Presbyopia eyes - symptoms , correction , treatment


1. Causes of presbyopia eyes

2. symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of presbyopia eyes

eyes Presbyopia (age farsightedness) -this age deterioration of vision, which occurs as a result of the progressive, gradual and irreversible changes in the eye's ability to focus images of objects on the middle and short distance.

Causes of presbyopia eyes

main reason is called presbyopia age "aging" of the eye.It manifests itself in most people after 40 years.The lens of the human eye functions as an intraocular lens.After 40 years, he gradually loses the ability to focus objects at different distances (accommodation), resulting in near vision is lost.

main causes of presbyopia eyes are:

  • loss of elasticity of the lens;
  • loss of elasticity of the sclera (the outer frame of the eyeball);
  • decrease in strength of the ciliary muscle, forcing the lens to change its curvature and the optical power in the far, middle and short distance at a young age.

Typically, normal vision presby

opia develops between the ages of 40-45 years old, with short-sightedness - a little later, with farsightedness - much earlier.

age hyperopia associated with metabolic disorders through the vessels of the conjunctiva and the retina.She quickly develops in patients with diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, alcohol abuse and nicotine.In addition, the early development of presbyopia provokes astigmatism (refraction lens pathology), hyperopia (farsightedness), frequent eye inflammatory processes, trauma to the eye, eye surgery, prolonged strain on the eyes at close range.

appeared early presbyopia eyes often leads to the development of glaucoma - a dangerous eye disease characterized by an increase in intraocular pressure.


At the onset of presbyopia, the eye following indications:

  • when reading small text decreases the contrast, the letters have a grayish hue;
  • difficult to see small objects when working with them (difficult to thread a needle);
  • reading requires more direct and bright light;
  • when reading the text, it is removed to a greater distance;
  • increased tension and eye strain when reading.

Presbyopia differently manifested in people with farsightedness and nearsightedness.People with congenital long-sighted vision and reduced distance and near.People with myopia presbyopia can be inconspicuous.

Diagnosis and treatment of presbyopia eyes

Diagnostics presbyopia involves the following procedures:

  • check visual acuity using a special device or table;
  • refractometry - an objective method for studying refractive power (refraction) eyes using special devices;
  • Oftalmometres - determination of the radii of curvature of the surface of the cornea using a special instrument ophthalmometer;
  • tonometry - intraocular pressure determination by measuring the ability of the eyeball deformation.

Using the methods described above optometrist evaluates the patient's vision, eye disorder defines and directs to an ophthalmologist.Ophthalmologist treats presbyopia, and ocular diseases, which contribute to its development.

treatment of this disease can be spectacle correction of presbyopia or surgery (laser) treatment.

often correct presbyopia using bifocals.Their lens has two focal points.One focus is used for near vision, and the other - for distance vision.

sometimes used progressive lenses.With their help with presbyopia correction is made of the distance, in the middle zone and near.The main difference between these lenses multifocal lenses is that they are not visible to the naked eye the difference between the near vision area and distance vision area.They consist of three zones: the top of the lens - a zone for distance vision, at the bottom of the lens - the zone for near vision and intermediate zone - the progression corridor where there is a gradual change in lens power.

In some cases, for the correction of presbyopia glasses used for monovision.In these glasses, one lens is for distance vision and the other is used for reading.

Integrated presbyopia correction is to use the gym for the eyes, elektrookulostimulyatsii (weak currents impact on the eyeball), hydrotherapy, acupuncture, magnetic-massage of cervical area, vitamin therapy.

For surgical treatment of presbyopia include refractive surgery.In carrying out this operation, change the shape of the cornea.

The following types of refractive surgery.

1.Keratoplastika.It involves the use of radio frequency energy through the application of heat to the microscopic spots around the cornea.Keratoplasty The disadvantage is that in many patients vision is restored on a fairly short time.

2.Lazernaya surgery.With this method, the treatment of presbyopia, the doctor uses a special tool (keratitis), by means of which makes the hinge, a thin flap in the cornea.Deletes the inner layers of the cornea, and the domed shape of the eyeball becomes steeper.With this laser procedure do not apply heat.

3.Podepitelialnaya laser surgery for presbyopia correction.The surgeon creates a flap in the epithelium (a thin protective coating) of the cornea.Using excimer laser doctor changes the outer layers of the cornea, making steeper curvature of the eyeball.After that, re-places the epithelial flap.

4.Fotoprelomlyayuschaya surgery in the treatment of presbyopia.During this procedure, which is similar to a conventional laser surgery, the physician removes the epithelium of the cornea.Over time, the epithelium restored and fully comply with the new shape of the cornea.

to radical methods of treating presbyopia include the establishment of an artificial lens.Most often it is used in the presence of concomitant diseases in humans, such as cataracts.


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