The attack of coughing in a child and an adult - Causes, Treatment


1. coughing fit as the symptoms of diseases

2. Causes severe coughing

3. bouts of coughing in a child

4. Removing cough

5. When to call a doctor?

coughing fit - it is the body's response to the impact of any stimulus, which manifests sudden onset of cough.Coughing during attacks happen convulsive - because of cough shocks following one after the other, the patient can not take a breath.In some cases, severe coughing fits are completed in violation of heart rate and breathing, fainting, or vomiting.Such attacks are not an independent disease, it is only the symptoms indicating a particular disease or disorder.

coughing fit as the disease symptoms

Before you decide how to remove the cough, you should determine the symptoms of the disease they treat.Treatment of seizures themselves ineffective, if not eliminate the causes of their occurrence.

attacks of cough in adults can be symptoms of respiratory diseases, respiratory diseases (tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, lung

cancer and other diseases.), Bacterial and viral infections, allergies, problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

There are frequently used to describe the cough.If you pay attention to the combination of these characteristics, it is possible to determine how a pathological process caused by severe coughing fits.

cough without phlegm called dry.Most often, this cough is a sign of pathologies in organs that are not part of the respiratory system (inflammation of the outer ear, heart disease, pericarditis, nervous system diseases).

wet cough only cause respiratory diseases.This cough is accompanied by copious sputum production due to increased formation of bronchial secretions.

For the duration and frequency of the cough is persistent and intermittent, is an individual desires and strong cough.

Chronic and acute cough is determined by the duration of its existence.The island is a cough that occurs within 3 months, and chronic - cough lasting more than 3 months.

Causes severe coughing

Factors causing cough in adults, can be divided into 4 groups:

  • inflammatory and allergic factors: increased production of sputum, bronchial spasms, edema, inflammationairway mucous membranes;
  • Thermal factors - respiratory tract irritation is too cold or hot air;
  • Mechanical factors: a foreign body in the throat or ear canal, swollen lymph nodes, tumor formation, compressing the trachea and bronchi;Chemical factors
  • : inhaled together with air and gaseous substances drugs for which there is periodic cough side effect.

bouts of coughing in a child

By coughing in a child should be treated with extreme care, because young children usually can not properly talk about your condition and related symptoms.The most likely reasons for causing coughing in a child are mechanical and inflammatory factors.

If the cough is accompanied by general weakness, fever, rhinitis, lacrimation, loss of appetite and sleep disorders, most likely, it is due to colds.If the attacks of coughing is not supplemented by the above-mentioned symptoms, the cough is worse only when the baby to go to sleep, in this case, coughing can be triggered by excessive salivation while teething.In some cases, the cause of coughing in a child is accidental inhalation of a foreign body, which may be completed by suffocation.

If bouts of coughing in a child accompanied by symptoms such as fever, choking, sickly, general weakness, pain when coughing, increased frequency of breaths, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Removing cough

There are many ways to remove cough.Before you take any measures necessary to determine what specific cough in a patient.It is important to know that cough is a protective reflex of an organism and in diseases of a supporting role, eliminating him from the phlegm and mucus.Therefore, the main objective in the treatment of coughing becomes not complete their elimination, but only relief.Cough inhibition expedient if it adversely affects the condition of the patient (it prevents sleep, causing choking or vomiting).

receiving means promoting liquefaction of sputum, it will easily be separated and eliminated from the lungs faster.The best way to liquefy the sputum - is excessive drinking.In addition, to liquefy viscous mucus, you can use cough syrups with guaifenesin.

Do not abuse drugs that suppress the cough.Cough - a response of the body to help him get rid of the stimulus.Therefore, suppression of cough with strong medication may be inappropriate, especially in the excessive formation of phlegm.If you break the mechanism of sputum from the body, it will accumulate in the lungs.

If you suffer from severe coughing fits, do not give sleep to you or your household members can be for some time to use some antitussives, but it should be within reasonable limits.

To reduce the pain and irritation in the throat, use saline to rinse the throat.To prepare such a solution Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon table salt in shallow glass of warm water.

Cough may arise and grow because of smoking tobacco.So if you want to cure a cough, you need to, first of all, to give up this addiction.

To get rid of prolonged cough, ask your doctor to prescribe drugs with bronchodilatory effect.Such tools will accelerate the process of cleansing the lungs and help eliminate the cough.

overdried air irritates the lungs, resulting in coughing strengthening.Use appliances designed to humidify the air in the room will help you to significantly ease their condition.

When to call a doctor?

Recurrent bouts of cough in adults, as a rule, do not cause any fear.However, if the cough is accompanied by the following symptoms, you must immediately consult a specialist:

  • bouts of cough in adult continuing more than a week, and relief does not occur;
  • high temperature;
  • asthma;
  • general weakness, and weight loss;
  • specific phlegm (thick, mixed with blood, green or yellow);
  • cough accompanied by painful sensations in the chest.


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