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psoriasis - a skin disease that affects the skin, joints and nails.This disease affects about 4% of the European countries.The disease is not insured no one - neither the children nor the elderly.In recent years, psoriasis more and more common in young adults - 30-35 years.And it is not cold, which disappears within a few days.Psoriasis is a chronic disease that torments human years, bringing him a lot of discomfort and discomfort sea.This disease (based on the clinical features) can be divided into several types:

  • Seborrheic view.It affects only hair on his head.Sometimes the disease can spread to the forehead.
  • pericardial view.This kind of psoriasis are mainly susceptible people suffering from diabetes.For the main symptom of psoriasis - a rash, it is in this type of disease pronounced and covered with yellowish scales.
  • Palmoplantar view.The disease is localized to the palms and soles of man.Lesions are characterized by pain and discomfort, as they are accompanied by cracked skin.
  • Erythrodermic view.This is the most severe form of psoriasis, which appears psoriatic plaques.They cover a huge portion of the skin.
  • Arthropathic view.This type of disease is only detected by X-ray because it affects joints.Patients feel pain in the joints, which over time can become deformed.

causes of disease

Today medspetsialisty can not name the exact cause of the disease.One of the main instigators of psoriasis is considered to be improper functioning of the immune system.Another cause of this disease is a genetic predisposition, which needs a certain jerk (streptococcal infection, sunburn, certain medications, stress, etc.).Also beneficial soil for psoriasis are transferred earlier dermatitis, frostbite, chronic infections, disorders of the nervous system, unstable psychological condition, and so on.

Common symptoms of psoriasis

order to recognize psoriasis, do not need to be a professional in this field.The symptoms of psoriasis are quite simple and memorable.Patients on the elbow, behind the knees or on the nails develop a rash.Onset is characterized by small pinkish spots on the skin, beneath which hides minor blood point.They are often called "blood dew".

Pink shade spots associated with the expansion of blood vessels.Because of this there is a small amount of blood excretion.Psoriatic spots very itchy, causing irritation to the patient.In addition, the symptoms of psoriasis spots observed peeling, what usually causes intense scratching.

If the disease is aggravated and begins to progress rapidly, the blood plaques can grow, merge and become even thicker.Lots rash crack and bleed.Severe forms of psoriasis impede normal night's rest, and do not allow the patient safely engage in daily activities.

Statistics states that 70% of psoriasis patients suffer from patchy form.This type of psoriasis, the symptoms of which are primitive enough (convex spots having silvery color) are usually localized to the lower back, scalp and popliteal hollows.

One form of psoriatic disease is psoriasis of the scalp.This form is today considered the most common skin disease.This disease often affects young people (under 35 years), as well as children.The scalp and hair with psoriasis have antiprivlekatelnostyu as a rash in the area of ​​the body is very noticeable.She can disappear and then appear again.

In psoriasis on the scalp occur rash accompanied by itching, scaling, which is often confused with dandruff.This symptom of psoriasis is manifested in the form of plaques, covered with scales, and are prone to cracking and sputum.Pain, itching and cracked skin - these are the main symptoms of psoriasis of the scalp.

Nail Psoriasis Nail Psoriasis

- another form of psoriatic lesions.The first stage of the disease is characterized by a clouding of the nail plate.On sick nail can be noted transverse or longitudinal lines, and holes that can be seen around the nail.When running the form of psoriasis nails can partially fall out.Due to poor microcirculation of the affected nails become matt.

At the present time, there are several types of nail psoriasis:

  • Naperstkovidny psoriasis;
  • subungual hemorrhage;
  • onycholysis;
  • Onihomadez;
  • Psoriatic paronychia;
  • Trahionihiya.

Treatment of diseases

psoriasis therapy is determined by the degree of localization and severity of the disease.Typically, the treatment of this disease is complex: internal and external therapy.For the treatment of nail psoriasis or mild head only local agents appointed.As for severe cases, the local therapy combined with UV treatment.

External treatment of psoriasis is necessary to soften the skin and eliminate the itching of the skin.For this purpose:

- Corticosteroid creams and ointments, which include betamethasone.

- copes with psoriasis treatment of an artificial analog of vitamin D3.This medication is best applied in combination with PUVA therapy.

- Salicylic acid to combat psoriasis is also very well-proven.

- Anthralin - popular local agent that inhibits cell activity perfectly.

In psoriasis, nail therapy must include a means for local use.In addition to external agents, the treatment of the disease may include a biological method fotolechenie and vitamin therapy, and a variety of traditional treatment of psoriasis.

People's treatment of psoriasis

Since psoriasis is very difficult to lend itself to traditional methods of treatment, at the present time, many are turning to traditional medicine.People's treatment of psoriasis based on the use of herbs, honey, eggs and other things.

In the popular treatment of psoriasis has won a high percentage of trust to his elder.The decoction of the plant is necessary to lower the 20 minutes the affected areas of the body (especially in psoriasis nail).This procedure must be repeated at least five times a day.

well proven in the treatment of the aforementioned disease grass succession.The infusion of succession, it is desirable to use inside.

Psoriasis can also resort to blood-purifying tea.It can be prepared using the following herbs in equal proportions: strawberry leaves, black currant leaves, burdock, nettle, yarrow, series and Viola tricolor.

In the popular treatment of psoriasis many people use packs of seeds of common purslane grass and goldenrod.


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