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1. Symptoms pseudotuberculosis

2. Pseudotuberculosis children

3. Diagnosis and treatment of pseudotuberculosis

Pseudotuberculosis or Far scarlatiniform fever - an infectious disease thatIt develops in the gastrointestinal tract.

pathogens - pseudotuberculosis bacillus belonging to Gram-negative anaerobes that do not form spores.

pseudotuberculosis bacillus may exist on the ground, in the water.The carriers of the pathogen pseudotuberculosis are animals - pigs, cattle, dogs, rodents.A person can not be a source of infection.

transmission path - the oral-fecal.Infected pseudotuberculosis can be thermally after consuming raw or poorly washed foods - fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese.At the same time the source of infection may be organic products if they were stored in the infected container.

causative pseudotuberculosis can be transmitted through water infected animal feces in open water.

Rarely, but there are cases of infection by disease diagnostic medical devices.

pseudotuberculosis bacillus multiplies in the stomach, getting from there to the regional lymph nodes.There it causes inflammation.Pseudotuberculosis diagnosed only after being hit in human organs and systems, where the release of the pathogen toxins.Only after that the patient has symptoms characteristic of the disease.

Symptoms pseudotuberculosis

pseudotuberculosis symptoms more pronounced in people with weak immune systems.

From the moment of infection until the first symptoms pseudotuberculosis usually takes one to two weeks.The main signs of illness following:

  • fever up to 39 ° C;
  • fever, chills;
  • symptoms of intoxication;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • headache, pain in muscles and joints;
  • persistent or cramping abdominal pain.
  • formation of small ulcers in the mouth, pharynx, sometimes they go in complete necrosis (death of) tissue;
  • ulcers, erosions, festering in a place subject to infection;
  • external swelling of the joints.

specific symptom pseudotuberculosis - "hood" - redness of the face and neck.In addition, the skin reddens on the hands and feet.This redness appears in 3-5 hours of onset and lasts for a week.After his disappearance, the skin on the affected area is shelled.

Pain at pseudotuberculosis is localized around the navel, in the right lower abdomen and in the epigastric region.Stool frequency up to 15 times per day.This chair becomes viscous, sometimes mixed with blood.

Another common symptom is the appearance of pseudotuberculosis white plaque on the patient's language.After 5-7 days after the onset of the disease plaque disappears.After that, the language, the color becomes saturated crimson.

In mild disease pseudotuberculosis symptoms disappear after a few days.

Pseudotuberculosis children

pseudotuberculosis most commonly found in children aged 7-15 years.Children up to three years, they very rarely get sick.

Usually the disease begins acutely.The initial symptoms in children pseudotuberculosis are joint and muscle pain, headache, and weakness.Body temperature may rise to 38-39 ° C, chills appears.Often there is catarrhal syndrome - redness of the oropharynx, runny nose, cough.

In children lack of appetite, you may be nausea and vomiting, 2-3 hkratny loose stools.Patients suffer from abdominal pain, often in the right iliac region.

In the first three days of the onset of illness to the symptoms in children pseudotuberculosis joins flushing of the skin of face and neck, hands and feet, a rash.Rashes on the body accompanied by itching.The rash appears most often in young children with a predisposition to allergic reactions.It is located on the legs, the front and side surfaces of the body, around the joints.After rash disappears small peeling plate formed at its location.

Very often there is one more symptom of pseudotuberculosis in children - pale nasolabial triangle.

Diagnosis and treatment of pseudotuberculosis

pseudotuberculosis Diagnosis is based on the history and the specific methods of analysis.Since this disease has symptoms similar to many other diseases, it is very important to the correct diagnosis.

Diagnosis is based on laboratory tests, bacteriological and serological blood tests, faeces, cerebrospinal fluid.Additionally, the physician examines the lymph nodes, the appendix (appendicitis) patients.

the treatment of pseudotuberculosis patient is prescribed antibiotics - chloramphenicol, cephalosporin drugs.

For dezinoksikatsii organism is carried out by intravenous infusion of albumin solution reamberin, reopoliglyukina.

the treatment of a severe form of pseudotuberculosis used corticosteroids (hormones, anti-inflammatory action).Especially important in the development of their use in a patient polyarthritis.

for weakening the body's allergic reaction to the treatment of pseudotuberculosis use antihistamines - promethazine, diphenhydramine, clemastine, suprastin.

In therapy pseudotuberculosis great importance given to the use of restorative and stimulant drugs, such as vitamins, immunostimulants.They contribute to the speedy recovery of the patient and prevent the recurrence of the disease.


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