Psychopathy personality - types , symptoms, treatment


1. reasons psychopathy

2. Classifying state

Psychopathy personality - it is congenital or acquired in the early years of the anomaly and the individual abnormality in the functioning ofnervous system.It is characterized by mental handicap person.

Man psychopaths respond adequately to different stimuli.

reasons psychopathy

To develop psychopathic personality usually results in the interaction of two factors.Firstly, it is defective nervous system, congenital or acquired in early childhood.And, secondly, is the negative impact of strict environmental conditions.Psychopathy may develop in people with a genetic predisposition to it, and who grow up in dysfunctional families.

Experts note of great importance in the formation of psychopathic personality improper parenting.There are four types of parenting mistakes that lead to this condition:

  • gipoopeka - lack of attention to the child, his lack of education on the part of the parents;
  • overprotection - the excess of attenti
    on to the child, in which the parents in all of its control, to impose his opinion, not allow to show independence;
  • «Cinderella" - the neglect of a child, no petting with parents, bullying and beating the child, contrasting it with the other children;
  • «Idol family" - permanent zahvalivanie child, the fulfillment of all his desires and whims, protection in all situations, protection from the slightest difficulty.

Classifying state

There are different types of classification of psychopathy.Here are the most popular of them, which builds on the features of the nature and type of disturbances of higher nervous activity.

Asthenic psychopathic personality.For such people, a childhood characterized by sensibility, indecision, shyness, timidity.In the new environment, they feel a sense of inferiority and lost.Very often they can not make sudden changes in temperature, the sight of blood, sensitive to tactless and rude.His dissatisfaction with the express or tacit imperceptible grumbling touchiness.Symptoms of psychopathy of this type are usually different vegetative disorders - poor sleep, headaches, sweating, gastrointestinal disturbances, unpleasant feelings in the heart.These people are being rapidly depleted.They are prone to increased anxiety refers to the state of his health.

Affective Disorder.To this type belong gipotimnyh states, gipertimnye and cycloid individuals.Gipotimnye people - those who constantly have depressed mood.They are unsociable, cranky, always sad and gloomy.A characteristic feature of this type is excessive diligence and integrity at work.This is due to their ability to anticipate failure in all.Gipotimnye person has low self-esteem, a pessimistic view of the future, laconic, afraid to speak their minds.Gipertimnye people this type of psychopathy, on the contrary, constantly in a good mood, optimistic and active.They differ talkative, sociable, initiative, inconsistent, prone to adventures.These individuals often complicate their lives revaluation of its capabilities, excessive self-confidence.Such people tend to lie, often sexually promiscuous.The main symptoms of psychopathy cycloid individuals are constant mood swings, emotional instability.Their mood is changing rapidly from joyful to sad.In accordance with the change of mood, change their activity and status.

excitable psychopathic personality.The main feature of the character of such people is extreme anxiety and irritability.Usually, their reaction did not correspond to the stimulus action.They quickly "fade" after outbursts of anger, regret about what happened, but behave in a similar situation.People with this type of psychopathy is always something not satisfied, stubborn, intractable.They often have conflicts, both at work and in the family.Such persons do not accept compromises, very vindictive, causing suffering around them.Among them are common people who abuse alcohol, drugs, seeking to vagrancy, gamblers, murderers, sexual deviants.

Hysterical psychopathy.The main symptom of this type of psychopathy is a human desire any means to attract the attention of others.However, they embellish and exaggerate their feelings, often show theatrics, drama.Such persons, in order to impress others, are able to lie, perjure himself, might even take credit for a crime they did not commit.Their feelings are unstable, superficial, likes and dislikes are quickly replaced.Thinking people this type of psychopathy is based on your own fantasies and fabrications.Due to egocentrism, the desire to be the center of attention, such people often succeed in creative or scientific activity.

unstable personality disorder.Persons of this type are easily affected by other people.They are spineless, easily suggestible, weak-willed.Their lives depend on random external circumstances.From such people turn unruly, optional workers.Trying to please everyone, they at the same time unsettling at the slightest influence of external factors.This psychopathic personality often found among crooks, drug addicts, alcoholics.Although under constant control and favorable conditions of life they can live without problems.

psychasthenic psychopathy.Persons of this type are constantly doubt, indecisive, insecure, shy.The main symptom of psychopathy is their constant self-control and self-analysis.They suffer from obsessive fears, doubts, fear of change in my life, violation of habitual way.Such people are disciplined, pedantic.For these difficult decisions, take the initiative.

Paranoid Personality Disorder.The main symptom of this type of psychopathy can be called a tendency to the formation of overvalued ideas.Their content is reformism, invention.Non-recognition of the merits and virtues of these individuals leads to conflicts and confrontations with others.People with this psychopathic personality straightforward, stubborn, arrogant, vindictive and touchy.

Shizoidalny type of psychopathy.Such people are secretive, closed, cut off from reality, cold in the relationship with your loved ones.The basis of their behavior is emotional disharmony.They have a heightened sensitivity to personal and completely indifferent to the problems of others.The life of such persons subject to their own self-satisfaction.Typically, these individuals are called "original" cranks.Among them are many of those who have successfully engaged in theoretical sciences, music, art.Users of this type of psychopathy combine passivity in solving everyday problems with ingenuity in achieving the goals important to them.


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