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Proctitis - is an inflammatory process involvingmostly rectal mucosa and caused by inflammatory or infectious diseases of the rectum, or radiation exposure.


reason proctitis rectum can be a variety of injuries, provoked frequent enema, foreign bodies, chemical or thermal burns.The disease may be caused by sexually transmitted infections, most often the cause of this disease is seen in homosexuals.Provoke proctitis rectum can long-term use of antibiotics and other drugs, as well as radiation therapy.Secondary proctitis, usually a consequence of pathological processes in adjacent organs or disorders caused by digestive system such as gastritis, calculary cholecystitis, pancreatitis, multiple intestinal tumors.The cause of the disease in immunocompromised patients can be an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus and cytomegalovirus.

symptoms of proctitis

Most often, patients complain of proctitis symptoms such as discharge of blood or mucus from the rectum.If the disease is the result of herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus or gonorrhea, it occurs on a background of intense anorectal pain.

There are two forms of the disease: acute and chronic proctitis proctitis rectum.For each of the forms of their characteristic symptoms.

acute form of the disease is characterized by sudden onset.Clinical symptoms of proctitis are: fever and chills, tenesmus against the backdrop of constipation, burning sensation and heaviness in the rectum.

Chronic proctitis (Proctosigmoiditis) develops when the disease from the beginning takes the form of sluggish or is a consequence of running an acute proctitis.Symptoms of proctitis in this case may be dimly expressed for a long time.Periodically, patients experience a feeling of discomfort in the gut, a feeling of incomplete emptying it.Often the disease is accompanied by an anal fissure or hemorrhoids.There anal itching and oozing in the anus.The stool may be mixed with mucus or blood.Exacerbation of chronic proctitis rectum accompanied by frequent urge to defecate.

Diagnostics Diagnostic tests in acute proctitis difficult due to significant spasm of the sphincter and expressed pain.However, spasm of the sphincter is still less pronounced than with anal fissures.Using a large amount of lubricant allows for digital research, which reveals swelling of the mucous membrane of the rectum.

Given the fact that proctitis may be a secondary and develop as a result of malignant tumors of the colon, klonoskopicheskoe study is a must.As a rule, klonoskopiyu carried out after 5-7 days of onset of the disease, when the acute manifestations of the disease are attenuated.

When acute proctitis rectal mucosa sharply hyperemic, it often protrudes into the lumen of the gut, and in some cases it completely covers.Vascular pattern is absent or greatly enhanced.In the lumen of the gut detect mucus streaked with blood.

the diagnosis of chronic proctitis initially exclude parasitic and infectious diseases.Patients spend finger and endoscopic studies.Typically, patients have: change the tone of the sphincter, the presence of mucus on the walls of the intestine and its lumen, hyperemia mucosa, contact bleeding.

Treatment of proctitis

conservative treatment of the disease.First of all, the treatment of proctitis is subject to a special diet, eliminating alcohol, spicy and fatty dishes, condiments and spices.The optimal diet the following:

- breakfast: protein omelet, cheese, liquid semolina cooked in water with a small amount of butter;

- lunch: broth or frayed vegetable soup, chicken steam cutlets, boiled meat or fish, minced, cranberry jelly;

- dinner: liquid rice porridge on the water with a small amount of butter, cottage cheese, a steam cutlet.

If the disease is accompanied by fever, the patient can be treated with antibiotics.

proctitis treatment is complicated by the fact that because of the intense pain bowel syndrome complete purification occurs.However, repeated defecation only aggravates the situation.Therefore, patients prescribed daily cleaning enema of decoction of chamomile, which is necessary to put every morning.Use of laxatives is very undesirable, as they increase the urgency and pain.

use of folk remedies in the treatment of proctitis is recognized by official medicine.Thus, after purgation in patients administered 100 ml intestine chamomile and overnight clysterize of warm vegetable oil (50-75 ml).A week after the onset of disease chamomile enema canceled, and instead appoint enema solution Collargol.The concentration of the solution depends on the intensity of the inflammatory process in the intestine.Oil enema continued for 10-14 days.

As a rule, the total course of treatment takes two weeks.In order to avoid recurrence of this course is repeated after a ten-break.

regards to the chronic form of the disease, then there are also used folk remedies treatment of proctitis and Collargol enema solution.However, in this case the conservative course of therapy is longer.


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