Pulmonary fibrosis - types , symptoms, treatment


1. Causes and types of diseases

2. Symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis

3. Diagnostics

4. Treatment of pulmonary fibrosis

5. Prevention of pulmonary fibrosis

fibrosis is a proliferation of lung connective tissue, which is influenced by inflammatory or degenerative process.The disease provokes a breach of the elasticity of the tissue and causes the gas exchange impairment in lung function.

Causes and types of diseases

Experts distinguish between two types of pulmonary fibrosis: a limited (local) and diffuse.Pulmonary fibrosis local character is a kind of a dense portion of the lung tissue, in which the volume of the lung disease is not very pronounced.And in the case of diffuse pulmonary fibrosis lungs are dense and reduced in volume with the violation of their normal structure.

Local fibrosis is not too pronounced effect on the mechanical properties of the lung tissue and function of gas exchange.And in the case of diffuse disease full ventilation is reduced significan


Often, fibrosis - is the result of a wide variety of pulmonary diseases, in particular:

  • obstructive chronic pathologies;
  • infectious and invasive diseases (pneumonia, including those that have developed after tuberculosis, syphilis, fungal infections, etc.);
  • diseases that occur as a result of effects on the body of industrial gases, toxic substances and corrosive dust;
  • genetic and hereditary diseases of the lungs.

Quite often, lung fibrosis is a consequence of exposure to various toxic of drugs or ionizing waves.

Symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis

local form of the disease may not have displays, unlike diffuse pulmonary fibrosis, which is characterized by progressive dyspnea over time.In addition, it may be accompanied by a strong dry cough that increases with the intensity of respiration.For other symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis also include general weakness in the body, weight loss, aching pain in the chest, and the constant feeling of weakness and fatigue.If the patient holds lung basal departments, it can cause the development of the Hippocratic fingers - flask-shaped thickening of the nail phalanges.

the later stages of fibrosis symptoms in patients may be so-called popiskivanie in the lungs, which is reminiscent of the sound of cork friction, which is especially clearly heard over the anterior surface of the chest on inspiration.

Diagnosis Based on fibrosis symptoms, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the patient.The key method of diagnosis of this disease is an X-ray examination of the lungs, which allows to obtain the most accurate representation of the sclerotic nature of lung tissue transformation, as well as to differentiate the diagnosis of this pathology of lung cancer lesions.

order to detect fibrosis patient can be X-ray of the chest.And accompanying diagnostic methods can act tomography, X-ray and CT scan.

Treatment of pulmonary fibrosis

As pointed out by experts, at the moment there are no effective methods of treatment of pulmonary fibrosis.In asymptomatic limited fibrosis treatment, it is generally not used at all.If the local fibrosis has transferred its cause destructive inflammatory disease and occurs with regular outbreaks of infection, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as some physiological procedures, which aim to improve sputum discharge from bronchial tubes.

diagnosis in this disease allows to determine the appropriateness of surgery.When aggressive external causes of pulmonary fibrosis, treatment should be aimed at their elimination.Moreover, according to the testimony of the therapy of respiratory failure.

forecast disease determine the different factors such as the complexity of its course and the individual characteristics of the patient.In general, the prognosis of the disease affects the lung reduction in size, which is extremely heavier respiratory failure, and sometimes can cause an increase in pressure in the lungs.As for the probability of death, it is possible in the event of complications of the disease secondary infection or tuberculosis.

Prevention fibrosis

as the main method of disease prevention allocate timely diagnosis and proper treatment of diseases, contributing to its development.If a person by occupation are often faced with pnevmotoksicheskimi substances, it is important to adhere to the safety rules.Hazardous gases and dust are always present in the mines and many industrial plants (in the workplace builders, polishers, carvers on the glass).In these areas a mandatory basis should operate exhaust ventilation, and workers should use respirators.

In addition, certain medications can very negatively affect the state of the human lung.In turn, the condition of patients with this diagnosis improves smoking cessation, regular exercise and tempering.


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