Pemphigus in children - causes, symptoms , treatment


1. Causes:

2. treatment of pemphigus

3. Prevention viral pemphigus

Viral pemphigus of oral mucosa, buttocks, arms, orfeet quite common among childhood diseases.The caller pemphigus in children enterovirus, or intestinal virus contributes to a rather painful tumors in the above mentioned places.This disease can be called a "simple" disease, because under certain rules of treatment, all her symptoms disappeared within a week.It is also possible to assign the conditional status "seasonal disease" because most often it occurs in autumn and spring.Pemphigus

children can propagate in the presence of coughing, sneezing, and when contacted with contaminated objects.


  • lack of basic skills of personal hygiene;
  • use of public objects (such as toys or equipment in the kindergarten or the hospital);
  • weakened immune system, inability to resist viruses, etc.

The initial symptoms of the disease pemphigus include: fatigue, drowsiness and lethargy child.May also occur in in

flammation of throat and fever.In pemphigus occurs in children skin lesions in the form of blisters or sores that are deployed on the legs, thighs, buttocks, arms, and mucous membranes.Sometimes harbingers of disease are small red pimples, and the appearance of halitosis.All these phenomena have disappeared just seven days.Your doctor can easily recognize and confirm the presence of pemphigus by superficial examination of the skin of the child.

treatment of pemphigus

All measures taken for getting rid of this disease are aimed at mitigating the existing symptoms of pemphigus disease, because it almost always goes away.Distributed by a certain set of actions that will help your child easily transfer the virus pemphigus.For example:

1. Let your child drink plenty of slacking.

2.Predlagayte ice cream or soft drinks.

3. It is necessary to protect the child from the consumption of spicy, salty or sour.All this irritates the affected blisters and sores oral mucosa.

4.Daby bring the temperature down and get rid of the disease state, in the treatment of pemphigus use special children's products, which have the desired range of actions.

pemphigus treatment can also be carried out with the use of hormonal or cytotoxic drugs.In the event of pemphigus of the newborn, it is worth doing only in very severe cases and under close medical supervision.That he is able to adequately and professionally evaluate the ratio of "risk-benefit" in the treatment of pemphigus such kinds of medicines.Prevent the appearance of pemphigus help regular administration of drugs containing potassium and calcium.

Pemphigus newborn is extremely rare, accompanied by severe illness and complications palpable.This is due to the lack of immunity and protective functions of the small body.A newborn pemphigus celebrated centers of occurrence of bursting blisters followed by tightening wounds.With an integrated approach to healing measures of the healing process is not delayed for long.Pemphigus newborn, in medicine it is also called pemphigus, requires isolation from the rest of the child, the newly born, children.This should take care of both parents and the staff of the perinatal center.

However, there are effects such as lowering viral pemphigus weight, complication in the kidney, the lung and the cardiovascular system.Immediately it is worth noting that this is not a mandatory outcome of the disease, and rare variants.

Prevention viral pemphigus

There is a certain set of measures that can reduce the chances of infection.To prevent contamination of other family members or people in contact with the child, should be significantly tougher rules for hygiene and personal cleanliness of the premises of others.In pemphigus newborn caregiver people should wash their hands thoroughly and ass baby after every change of diaper or diaper.The same applies to ongoing antiseptic measures that must be carried out in medical gloves.In the treatment of pemphigus, try to refrain from kissing and contact games with your child, take a break in communication with other children and relatives.pemphigus disease is not so terrible, but requires strict following the above requirements.

Typically, the disease occurs in children under the age of 7 years otdo, often it against girls.Pemphigus children is considerably easier than in adults.


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