Sudamen in children and adults - causes , types , treatment


1. types and manifestation of prickly heat in adults

2. Miliaria children

3. disease treatment

4. disease prevention

sudamen - dermatosis caused by very slow evaporation of sweat, which is observed as a result of blockage of the ducts of sweat glands due to intense sweating.

types and manifestation of prickly heat in adults

disease in adults is of several types.

Crystal sudamen is the result of blockage of sweat glands due to copious perspiration that accompanies the course of febrile illnesses.In this case, several ducts extend potovyvodyaschie minor cysts formed in the enlarged duct.Miliaria this type is shown in adult skin rash in the form of small blisters located close to each other and filled with liquid, which is transparent.Watery quickly resemble a rash, do not cause discomfort.

Red sudamen in adults is a result of occurrence of inflammatory processes in the skin that are caused by profuse sweating.The disease occurs during prolonged physical exercise, hard

work, with fever, fatigue.It is manifested as a rash on the surface of the elbow and knee creases.Rash presented hillocks of red or purple color, which have a diameter of 1-4 mm.In the folds where there is a rash, serous fluid can be formed.The duration of the disease - up to two weeks.

tropical heat rash in adults occurs in tropical countries.It appears the disease in people who are absolutely not adapted to hot conditions.Papular form of the disease is a pronounced red prickly heat.

Miliaria children

Integuments kids, especially babies, are quite different from the surface of the skin of adults.In the children's skin is not yet fully formed perspiration glands, the sweat of a healthy baby begins to stand only on attaining the age of 4 months.The cause of prickly heat in the newborn is the underdevelopment of the thermoregulatory center.If the baby skin overheats, then the result is the appearance of a pink rash that is somewhat raised above the skin.

on newborn skin, like the skin of each person, there are a large number of microorganisms which are opportunistic in nature.In case of favorable conditions, they begin to act and can cause infections.Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene leads to prickly heat in the newborn.To the ordinary course of the disease can supply a pustular infection.In this case, in folds on the surface of the head can start to appear pus blisters.Typically, heat rash in children does not cause changes in health.Proper and timely care will allow the cure pustular rash for a week.

Treatment of diseases

prickly heat treatment in adults is carried out by observing the body hygiene with the simultaneous intake of vitamins, antihistamines and desensitizing agents.

prickly heat treatment in children takes a bit more complicated, as there used medications is not possible.Prickly heat in the newborn is treated by treating with a disinfectant solution rash.The solution has the following composition: 2.1% alcoholic solution of salicylic acid 0.1 potassium permanganate solution, alcohol solution of boric acid.To relieve itching lesion on the skin of the baby is treated with antiseptic agents, which include 1% solution of methylene blue, 1% alcohol solution hlorofillipta, fukortsin.

prickly heat treatment in children is based on taking regular baths, which have decoctions of herbs.To prepare concoctions using only fresh herbs, including chamomile, yarrow, series, arnica.The old grass are less healing power.

prickly heat treatment in compliance with all recommendations of the last 2-3 days.If there is a rash at the site of small pus bubbles, the disease has given complication and should see a doctor.


disease to prevent the occurrence of disease, and treatment of prickly heat as a consequence, should follow the following guidelines:

  • Do not Kuta baby choose clothes carefully to see if all of a sudden becomes warm, you can always strip it;
  • Choose for baby clothes made of natural fabrics that allow the natural gas exchange of the skin;
  • order not to deal with the process of the treatment of prickly heat in children, it is necessary to lubricate the skin of the baby easily, quickly absorbed cream;
  • Bathe newborn daily.

Preventive measures will help avoid prickly heat in infants.


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