Lumbar Sciatica - the types , symptoms, treatment


1. Causes

2. Types disease

3. Symptoms of sciatica

4. Treatment of sciatica

Sciatica - a disease of the nervous systemaccompanied by the defeat of roots of spinal nerves.


disease most common cause of sciatica is osteochondrosis, treatment is carried out in time.Less commonly, sciatica is a result of spinal injuries, infection, hypothermia.

osteochondrosis is dangerous because as a result of its development there are changes in the tissues of the spine, which are manifested in the loss of elasticity of the intervertebral disc cartilage, muscle spasm increasing pressure, decreasing the gap between the two vertebrae.The intervertebral disc modified spot deposited salts that promote the formation of protrusions that provide pressure on the nerve roots.The disease develops rapidly, in most cases, becomes chronic and developing sciatica.


disease Depending on the site of the lesion of the spinal nerves are the following types of sciatica:

  • Thoracic;
  • Neck;
  • neck and chest;
  • neck and shoulder;
  • Lumbar sciatica.

Symptoms of sciatica

main symptom of sciatica is pain.Painful sensations arise in the region where the inflammation of the nerve root is observed.

When lumbar radiculitis worried sick pain in the lumbosacral region, which gives to the buttock and down the direction of the sciatic nerve.When lumbar sciatica pain is sudden character.The patient was difficult to find a position in which the pain will be less sensitive.Neck and shoulder sciatica is characterized by the appearance of pain in the neck, shoulder, shoulder blade.The pains tend to be aggravated by turning the head, cough, performing hand movements.Also, a patient may experience burning, tingling fingers, numbness of them, there is a violation of the sensitivity, hearing impairment.Symptoms of sciatica rib shape is very strong pain in the chest, which intensified when performing movements.

Treatment of sciatica Treatment of sciatica

is complex and is aimed at reducing pain, restore mobility, the normal functioning of the vertebrae.

sciatica Treatment with drugs comprises receiving anesthetics, anti-inflammatory, warming agents, vitamins of group B. Together with drugs recommended physiotherapy, including electrophoresis, dynamic current, and ultrasound.When radiculitis recommended to engage in physical therapy.It is effective in the treatment of sciatica hand massage.

maximum effect observed with a combination of medication treatments for sciatica with national recommendations.

sciatica Treatment folk remedies:

  • Black radishes clean, grate, put a thin layer on a linen cloth, cover top with another layer of cloth and apply as a compress to the lower back on as long as possible.To remove the pain caused by lumbar sciatica, enough 2-3 procedures.
  • milled poplar buds at 2 teaspoons pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for 15 minutes, drain.Drink infusion of 1/3 cup 3 times a day.
  • Prepare a solution of 50 milliliters of water,?furatsilina pills, 2 tablespoons of honey.Dip the mustard into the solution and apply on your lower back, hold 5-6 minutes, then remove and cover with a woolen scarf this area.
  • symptoms of sciatica can help relieve burdock leaf.burdock leaf to wash with cold water, attach to the sore spot underside.You can use the dried leaves, which subsequently must be filled with water and used to compress.
  • Grind to powder fruit chestnut, mixed with camphor oil.This mixture was spread a slice of bread and attach to the sore spot.
  • as a poultice is recommended to use a paste of radish.
  • 300 milliliters of ammonia pour 2 chopped red pepper pod, insist 2 weeks, at the same time every day to shake.With this infusion should rub the sore spot.
  • in the form of compresses applied to the sore spot heated dry flax seeds.
  • crushed dried leaves of linden in the amount of 4 tablespoons scald with boiling water, in the form of a poultice to apply after the acute phase of the disease will come to an end.

Treatment of sciatica by taking medicinal baths:

  • Grated horseradish in the amount of 50-70 grams to put in cheesecloth and place it in the bath.The water temperature - 37 ° C.The treatment of sciatica - 12 procedures.
  • in the bath with water temperature 35-36 ° C Stir mustard cooked mush.To prepare the slurry need 250 grams of mustard powder and warm water.


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