain salivation, difficulty swallowing roughage.Local symptoms of stomach cancer while include food regurgitation, feeling of pressure or dull pain in the sternum, in the interscapular region or in the heart.

gastric cancer

specialists use the following classification of disease stages.

zero this stage of disease is also known as vulvar cancer.The inner surface layer of the mucous membrane of the stomach wall contains abnormal cells.They can form a malignant tumor and enter the neighboring normal tissues.

first stage of gastric cancer.Malignant tumor has formed.Depending on the mode of spread of cancer, isolated stage IA and stage IB.

Stage IA indicates that the cancer has spread to the entire area of ​​the mucosa of the gastric wall.

Stage IB indicates the spread of cancer:

  • the entire mucosal area of ​​the gastric wall and 1-6 in the lymph nodes surrounding the tumor;
  • in the middle (muscle) layer of the stomach wall.

second stage.Mean that the cancer has spread:

  • the entire mucosal area of ​​the stomach wall and 7-15 nearby lymph nodes;
  • on average (muscle) layer of the gastric wall and nearby lymph nodes 1-6;
  • an external (serosal) of the gastric wall layer, but not in other organs and lymph nodes.

third stage of gastric cancer.Depending on how the spread of the disease, the third stage is divided into IIIa and ІІІV.

Stage IIIa indicates that the cancer has spread to:

  • middle (muscle) layer of the stomach wall and 7-15 nearby lymph nodes;
  • exterior (serosal) of the gastric wall layer 1-6 and nearby lymph nodes;
  • organs that are located near the stomach, without affecting the other parts of the body and the lymph nodes;

Stage ІІІV means the spread of cancer to the serous layer of the stomach wall and 7-15 lymph nodes nearby.

fourth stage of gastric cancer.Cancer has spread to:

  • bodies that are close to the stomach and to at least one lymph node;
  • more than 15 lymph nodes;
  • other organs and tissues.

treatment of disease

treatment of gastric cancer is directed at the person's full recovery, or, failing this, to get rid of severe symptoms.

main method of treatment of this disease is surgery.Only if timely operation possible complete removal of malignant tumors and the subsequent cure.The volume of surgery depends on the location of the tumor and its size.Usually surgery is not carried out in case of a patient metastasis to other organs.

also in the treatment of gastric cancer chemotherapy is used.In the body of the patient is administered drugs that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and destroy them.Chemotherapy can be performed as an independent method of treatment, and as an additional method of postoperative.

Radiation therapy in the treatment of gastric cancer is not high efficiency.

forecast gastric cancer is often unfavorable.It depends on the degree of germination of the tumor in the stomach wall, lymph node involvement and the presence of metastasis.A more favorable prognosis of gastric cancer at an early stage diagnosis and timely start of treatment.Significantly worsens the prognosis of gastric cancer in the presence of metastasis in organs and tissues.


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