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cervical polyps - a disease of the female genital system, which is manifested by excessive growth of cervical mucus channel to form outgrowths, called polyps.This disease is a precancerous condition, as the risk of developing cervical cancer is increasing against the background of this pathology.Therefore, if you do not resort to timely treatment, the end result of the consequences can be the most unpredictable.

Causes of polyps

To date, the main cause of cervical polyps is considered to be an increased allocation of estrogen, which stimulates the growth of the uterine lining.If the blood contains a lot of these hormones, the uterine lining begins to thicken, which leads to the formation of small outgrowths.In addition to the violation of production of female sex hormones, provocateurs occurrence of polyps of the cervix may be other disorders: decrease

d immunity, adnexitis, chronic endometritis, a disorder of the thyroid gland, and so on.Another trigger this disease are some special gynecological procedures (eg, diagnostic curettage of the uterus) or abortion.

clinical picture

cervical polyps are usually asymptomatic and are discovered by chance when a pelvic exam.However, there are situations when the cervical canal polyps appear spotting.These symptoms usually occurs during or immediately after sexual intercourse, as at this time the polyp may be injured.Another sign of this disease is the strengthening of vaginal mucous character.

gynecological examination, the doctor may also see the polyps in the form of round pink smooth formations.When the gynecologist sees this pathology, it is without any doubts can immediately make an accurate diagnosis.

The most common complication of the disease is considered to infertility, because of the thick mucus sperm can not get into the fallopian tubes.

cervical polyps during pregnancy

As is known, polyps of the cervical canal - is one of the instigators of female infertility.Very often many women due to this disease can not get pregnant, because a huge amount of mucus prevent sperm from entering the fallopian tubes.

If the presence of a polyp does not become an obstacle to pregnancy, that women do not need to fall into a panic like this.cervical polyp during pregnancy has no effect on fetal gestation, as well as on the course of childbirth itself.Therefore, it is best not to engage in treatment polyp until the child into the world.

In some situations, doctors still insist on treating cervical polyps (polypectomy), but these need to be addressed only in the first months of pregnancy.Also, remember that if a polyp is being treated at the time of carrying a baby after birth need to be screened again as cervical polyps during pregnancy should be treated with the utmost seriousness and responsibility.

Treatment polyps

At the present time, the treatment of cervical polyps is a surgical procedure that involves removing protrusions with the specific operation.Removal of cervical polyps is called a polypectomy.This operation is carried out under the strict supervision of a hysteroscope.There are cases where polyps reappear after surgery.Then doctors resorted to gynecological surgery under general anesthesia.

polypectomy If successful, patients are encouraged to be observed for some time at the gynecologist, because the disease tends to relapse (if the causes were not eliminated).

removal of cervical polyps is not desirable to carry out in the presence of inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere.Typically, before surgery woman passes a full examination.If the identified infection, sexually transmitted (thrush, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis), the removal of polyps at a time (up to a complete cure of infection) is delayed.

If cervical polyps are formed due to menstrual disorders, while doctors prescribe hormone therapy (oral contraceptives).

Folk treatment

Almost all traditional medicines are aimed at prevention and prevention of various tumors.At the present time, there are many folk remedies for cervical polyps, which are now in great demand among the majority of women suffering from this disease.

most common means of traditional medicine to combat the above-mentioned diseases are shiitake mushrooms and Chaga.In order to treat the result was as effective as possible, they are best used in conjunction with drugs celandine.Because these fungi are made of water and alcohol tinctures, which are then used for oral consumption or irrigation.

more traditional remedies from cervical polyps are aqueous preparations of silver, which is not desirable to use without medical supervision.

garlic, pumpkin seeds, onion, golden mustache, black currant, wild rose berries and nettle, also play an important role in the treatment of this disease.But before proceeding with the treatment of polyps of the cervical canal, patients need to stock up on lots of patience, as well as to approach this process with the utmost seriousness and perseverance.


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