Pneumonia - the main symptoms , treatment , consequences


1. Symptoms of pneumonia

2. Species pneumonia

3. Drug and therapeutic relief from pneumonia

In medical practice and insociety has decided to call pneumonia pneumonia, in which the infection affects the lung tissue.It is the result of vital activity of micro-organisms such as Streptococcus, Chlamydia, Haemophilus influenzae, and so on.It may cause pneumonia as a result of ingestion of the herpes virus or the flu.

treatment of pneumonia should be carried out by all methods and medications that help reduce the severity of the disease, to neutralize the source of its origin and best protect the patient from possible consequences.

Symptoms of pneumonia

To facilitate the selection of an appropriate method for the treatment of pneumonia has developed a classification of the disease according to the source of infection and the severity of the main symptoms.However, there are common symptoms of pneumonia, common to all its types:

  • persistent cough;
  • constant catarrhal diseas
    es with recurrent nature and complications of the state;
  • pale skin;
  • elevated body temperature indicators;
  • runny nose, and shortness of breath;
  • no proper result from receiving antipyretic agents and so on.

presence of such features may be indirect evidence of the disease occurs.In any case, it makes sense to consult a doctor, because the effects from pneumonia can be serious enough.

Species pneumonia

1. lobar pneumonia due to a sharp character appears hypothermia, and is accompanied by rapidly rising body temperature, difficulty breathing, headaches, discomfort in the chest, loosening.These symptoms of pneumonia can quickly develop into an abscess, sepsis or cause defects of the heart muscle that often leads to death.

2. Focal pneumonia, usually accompanied by bronchitis or other diseases of the respiratory system, and its symptoms are not as bright as in lobar.Sick notes the existence of a weak cough without sputum, and a gradual increase in temperature characteristics.However, after trying to self-treat pneumonia in children and adults, these symptoms develop into severe consequences, such as severe cough with purulent discharge, abscess breakthrough and pus in the pleural cavity.

3. atypical form of the disease their symptoms completely "owes" a microorganism that has provoked the appearance of it.Pneumonia in children and the older people, which appeared as a result of the ravages of mycoplasmas, accompanied by sore throat, pain in the head, and an increase in the size of lymph nodes in the neck.The disease is caused by Legionella, it can be characterized by diarrhea, impairment in kidney function and slow pulsation.After pneumonia likely defects in the brain and the cardiovascular system.

treatment of pneumonia should be carried out immediately, as the mortality rate among patients with such a diagnosis is extremely high.

Drug and therapeutic relief from pneumonia

must know that the question of the treatment of this disease is very acute, and has no specific solutions.It is accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms, complications and course, that depends entirely on the individual characteristics of the body of each person.For example, pneumonia in children takes place rapidly and often ends lethal, while in adults - slower and less pronounced.

extreme danger is acute pneumonia, which runs the entire cycle of development for a few days and brings the most strashnyeposledstviya for all human organs and systems.Treatment of pneumonia this nature requires compliance with the recommendations below:

  • strict bed rest;
  • full and proper nutrition;
  • acute pneumonia requires receiving etiotropic, pathogenetic and symptomatic drugs;
  • physical therapy and herbal therapy;
  • effects of antibacterial agents and many more.

diagnosis of "acute pneumonia" requires a doctor's utmost attention in the choice of medicines.From this, in the end, and will depend on the degree of the disease and its consequences.

treatment of pneumonia, transfered into the chronic stage, is a course of antibiotics which can be administered as an intramuscular or intravenous injection or by inhalation.A special role is played by the patient's diet, which should include high-quality products that can support the body in fighting disease.Primary symptoms of pneumonia need to enrich the diet and protein food sources of vitamins B and C.

Pneumonia in children is often cured people's ways, because they cause the least harm to the body weakened by disease.Improve cough and alleviate common symptoms helps decoction of oats and milk, which is taken several times a day.It is not necessary to treat acute pneumonia alone and neglected medical examination.This negligence is fraught with fatal consequences.

When pneumonia is quite probable consequences such as pleurisy, irreversible changes in lung structure, failure of the cardiovascular system and so on.The patient from pneumonia requires a long rehabilitation period, the vigilant medical control, good nutrition and rest.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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