Postpartum Depression - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. Causes of depression after childbirth

2. Symptoms

3. How to treat postpartum depression

4. How long does postpartum depression

depression in the postpartum period - a type of depression that closely connects the emotional and physical changes in a woman's body occurring immediately after birth.The fact that the number of female hormones estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy increases 10 times.And after the birth of the child's level of these hormones decreases dramatically, and due to such surges occur chemical, as well as social changes in women immediately after childbirth.On the third day after delivery of the above hormones level comes back to normal, and the social changes caused by the birth of a child, remain, and this sometimes leads to the development of a depressive state.

Causes of depression after childbirth

Causes of postpartum depression in women occur due to the fact they have proceeded pregnancy and the conditions in which it resides.There are

also other important causes of postpartum depression, for example:

  • Pregnancy at an early age;
  • Lack of support from loved ones;
  • quarrels in the family;
  • cases of depression during pregnancy;
  • Loneliness.

Practice shows that there are many causes of postpartum depression, but every woman is individual in its own way, and the reason for each can have its own.


doldrums after birth may appear immediately or after a few weeks or even months.The woman appeared irritability, sadness, despair, anxiety.At first glance, all these manifestations is difficult to name the symptoms of postpartum depression, but many women later symptoms only intensified with time.Daily duties become a burden to them, there is absolutely no power to do anything.

Frequent mood swings, lack of appetite, constant sleep debt and reduced libido indicate acute symptoms of postpartum depression.In such cases, most women do not cope with all the emotional and physical difficulties, so she definitely need to see a doctor.

How to treat postpartum depression

treatment options for postpartum depression, there are different.Here everything will depend on the complexity of the disease.Sometimes doctors prescribe all kinds of sedatives, as well as psychotherapy.It is necessary to be wary of antidepressants those moms who breastfeed.In such cases, the treatment of postpartum depression is best done under the supervision of a physician.It is also very useful in the treatment of postpartum depression using essential oils - this will help to normalize the emotional and psychological state.The most frequently used oil clary sage, mandarin, sage, lemon balm, bergamot, jasmine, rose.

How long does postpartum depression

Due to the individuality of each woman's depression can last from one month to a year.It all depends on how it copes with difficulties.It affects how much lasts postpartum depression, temperament and mothers.Even the most peaceful in nature can make a woman crazy things in this period.At this time, many women tend to drastically change your appearance, and not in the best way.

influence lasts as postpartum depression and the number of births.For example, if the birth was the first woman may long to get used to his new status as mothers.But over time, these difficulties are moving in everyday life, and every woman will understand this in your life, someone later, but someone much earlier.With the right approach, this malaise passes without consequences and the woman manages to establish a normal life and the right attitude to the child and other family members.


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