Premenstrual Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. Causes of premenstrual syndrome

2. main symptoms of PMS

3. Diagnosis and treatment of premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS - a complex of vegetative-sosudistyh, metabolic and endocrine, psycho-emotional disorders that appear in women before the onset of menstruation.At the beginning of menstruation or in the first days of its present condition passes.

This complex disorders, which is also called syndrome of premenstrual tension, occurs in 50-80% of women aged 20-40 years.In most cases, PMS symptoms are mild and do not require the help of experts.But in some cases, a woman can not do without the help of a doctor.

Causes of premenstrual syndrome

exact causes of PMS are not yet established.But most experts say that this condition causes a sharp jump in the level of estrogen (female sex hormone) in the last days of the menstrual cycle.

also called some of the reasons that contribute to the development of PMS:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • malnutrition;while craving for chocolate, heart palpitations, dizziness, headaches associated with magnesium deficiency;fatigue, increased sensitivity of the breast, an accumulation of fluid in the body, mood swings caused by a deficiency of vitamin B6;
  • cyclic monthly fluctuations in the level of certain substances in the brain, such as endorphins that affect mood.

main symptoms of PMS

symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are quite diverse.Experts call signs of about 120 states that occur in women on different days before menstruation.

PMS Symptoms depend on its shape.There are six main forms of PMS.

1.Psihovegetativnaya.The main manifestations of this form are fatigue, forgetfulness, weakness, drowsiness or insomnia, tearfulness, irritability, resentment and conflict.Woman suffering from flatulence, constipation, increased sensitivity to sounds and smells, reducing libido, sudden outbursts of anger, depression, numbness of hands.PMS in adolescent girls often manifests aggressive behavior.In young girls it is often characterized by periods of depression.

2.Otechnaya.The main symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, this form include bloating and breast tenderness, the swelling face, fingers, legs, itchy skin, acne, fatigue, pain and bloating, muscle aches, sweating, slight weight gain.

3.Tsefalgicheskaya.The main symptom of premenstrual syndrome in the form of a headache.It is paroxysmal, may be accompanied by redness or swelling of the face.In addition, women are often nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizziness, irritability.

4.Krizovaya.This form of PMS is more common in premenopausal women, 45 to 47 years.It is characterized by high blood pressure often occurs palpitations, feeling of compression of the chest, the fear of death.Most women with cardiovascular disease are, kidney, gastro-intestinal tract.

5.Atipichnaya.The untypical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome include the development of migraine, improving overall body temperature to 38? C, asthmatic attacks of breathlessness, ulcerative inflammation of the oral mucosa.

6.Smeshannaya.In most cases, women suffer from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome of mixed character.Most often combined psycho-vegetative and swollen form.

Diagnosis and treatment of premenstrual syndrome PMS

Diagnostics quite complicated due to the large diversity of manifestations.The main criterion for the diagnosis can be cyclical symptoms and their termination after menstruation.In order to set the shape of the ICP, were tested for blood levels of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin.In severe cases of this condition the woman is prescribed electroencephalography.

in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, use of drug therapy and non-drug methods.

Drug-free treatment involves the compliance regime, restful sleep, lack of physical and emotional overload.In some cases, the woman is prescribed psychotherapy.Furthermore, it assigned diet that includes foods with a high content of animal and vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins.In the second half of the menstrual cycle to limit the use of carbohydrates, fats, salts, sugars, alcohol, chocolate, coffee.Significantly relieves physical exercise, massages.

Drug treatment of premenstrual syndrome includes the use of the following groups of drugs.

1.Sedativnye and psychotropic drugs.These medications are used to eliminate the psycho-emotional symptoms.For this purpose, anti-depressants (Coaxil, Tsipramin), anti-anxiety drugs (Rudotel, Seduxen).

2.Gormonalnye funds.They are used to settle the level of sex hormone fluctuations.To do this, appoint progestins (Duphaston, Utrozhestan), combined oral contraceptive pills (Yasmin, Logest, Jeanine), derivatives of androgens (Danazol), dopamine agonists (Dostinex, Parlodel).

3.Preparaty for symptomatic therapy.Most often used antihistamines (Suprastin, Tavigil), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, indomethacin).

4.Gomeopaticheskie drugs.The main advantage of these funds is their effect on the development of the cause of PMS - restoration of the imbalance of hormones.Most often take Remens and Mastodinon.

5.Magny, B vitamins are proven drug Magne B6.

the treatment of premenstrual syndrome stress effectively using physiotherapy techniques.Women appointed neck massage, body massage, collar on Shcherbakov, electroanalgesia, pine and pearl baths.

great importance is the prevention of premenstrual syndrome.Performing simple rules will help women alleviate PMS symptoms or do to avoid them.

Doctors recommend more than a walk in the fresh air, do not forget about the regular exercise.

to prevent depression can listen to soft music, take an aromatic bath, communicate with optimistic people.

woman should avoid jet lag, night use to full sleep.

from the diet is necessary to eliminate fatty foods, alcohol, eat less food containing caffeine.


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