Dandruff - treatment , an effective folk remedies


1. types of dandruff

2. Causes

3. Factors that increase the likelihood of dandruff

4. Treating dandruff

5. People's treatment of dandruff

This chronic skin disease of the head is quite common.Its main symptoms - feeling of itching and white flakes on the head.Despite the fact that dandruff is not a disease dangerous to human health, its presence significantly reduces the quality of life.

types of dandruff

Selection of treatment for dandruff depends on its type.Depending on the intensity salootdelenie distinguish dry and greasy dandruff.

1. Dry dandruff.

This type of dandruff occurs with increased dryness of the skin of the head.Dry dandruff is small flakes, is easily separated from the skin and creating the effect of powdered.In this case, most of dandruff covers the frontal and parietal region of the head.

2. Oily dandruff.

Increased sebum secretion leads to the appearance of oily dandruff.In this case, the larger flake sizes and can stick together, resulting

in difficulty of removal from the hair.The appearance of this type of dandruff is accompanied by a feeling of itching and plugging the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands.


To chosen to treat dandruff remedy to be effective, you must first find out the reason of its occurrence.

Dandruff can occur as a result of nervous strain, sudden weight loss, metabolic disorders, disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract).In addition, the cause of the disease can be lack of vitamins A and B, or the wrong hair care (unsuitable cleaning products, over-drying of the scalp).

dandruff is often associated with the abuse of different gels, varnishes and hair painting, and the influence and frequent blow-drying / cold weather.That is why it is believed that dandruff - it is not an independent disease, but a manifestation of violations occurring in the body.

addition to external factors, the cause of dandruff can be a pathogenic fungus that is part of the microflora of the skin of each person.In healthy people, it does not manifest itself in any way, but any deviations in the organism fungus is activated and leads to dandruff.

Normal cycle time of skin cells of the month, with dandruff, it is reduced to one week.This in turn leads to the formation of a plurality of scales, in which the end of the week there is complete dehydration.

appearance of white flakes can be a symptom not only dandruff, but also in other diseases, such as psoriasis, tinea versicolor or seborrhea (seborrheic dermatitis).That is why the selection of tools from dandruff should be carried out by dermatologists / trichologist based diagnostic studies.

Factors that increase the likelihood of dandruff

Despite the fact that dandruff can appear in almost every one of us, there are groups of people are more prone to this disease:

- from youth to middle age (dandruff in children and olderage is not typical);

- experts came to the conclusion that men have dandruff appears more often than women, in all probability, this is due either to the male sex hormones, or with an increased number of sebaceous glands;

- for oily scalp creates favorable conditions for the revitalization of the fungus;

- with not enough zinc, vitamin A and unsaturated fats in the diet increased the risk of dandruff;

- immunodeficiency, neurological disease, stress (heart attack, stroke) often leads to dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis.

Treating dandruff

There is a popular treatment for dandruff and medicated.Most often dermatologists prescribed for the treatment of dandruff keratolytic agents which scales exfoliate the stratum corneum.For this purpose, most commonly used 10% sulfuric ointment: it is necessary to rub it into the skin of the head for a few days.

If you have oily type of dandruff, for getting rid of it is recommended to treat the skin of the head cover 60% sodium thiosulfate, 2% salicylic ointment, alcohol solution or sulsenovogo Naftalan oil paste.

In the treatment of dandruff one of the important components is the normalization of the diet: should avoid spicy, fatty, fried, sweet.These limitations stem from the fact that these products accelerate fat synthesis.

In the dry type of dandruff is necessary to restore water balance in the body: during the day to drink more than usual amount of water (plain purified, mineral, melt, spring).This will rid the skin of the head from drying.

include physiotherapy treatments for dandruff isolated Cryomassage conducted using liquid nitrogen.As a result of this procedure initially it occurs vasoconstriction, and then expanding the capillaries, leading to improved nutrition of the hair follicles.

Another such method is darsonvalization the skin of the scalp (skin exposure to electric currents).It is recommended prior to treatment with keratolytic agents.This procedure has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, absorbing and cauterizing effect.

People dandruff treatment

Remedies for Dandruff herbal quite effective in the treatment.Dandruff Treatment folk remedies depends on the type and cause.

Recipes folk remedies for dandruff greasy type:

  • lubrication of the skin alcohol-setting calendula (2 -3 times a week), it is recommended after applying the wrap head with a towel and leave for half an hour.After the specified time tincture is washed off with warm water.
  • Rubbing in the skin of the head of tincture of nettles at least 2 times a week for 2 months.To prepare you need to take a tablespoon of chopped nettles and pour her a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for a day.This procedure is recommended before going to bed without washing the infusion.
  • hair blur from the roots to the tips of fermented milk products (yogurt, whey, yogurt).Washed off the mask in half an hour in advance prepared with warm water and mustard (1 liter of water + tablespoon dry mustard).

Another way of national treatment of dandruff is the use of burdock oil.It can be bought at a pharmacy or make yourself at home.The process of preparation is as follows: Pour a tablespoon of crushed roots of burdock cup of vegetable oil and mix, then leave to infuse the prepared mixture in a dark place for 2 weeks, and strain before application.Apply burdock oil you need an hour 2 - 3 times a week before washing the head for 3 months.

Recipes folk remedies for dry type of dandruff:

  • Mix two egg yolks with 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil and rum.On wet hair, apply the prepared mixture and leave for an hour.After a specified time, rinse with warm water.
  • on clean hair 2 - 3 times a week, apply a vegetable oil (not animal) or petroleum jelly.
  • Before going to sleep in the skin it is recommended to rub infusion of mother and stepmother, for the preparation of which must be filled with one tablespoon of herbs cup of boiling water and infuse.


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