lip cancer - the causes and symptoms , symptoms, treatment


1. Causes and signs of mouth cancer

2. clinical picture of the disease

3. Diagnosis and treatment of cancer lips

4. Cancer lips likeconsequence of smoking: a myth or reality

lip cancer - a cancer characterized by malignant neoplasm of the epithelial cells of the skin at the site of the lips move in its mucosa.Most often (in 95-97% of cases) diagnosed with cancer of the lower lip.Cancer of the upper lip is a very rare but very aggressive in its current condition.

Causes and signs of

lip cancer Among the reasons, the presence of which increases the risk of lower lip cancer include:

  • smoking
  • long exposure to the sun
  • inflammation of the lips of infectious and non-infectious
  • impact of high temperatures
  • presence of micro traumas (eg micro traumas of the piercing)
  • action of chemicals
  • sex and age of the patient (mostly men suffer after 50 years).

often observed Of all risk factors for mouth cancer from smoking.

In any case, lip cancer is preceded by some ot

her disease of the lips, it never comes from healthy tissue.

Most often the disease develops in the following diagram.It does not heal the wound, crack, papilloma, sore on the lip goes into cheilitis Manganotti, keratoakantomu, leukoplakia, warty form of dyskeratosis, or other so-called premalignant disease, and they are the instigators of occurrence and development of cancer of the lower lip.

prognosis of tumors of the lips more favorable than in tumors at other sites.This is due to the fact that the symptoms of cancer of the lips, tongue, pharynx appear early and timely treatment of oncology can win.

first signs of mouth cancer:

  • presence of a small rough sealing lip
  • discomfort while eating
  • weakly expressed pain and itching of the affected lips
  • salivation.

Do not think that if a person has the above symptoms, it always has cancer.No.Initial signs of mouth cancer are very similar to symptoms of other diseases of the oral cavity.They could easily be confused, for example, with the usual herpes.But in any case, their presence suggests that a person needs to see a doctor for diagnosis and to exclude or confirm (that happens quite rarely) Cancer of the lips of the disease.

clinical picture of the disease

Required symptom of cancer lips - pink or brown gritty mound.Outwardly, it looks like a wart.Over time, it is increasingly covered by keratinized epithelium, under which the impurities in the blood and lymph are small white papillae (exophytic form of mouth cancer).Exophytic form often enough becomes the form endophytic (ulcerative).At a stomach form a seal is available on the lip takes the shape of a saucer in the middle of which is the plague.

Expanded clinical picture includes the following symptoms of mouth cancer:

  • lip is increased in size
  • in some cases there is swelling of the cheeks
  • due lips motility disorders spontaneously outflow of saliva
  • it becomes impossible to take food
  • oral mucosaacquires not characteristic for yourself cyanotic hue
  • halitosis
  • constant aching pain in the throat as a result of enlarged lymph nodes
  • hoarseness
  • impaired mobility of the jaw.

Moreover, any kind of cancer characterized by some common manifestations, namely: reduction of body weight, fatigue, fever (usually present at a late stage of cancer).

differ symptom of mouth cancer from other types of cancer in, as a rule, local metastasis, distant metastasis occurred in very rare cases.Local metastasis includes the submandibular, chin, and on the 3rd and 4th stage - deep cervical and supraclavicular lymph nodes.

no circumstances can not be ignored all the symptoms listed above lip cancer.It is important to remember that early diagnosis is very important for any cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment of lip cancer

diagnosis of "cancer lips" is placed after the implementation of the following diagnostic measures:

1. Examination of the patient's mouth with a magnifying glass.

2. Palpation lips and cervical lymph nodes.

3. Biopsy of the lesion scraping lips.

4. The chest radiograph and the mandible.

5. ultrasound lips, cervical lymph nodes, abdominal organs needs.

6. In some cases, shows an X-ray of the teeth (orthopantomography).

Choice lip cancer treatment scheme depends on the stage of the disease, the patient's age, tumor type.In any event, the best effect is given combined treatment.

thus gives 30-40% -s 'survival in the first and second stage of the disease is possible to achieve 70% -s' survival, on the third stage of competent treatment of lip cancer.Cure cancer of the lower lip of the fourth stage fails in 10-20-year-percent of cases.

Today, the most effective treatment for mouth cancer is radiation therapy, in particular the kind of radiotherapy.

Cancer Treatment lip stage I and II is carried out:

1. Blizkofokusnoy radiotherapy.

2. sphenoid elektroissecheniem.

3. Cryosurgery.

In the first step of the lower lip cancer lymph nodes are generally not removed.In the second stage after treatment of the primary focus removes submaxillary, genial and upper cervical lymph nodes.

treatment of cancer lips III and IY stage except radiotherapy involves itself bound electroresection (removal using electrocautery) lips, and, if necessary, and electroresection mandible, oral tissues, as well as the removal of regional lymph nodes and surrounding tissue.

on quadruple stage of the disease to stop tumor growth and prolong the life of the patient may be chemotherapy.In addition, to partially relieve symptoms of cancer lips at its fourth step is carried palliative therapy.

Cancer lips as a result of smoking: a myth or reality

fact that smoking is a major risk factor in the occurrence of lip cancer (as well as cancer of the oral cavity as a whole) virtually no one not a secret.

Occurrence of lip cancer from smoking is explained very simply.As mentioned above, one of the causes of the disease are: effect on skin and mucous membranes of the lips to high temperatures, as well as the constant contact of the lips with chemicals.In the process of smoking (and it is repeated many times a day) there is a constant mix of the above risk factors.Heat cigarette smoke periodically burn the skin and mucous membranes of the lips.As a consequence, the red border of lips chronically inflamed and carcinogens cigarette constantly fall into this inflammation.Thus, the whole of this process is closely connects smoking and mouth cancer.

Of course, a good way of preventing malignant tumors of the oral cavity - no smoking.But, nevertheless, most people even knowing about the likelihood of lip cancer from smoking, are not able to give up cigarettes.Smokers need other people to carefully monitor the state of his mouth.Long unhealed scratches, cracks, stains on the lips should be examined by a doctor in time.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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