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1. reasons piospermii

2. disease diagnosis

3. Treatment piospermii

One of the most important indicators of the health of the reproductive system of men is a quantitative andthe qualitative composition of the seminal fluid.But there are cases when semen analysis shows an increased content of white blood cells, microorganisms and decaying cells in the ejaculate.Those present in the semen dead leukocytes indicate piospermiyu, which is a sign of a serious inflammatory disease, flowing in the male urogenital system.

Piospermiya always a consequence of inflammation in the genitourinary system, which causes the appearance of pus in the semen of impurities.This seminal fluid has a very unpleasant smell and a specific greenish-yellow or grayish-green color.

Change sperm quality is the primary external symptom piospermii.The source of festering impurities may be different departments genitals - epididymis, urethra, seminal vesicles, the prostate gland.Reasons piospermii can be very

diverse, but they share one thing - the toxins secreted by microorganisms have on the quality of sperm a very negative impact, increasing the number of pathological forms and disrupting sperm motility, so often it turns out that pregnancy and piospermiya completely incompatible concepts.piospermii treatment is carried out only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

reasons piospermii

appearance of pus in the semen can cause inflammation of the specific or unspecific character occurring in the urogenital system of men.

advanced stage of urethritis, orchitis, vesiculitis, prostatitis, epididymitis and other diseases that result in the formation of pus in the ejaculate - are the most common causes of piospermii.For example, when vesicle infection of the back of the urethra ingested through the mouth of the ejaculatory duct in the seminal vesicle.Before the appearance of other symptoms, chronic piospermiya may be the only symptom of the disease.

piospermii often causes lie in such a serious disease, such as tuberculosis of the prostate or testicles.

Such inflammation is rarely manifest themselves only piospermiey, and are accompanied by, as a rule, with additional consequences of the disease - sastenozospermiey, haematospermia, oligospermia or Teratozoospermia.

piospermiya Although it is not always the result of diseases of viral and bacterial nature, it is always significantly violates sperm performance.Inflammatory and infectious factors significantly damage the quality of sperm, reducing sperm motility and reducing their number and concentration.Also violated the morphological parameters of spermatozoa, so piospermiya pregnancy and while they can be combined, it is highly undesirable, because purulent inclusion in the sperm, especially with infectious or viral nature may provoke pathology of fetal development and have a very negative effect on the course of pregnancy.

In addition, common, so-called false piospermiya in which pus is not formed in the process of spermogeneza and enters the sperm as a result of its passage through the urethra or the seed channel.

Possibility of purulent impurities in the ejaculate can assume the presence of a man of such symptoms:

  • pelvic pain;
  • painful erection;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • swelling in the groin area;
  • symptoms of intoxication;
  • swelling of the scrotum;
  • pain during ejaculation or mochespuskanii.

disease diagnosis

piospermiya Because is not an independent disease, but merely a symptom of the inflammatory process, there should be a comprehensive examination.To start, you need to see a specialist - a urologist or andrologist.The second diagnostic step is semen.Visit the doctor and the results of semen analysis will accurately establish the presence of pus in the semen, and will help to qualitatively evaluate male fertility.

If the analysis showed that piospermiya yet identified, will need to undergo additional laboratory and instrumental examination to determine the cause dysfunction of organs and identify the source piospermii.

such research methods can be assigned:

  • sperm seed to normal flora;
  • testing for the possible presence of diseases that are transmitted sexually;
  • ultrasound urinary organs;
  • sperm crop on sensitivity to antibiotics.

inflammatory processes in the genital organs are uncommon cause of disorders of male fertility, so piospermiya and pregnancy may well be interconnected.Conception at piospermii may occur, but such a diagnosis - it is always a risk to normal pregnancy

Treatment piospermii

Features piospermii treatment depend entirely on the diagnosis.The main goal of therapy is the complete elimination of localized inflammation and further symptomatic treatment.

Medical science does not stand still, and offers effective modern methods of treatment.piospermii Treatment begins with the appointment of drugs -. antibiotics, immunomodulators, antifungal agents, vitamins, herbal drugs that enhance the activity of sperm, etc. This means the prevention of viral infections of the genitourinary system, like ozone, are also often used in piospermii, for the normalization of male fertility activity.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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