Mitral valve prolapse - the symptoms , degree of treatment


1. little about mitral valve

2. What is mitral valve prolapse (MVP)?

3. Diagnostics

4. symptoms of mitral valve prolapse

5. treatment of mitral valve prolapse

Heart - a kind of pump, causing the blood to circulate throughout the body.This is possible thanks to the pressure maintenance in the chambers of the heart.

The human heart has four chambers: two atria and ventricle 2.Valves - a damper which are disposed between the chambers of the heart.They regulate the pressure in the chambers is maintained and movement of the blood in the required direction.The heart has four valves: the tricuspid, mitral, aortic valve and the pulmonary artery.

little about mitral valve

Located mitral valve between the left ventricle and left atrium.By the valve flaps attached thin filament (chord), which in turn are connected to the small muscles (papillary muscle, papillary).To the valve to function properly, need to work together leaflets, chordae and papillary muscles.During the red

uction of heart pressure in the valve is greatly increased, it was under his influence flap valve opens.

What is mitral valve prolapse (MVP)?

Prolapse - bulging of the valve leaflets during closing.Closure flaps becomes a loose, causing a certain amount of blood returns: from large vessels of the ventricle or ventricles to atria.

During contraction of the left ventricle in PMC and blood enters into the aorta, and back into the left atrium.This return has its own name - regurgitation.Depending on the returned blood volume in the atrium several different degrees of regurgitation.


Congenital PMC is usually detected incidentally during ultrasound of the heart.With ultrasound you can determine the degree of prolapse and regurgitation volume.

degrees of mitral valve prolapse:

  • 1 - bulging leaves up to 5 mm;
  • 2 - bulging leaves up to 9 mm;
  • 3 - protrusion 10 mm or more.

If necessary, in addition to the diagnosis of ultrasound appointed additional research:

  • ECG - allows us to see changes in the heart, which are caused by mitral valve prolapse;
  • ECG Holter method - registering data on the work of the heart for 24 hours.

In congenital PMK, usually the work of the heart is not broken, so additional studies do not show significant deviations.

symptoms of mitral valve prolapse

Typically PMC does not manifest itself, but in some cases the patient may experience:

  • aching, stabbing, without regard to the exercise of pain in the left side of the chest;
  • shortage of air;
  • problems with the heartbeat: a rare, uneven heartbeat, "fading" of the heart;
  • little wanton increase in temperature;
  • fainting, dizziness;
  • headaches in the morning or at night;
  • weakness, fatigue.

treatment of mitral valve prolapse

method of treatment of mitral valve prolapse is selected depending on its degree.The patient's condition is monitored via phonocardiography and echocardiography.

At a low degree of mitral valve prolapse, and no special treatment of rhythm disorders is required.Patients can live fully without any restrictions in exercising.

If the patient has recurrent complaints of pain in the heart, frequent heart attacks, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, the doctor recommends any sedative herbal.It leads to normal functioning of the nervous system, eliminating or reducing the main symptoms of mitral valve prolapse, and the HDR.Also attending physician may prescribe medications containing magnesium.They have nearly the same effect as sedatives.

In the case of pronounced prolapse, accompanied by cardiac arrhythmia and pain, use of beta-blockers.The need for such a treatment is determined solely by the attending cardiologist.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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