Causes and symptoms of heel spurs , treatment of folk remedies


1. Causes and symptoms of heel spurs

2. Conservative treatment of diseases

3. People's treatment of heel spurs

heel spurs (plantar fasciitis)- inflammation of the tissue, which leads to the formation of calluses on the plantar surface of the calcaneus.

Causes and symptoms of heel spurs

calcaneal spur is not an independent disease, in 90% of cases it is a consequence of longitudinal flat.When the longitudinal arch of the foot flattens flatfoot, the foot is extended, lost its shock-absorbing function.As a result, in the area of ​​attachment of fascia (connective tissue that fixes the muscle) develops aseptic inflammation to the heel bone.Inflammation leads to the proliferation of periosteal tissue, which is called in the people of the heel spur.

Most often the disease occurs as a result of longitudinal flat, but there may be other reasons that lead to the formation of heel spurs.Namely, various kinds of trauma feet, spine diseases, overweight, too intensive sports.

Since all the nerve endings are located in the area of ​​the periosteum, then they are stimulated during walking, resulting in acute pain sensation.She is the main symptom of heel spurs.At every step the person feels great pain, he feels even point at which the pain spreads.

At the initial stage the pain is not constant, then it subsides, then amplified.But the longer neglect the treatment of heel spurs, the stronger the pain, and the more likely that because of the inability to tolerate it, the patient will need crutches.

Conservative treatment of diseases

Treatment of heel spurs should be carried out comprehensively.The list of traditional therapeutic measures include:

1. Compulsory wearing orthopedic insoles (arch supports).They distribute body weight uniformly discharge the transverse arch of the foot, plantar aponeurosis and thus pain subside.

2. Carrying out the back massage and plantar surface of the foot and toes and ankle.

3. Medication.Anti-inflammatory drugs taken orally to relieve inflammation and pain.To improve blood flow and supply in the area of ​​heel spurs topically applied gels and ointments.

4. Conducting physical therapy, in particular the most effective of these ultrasound and electrophoresis.

5. In the initial stages of the disease a good effect gives the national treatment of heel spurs.

In addition, there are other traditional treatments for heel spurs.Namely, medicinal blockade, shockwave and radiotherapy.Each of these methods has its negative effects on the body.It is important to know that they should be used only in cases where all of the above do not help the traditional treatments of the disease.

modern methods of treatment of heel spurs is the method of shock wave therapy.Under the action of the shock wave improves blood circulation, nutrition of tissues, broken bone excrescence.But despite its effectiveness, the treatment by this method often leads to relapse of the disease, cope with that then it is very difficult.

popular way to relieve symptoms of heel spurs - the use of novocaine and lidocaine medicines blockades.They are really well relieve pain, but it is worth remembering that the unwarranted use of medicinal blockade leads to complications such as osteoporosis.

Treatment of heel spurs should be started with the traditional methods, and as early as possible, when it is not formed bony growths.

People's treatment of heel spurs

There are many folk remedies for treatment of heel spurs.Here are some effective and proven recipes of traditional medicine:

1. Mix the contents of a small bottle of pharmacy iodine, 1 tbsphoney and 1 tspsalt.The mixture for 1 minute to attach to the sore spot.The course of treatment - 5 days.

2. A glass of birch buds infuse at 0.5 liters.alcohol for several days.Make compresses several times a day until complete disappearance of the symptoms of heel spurs.Night to fix the dry heat diseased site (e.g., a bag of hot salt).

3. Many people noted that a very effective folk remedy for the treatment of heel spurs is the potato.Raw, unpeeled potatoes, wash and grate.Make a cake, make the affected area, wrap a bandage.Hold for 24 hours.Repeat the procedure 10 days.The same procedure can be done with a black radish, radish treatment - 5 days.

4. You can not rub the potatoes and cut into slices and just raw applied to the heel of the night.Three days later, the pain should subside.

5. In cases not started can help attachment to the sore spot leaf plantain.It is important to periodically change the dried leaf fresh.After 10-14 days, heel spurs will.

6. People's treatment of heel spurs is also carried out with the help of eau de cologne.It must be periodically heated and steamed it sore heel.

7. To reduce pain when walking to the inner surface of the shoe sole can be attached to the soft tissue lining with oval cut.Fix it should be so that the notch falls at the point where the pain spreads.Thus, the spur is not so much to cut into the periosteal tissue and pain when walking, if not disappear, then priutihnut.

If the treatment of heel spurs folk remedies do not help, you need to immediately resort to traditional medicine.The longer the delay the treatment of disease, the harder it is to cure it, and the more unpleasant it will be consequences.


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