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1. concept pulpit

2. causes of disease

3. Symptoms of pulpitis

4. Treatment of pulpitis

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Pulpitis - an inflammatory disease, which occurs in dental pulp resulting from penetration of the cavity through the dentine layer pathogens.

concept pulpit

According to experts, pulpitis occurs in children and adults.According to statistics, pulpitis in children is a frequent occurrence.This phenomenon is explained by the peculiarities of the structure of milk teeth, which are expressed in a large amount of the pulp chamber, a thin layer of enamel, root canals broad, thin layer of dentin.

If pulpitis treatment is not timely and not qualitatively, then develops the disease - acute periodontitis.This disease is dangerous because you may lose a tooth, an inflammation of the bone marrow, the soft tissue damage, reduced immunity, infection penetration into the blood.


disease pathogens are streptococci and staphylococci, which p

enetrate into the tooth pulp.This is due to delays in treatment to the dentist, tooth fillings performed poorly.

The cause of the disease can be mechanical tooth trauma, such as trauma received during dissection cavity, splitting off of the tooth.

Pulpitis in children can be caused by an acute infectious disease.When this pulp infection through blood.

disease can cause pulp stone, a so-called denikl which is formed due to the operation of the pulp cells.

Symptoms of pulpitis

At the initial stage of the disease is accompanied radiates, severe pain, wearing a periodic nature.

pulpitis Symptoms vary depending on the type of disease.There are chronic pulpitis, acute pulpitis.Pulpitis children develop much faster than those of adults.

initial stage of the disease is an acute focal pulpitis.In this case, the disease is on the center portion which is adjacent to the carious space.First, inflammation originates in the pulp horns subsequently extend to the coronal, the root portion of the pulp.

pulpitis Symptoms at this stage is the radiates, severe pain, wearing a periodic nature.At night, the pain intensifies, thermal tooth sensitivity is increased.Pain duration and frequency are not constant, attack duration - 10-13 minutes.

initial stage lasts for about 2 days.The clinical picture of the disease after the penetration of infection in the root, the coronal pulp is somewhat different.Among pulpitis symptoms at this stage isolated long pain, debilitating pain from a variety of stimuli, pain radiates Suggested as a brow region, temple, cheek, neck, ear.

diffuse pulpitis, which is not cured in time, develops with time into a purulent pulpitis.Pain becomes more severe, almost does not stop, there is a rise in body temperature.

quite common chronic pulpitis.Symptoms of pulpitis compared with the acute form is much less pronounced.Mostly chronic pulpitis appears in going from the mouth odor, which is putrid character, increased sensitivity to cold, hot.

Treatment of pulpitis

Acute pulpitis requires immediate treatment bottom cavity steroid hormones, preservatives.When purulent pulpitis the tooth cavity is opened.

Depending on the stage, form of the disease distinguish such treatments pulpit, as a biological, ekstirpatsionny, amputation.

application of biological method involves conservative intervention.The aim of this intervention is to restore the pulp.To do this with a bottom wall cavity carefully removed dentin layer, which is struck in the cavity positioned tampon with steroid hormones.Several days later it carried tooth filling.pulpitis treatment requires repeated treatment to a specialist.

Ekstirpatsionny method of pulpitis treatment is to remove all the pulp.In acute pulpitis, chronic pulpitis applied amputation method, which involves the removal of the crown.

pulpitis Treatment of children carried out the above methods with a focus on the specifics of pediatric dentistry.

pulpitis Treatment folk methods

For pain relief, the following techniques:

  • Wrist rub with garlic, then apply a compress on it from finely chopped garlic.
  • Cut onions, apply it on the big nail finger around the side opposite the pain syndrome.
  • small piece of propolis to impose on the aching tooth, cover with a cotton ball and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Apply the pulp of aloe to the gum.
  • cavity mouth rinse a decoction of sage or a solution consisting of 50 ml of warm water and 2 tsphydrogen peroxide.


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