Stages and symptoms of cancer of the larynx , diagnosis and treatment


1. Stages of cancer of the larynx

2. reasons

3. Signs of laryngeal cancer

4. Diagnostics


laryngeal cancer treatment

throat - is unpaired body composed of three divisions and performs important functions.It is here that the intersection of the digestive and respiratory tracts.Among malignant tumors developing in this area of ​​the human body, larynx cancer, also referred to as throat cancer, is the most common.This disease suffer mostly men.


laryngeal cancer Doctors are four stages of cancer of the larynx:

  • I stage - ulcer or malignancy, which are limited to the submucosa of the throat department;
  • II stage laryngeal cancer - ulcer or tumor occupies the entire larynx is preserved mobility of the affected area, no metastases;
  • III stage - tumor involves several departments or underlying tissues of the department, half the immobility of the affected area, the presence of one or more metastases;
  • IV stage - a tumor the size of a large, affecting adjacent or
    gans;larynx cancer and symptoms of the last stage may be lymph node metastasis and infiltration of the underlying tissues.

Causes The main causes of throat cancer are:

  • long annoy papilloma;
  • leukoplakia - the existence of the gray patches;
  • pachydermia - thickening or induration;
  • laryngeal cysts ventricles;
  • fibroma - a benign tumor of mature;
  • chronic respiratory diseases accompanied by inflammation and is usually caused by alcoholism or smoking.

most accurate reason is considered to be a papilloma, which eventually degenerates into cancer.Advanced forms of syphilis can also cause the disease.

Signs of laryngeal cancer

Symptoms and signs of laryngeal cancer depend directly on what department he developed throat:

1. Symptoms of cancer of the upper throat (vestibular) Department:

  • discomfort when swallowing, quickly replaced by a feeling of a foreign body;
  • increasing pain on swallowing, extending to the ears;
  • frequent choking while eating;
  • painful cough due to falling into the trachea of ​​food pieces;
  • appearance hoarseness.

Respiratory failure due to narrowing of the upper part of the larynx is very rare.

2. Symptoms of cancer of the larynx average (share) Department:

  • severe hoarseness or complete disappearance of the vote;
  • shortness of breath, worsening to the extent of tumor growth.

3. The symptoms of laryngeal cancer of the lower (podskladochnogo) department.

  • difficulty inhaling;
  • hoarseness.

A significant proportion of patients have simultaneous destruction of several departments of the larynx.


Modern medicine includes the following diagnostic methods throat cancer:

1. palpation, visual inspection and indirect laryngoscopy.

2. Fibrolaringoskopiya - safe introduction into the throat of the special tool with a high resolution and the ability to carry out a biopsy.

3. The histological and cytological examination of scrapings and tissues.

4. Lateral X-rays of the larynx for the assessment of cartilage and vestibular department.

5. Rentgenotomografiya throat in a straight line projection for the assessment of all departments as well as the vocal cords and larynx lumen of the ventricles.

6. Radiography of the lungs to detect metastases.

7. ultrasound of the liver and lymph nodes of the neck for the detection of regional metastases.


larynx cancer treatment of the cancer - this is a very difficult task to decide which can ENT oncologist, internist and radiologist, acting together.Feature therapy is necessary, not just relieve the patient of the disease, but also to restore the voice, breathing and protective function of the throat.Modern treatment of laryngeal cancer include:

  • radiation therapy, which is a cancer of the upper and middle sections of the larynx;
  • surgical treatment - removal of vocal cord tumors at the first stage, or the removal of the larynx with maximum preservation of its functions.

After any type of therapy is assigned a course of rehabilitation, accompanied by taking anti-inflammatory and other drugs.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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