Axillary adenopathy - Causes, Treatments


1. reasons axillary lymphadenitis

2. symptoms

3. Treatment of axillary lymphadenitis

axillary lymphadenitis called inflammation of the lymph nodes in the armpits.With this disease, subclavian and supraclavicular lymph nodes were collected from the face, the neck, the front surface of the chest and shoulder area.This leads to the spread of metastatic breast cancer, visceral abdominal and thoracic cavities in the base of the neck lymph nodes.

reasons axillary lymphadenitis

The main reasons for the emergence of axillary lymphadenitis include sources of infection in the body:

  • infected wounds and abrasions;
  • boils;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • cellulitis;
  • mug;
  • osteomyelitis.

cause of inflammation of the lymph nodes may also be inflammation in the lymph vessels.In this case, the agents are axillary lymphadenitis:

  • staphylococci and their toxins;
  • enterococci and their toxins;
  • streptococci and their toxins;
  • E. coli;
  • Proteus;
  • decay products of primary tumor tissue inflammation


axillary lymphadenitis Symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the disease.

In the early development of the disease the patient usually does not even notice any pronounced disease symptoms.The only thing that may bother him, it's a little discomfort and a slight increase in the armpit lymph nodes, which can be seen in self-palpation armpits.Thus no redness or pain, or temperature.But this apparent prosperity should not lull your vigilance.If you do not see a specialist at this stage of the disease, the inflammatory process can very quickly escalate into a first serous, and then in the purulent form.

When serous form of axillary lymphadenitis in the armpit discomfort becomes permanent and annoying.Comes to the fact that the hand of the patient under his arm in the direction I want to take and keep without lowering.At the same time the lymph nodes are enlarged, and touching them is accompanied by pain, resembling the pain of boils.The skin over the lymph nodes becomes red and hot to the touch.In advanced stages of the axillary lymph nodes and tissue fuse with each other to form a dense, hot and very painful lump, which in medicine is called a "package".The general condition of the patient at the same time can not hurt.

If you do not provide proper treatment of serous lymphadenitis, he turns into a purulent form.In this case, the above-described joining clinical symptoms such as fever and general weakness.Lymph nodes suppurate and become like a big bunch of grapes.In particularly severe cases, if left untreated axillary lymphadenitis, abscess damages the skin, forming a fistula on the site.

chronic form of the disease is accompanied by only increasing cohesion and lymph nodes.

Treatment of axillary lymphadenitis

After confirm the diagnosis and determine the cause of inflammation in the lymph nodes, the doctor will determine the stage of disease, and selects the optimal treatment program.

Treatment of early stage axillary lymphadenitis should be conservative and be accompanied by taking broad-spectrum antibiotics, restorative procedures and physiotherapy, and inflamed lymph nodes need to apply cold compresses.

When treating axillary lymphadenitis with the development of a purulent inflammation of the required mandatory surgery.The operation consists of several steps: opening the inflamed lymph node removal therefrom and drainage of purulent masses.After the surgery is performed therapeutic treatment, which is based on the principles of treatment of purulent wounds.

In the treatment of axillary lymphadenitis specific physician should take into account the presence or absence of inflammatory lesions in other organs as well as to trace the general inflammatory process.Treatment of axillary lymphadenitis of this type can last for several months and in addition to antibiotic therapy include obkalyvanie lymph node and applying ointment dressings.In that case, if there is connection of purulent infection, the doctor prescribes supplementation broad-spectrum antibiotics.


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