Pyelonephritis and acute pyelonephritis - causes, treatment


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5. pyelonephritis in children

6. pyelonephritis during pregnancy

This kidney disease has an inflammatory nature.In most cases, the reason for its development are microorganisms that under adverse conditions begin to lead an active life activity.

pyelonephritis The danger is that it is often completely asymptomatic for, so there is a frivolous attitude to the disease.Special attention is required pyelonephritis during pregnancy, because the consequences of its course is very dangerous for both the woman and the child.

disease types

Depending on the current distinguish acute and chronic type of the disease.In acute pyelonephritis has been a sharp rise in temperature to 39-40 ° C, accompanied by profuse sweating, headache, general weakness of the body, in some cases, nausea and vomiting.

Among the symptoms of acute pyelonephritis isolated pain in the lumbar region, which is most often loca

lized on one side and have different intensities.Additionally it noted high blood of nitrogenous wastes, and pus in the urine, red blood cells, bacteria and proteins.

development of chronic pyelonephritis occurs due to insufficient treatment of acute pyelonephritis, when there were completely destroyed by pathogens, or has not been restored normal flow of urine from the kidney.

Causes of pyelonephritis

By risk group for the disease include:

- children up to 7 years in certain anatomical features of development;

- elderly men suffering from BPH (prostate);

- girls aged 18 to 30 years (onset of sexual activity, pyelonephritis in pregnancy and childbirth).

Another reason could be the development of pyelonephritis urolithiasis or frequent bouts of biliary colic.Quite often, the disease occurs in the presence of salts / kidney stones.

of pyelonephritis may contribute to the reduction of the protective functions of the body (low immunity), diabetes, frequent hypothermia and chronic inflammatory nature of the disease.

Diagnosis Diagnosis of the disease in most cases is not difficult.Primarily specialists perform urinalysis that it can detect an increased growth of bacteria or amount of protein and leukocytes.

the diagnosis of pyelonephritis is important to know whether the previously transferred acute purulent process and whether there is a history of chronic disease.For this disease is characterized by fever, accompanied by frequent and painful urination.

Conducting survey radiographs can detect an increase in the kidneys, often increase the amount of only one of them.Another procedure for the diagnosis of this disease is an excretory urography.

Treatment Treatment of acute pyelonephritis based on antibiotics or chemical antibacterial agents, by means of which have an impact on the causative agent, and increases immunity.It plays an important role and a special diet with pyelonephritis.

In acute pyelonephritis, treatment should be selected taking into account the sensitivity of the urine microflora.This will in the short term to eliminate the existing inflammatory process and not allow it to pass in purulent-destructive form.

Therapy secondary pyelonephritis is primarily based on the kidney massage.In order to restore the flow of urine is necessary surgery, it may be the removal of adenomas, kidney stones and urinary tract infections, urethral plastic / UPJ.

Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis type takes a longer period of time (at least one year) and requires more attention.Initially, the antibacterial treatment lasts 6-8 weeks, then conducting intermittent use is recommended.

course Passage of the treatment of acute pyelonephritis should be accompanied by intake of various drugs, the effect of which is aimed at increasing immunity.Experts recommend the passage of therapy regularly take various kidney charges of medicinal herbs.

diet requires special attention in pyelonephritis, which is adjusted individually for each case.It is tailored to the type of disease (acute, chronic).Usually, pyelonephritis diet includes the use of herbal concoctions, stewed fruits, natural juices.From vegetables it is recommended to use those that have a diuretic effect - it squashes, watermelons, melons.

pyelonephritis in children

In children, the disease is one of the most common, and it is the second largest after the viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract.Most often, pyelonephritis occur in children during the first 5 years of life, the cause of which serve a variety of bacterial infections.

in the urine of children do not contain antimicrobial agents, and the experts are paying attention to the fact that up to 5 years old children are not able to completely empty your bladder.Causes of pyelonephritis in children can serve as intrauterine infection, tonsillitis, or carious teeth.

acute pyelonephritis in children Treatment includes medication and physical therapy sessions.hygienic measures is recommended daily.In the selection of medication it is recommended to give preference to such forms as suspensions and syrups.

Diet pyelonephritis is also a component of complex therapy.It includes products limit consumption, in which the protein and sodium (salt) are in an excess amount.Diet for pyelonephritis in children may also include receiving weakly alkaline mineral water.

pyelonephritis during pregnancy

main cause of pyelonephritis during pregnancy is a compression of organs due to increased size of the uterus, which reaches its maximum size in the second half of pregnancy.

Besides the development of this disease may be due to hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman.Changing the ratio of hormones affect the motility of the ureter, leading to obstruction of urine.When pregnancy pyelonephritis often develops in women who have previously been ill with it or cystitis.

Complications of pyelonephritis in pregnancy:

- miscarriage / preterm labor;

- intrauterine fetal death;

- infection of the fetus;

- increased blood pressure;

- swelling;

- renal failure.

When diagnosing this disease during pregnancy in the hospital held a deviation of the uterus (the pregnant woman lies on her side and the foot end of the bed is raised).This reduces the pressure on the uterus ureters.In the event that during the day is not marked improvements carried ultrasound procedure and based on its results of ureteral catheterization.

Drug treatment of acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy rarely appointed as the main group of drugs in this case comprise antibiotics, and they may harm the fetus.In this case, absolutely contraindicated antibiotics of streptomycin and tetracycline.Preference is given to ampicillin, erythromycin and Tseporinu.The course of antibiotic treatment is not more than 2 weeks, and should only be assigned to a specialist.

the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis diet is mandatory, while drawing attention to the way of life and women.


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