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1. Symptoms of brain cancer

2. stages of the disease

3. Treatment for Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer - combining the name of malignanttumors that develop in the various brain tissues.Commonly referred to as a tumor on the cellular composition of which they are formed.Since tumor of the cranial nerves is called neuroma, tumors of glandular tissue cells - pituitary adenoma, the tumor cells of the meninges - meningioma.

This disease is about 5-6% of all malignancies in humans.

There are such kinds of brain cancer:

  • primary - develops from cells in the brain;
  • secondary or metastatic - cancer develops from the cells of other organs;It occurs much more often primary.

exact causes of this disease have not been established.Experts lead only factors that trigger the appearance of the disease:

- the impact of increased radiation;

- work in the chemical, rubber, petroleum industries;

- head trauma;

- genetic predisposition;

- the presence of HIV;

- abuse of smoking.

Symptoms of brain cancer

main symptoms of the disease is divided into cerebral and focal.

cerebral symptoms are caused by compression of the basic structures of a brain tumor or increased intracranial pressure.These symptoms of brain cancers include symptoms.

1.Golovnaya pain.In this disease headache has great intensity and permanent.Such characteristics associated with it so that it appears as a result of increased intracranial pressure.Therefore, even the strongest pain relievers do not bring relief.Reduce pain medications are only able to reduce intracranial pressure.

2.Rvota.This feature of brain cancer is also associated with an increase in intracranial pressure.A characteristic feature of emesis for this disease is the fact that it does not occur after the relief.Vomiting occurs as a result of pressure on the vomiting center in the middle of the brain.Usually nausea is constantly present in the patient.Gag reflex triggered by a change in intracranial pressure.Due to the high intensity of vomiting, the patient is often not able to take food or even water.

3.Golovokruzhenie.Another sign of the disease, which is associated with the compression of the cerebellar tumor structures.As a result of this disturbed function of the vestibular analyzer.In addition to dizziness in a patient the feeling that he is at rest is moved or rotated in a certain direction.In humans, there is twitching of the eyeballs to the side.

4.Bystraya fatigue and weakness.In patients with impaired cerebral blood flow, which leads to the failure of its receipt in the brain and disruption of the outflow.

Focal symptoms occur depending on the location of tumor formation.For example, in the case of compression of the brain tumor department, which is responsible for it, the person manifest speech disorders.

can distinguish the following main focal symptoms of brain cancer.

sensitivity Violation.It is characterized by a decrease in the skin of the patient's ability to perceive stimuli - touch, heat, pain.Often a person can not determine the position of one's own body in space.

hearing and ability to recognize speech.With the defeat of the auditory nerve, the person loses the ability to hear sounds.In the case of the affected areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for speech recognition, for all human sounds will turn into a strange noise.

Movement disorders.These symptoms of brain cancer are paresis and paralysis.Paresis and paralysis may cover the limbs or the entire body.

Epileptic seizures.As a result of constant irritation of the cerebral cortex tumor the patient has seizures.

blurred vision, inability to recognize objects and texts.In the case of the tumor in the region of the optic nerve, the person has a partial or complete loss of vision.If struck by an area of ​​the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for analyzing the image, the patient can not detect moving objects and written language.

Autonomic dysfunction.As a result, fatigue and weakness, a person is not able to quickly get up.He has come in fluctuations in blood pressure and heart rate.

incoordination.Due to tumor compression of the midbrain and cerebellum, the patient changed gait, impaired coordination of movement.

Hormonal disorders.Violations of human hormonal background occur as a result of the defeat of the hypothalamus or pituitary tumor.It is part of the central nervous system, regulating the activity of the endocrine glands.

Psychomotor disorders.These symptoms of brain cancer are due to lesions of the brain responsible for memory.The main of them - impaired memory, attention, irritability, confusion.

stages of the disease

main in the diagnosis of the disease is to establish the stage of brain cancer.

There are several basic classifications of the stages of the disease.

most common TNM classification.According to her there are three stages of brain cancer:

  • T-levels - the stage at which the tumor reaches a certain size, and size;
  • N-levels - the stage at which is determined by the degree of lymph node involvement in the tumor processes;
  • M-level - stage metastasis.

Doctors used and generally accepted classification, which identifies four stages of brain cancer.With the limited nature of the tumor talking about the first stage of the disease.The following stages are set depending on the area affected.The fourth stage is advanced cancer with metastases.

Treatment for Brain Cancer

There are different methods of treating the disease.Some of them are standard therapies, other methods studied using clinical studies.

The main types of standard treatment for the disease - surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy.

surgeries performed in early stages of the disease in the absence of metastasis.

Radiation therapy involves the use of several types of radiation that destroy cancer cells.It can be external and internal.With external radiation therapy for the treatment of brain cancer radiation beam is directed to the affected area of ​​the body.With internal radiation therapy directly to the tumor injected radioactive substance.

Chemotherapy - treatment of brain tumors using drugs.These medications are able to stop the growth of cancer cells by preventing them from dividing or destroying them.Chemotherapy is commonly used after surgery to remove the tumor.


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