Periostitis - causes, symptoms, treatment


1. cause and development of disease

2. Classification of periodontitis jaw.

3. Acute periostitis

4. Treatment of diseases

periodontitis, or flux, called inflammation of the periosteum.As a result of the inflammatory process is developing several teeth abscess jaw.

causes and development of diseases

most common cause of the beginning of the periostitis of the jaw is dental disease.If inflammation of the teeth is not timely cured, the infection penetrates into the jaw.

Pathogens can also get into the jaw of the wounds with a broken jaw or soft tissue damage to the oral cavity.

Sometimes a tooth abscess may be a complication after its removal.Typically, this happens if you do not comply with the recommendation of the dentist after surgery.

Children tooth abscess is the result of getting an infection through the lymphatic or blood system in the presence of chronic (sore throat, tonsillitis) or infectious diseases.

factors that provoke the development of dental periost

itis, referred to low immunity, stress, exposure to cold.

first symptom of periodontitis is tooth pain in the affected tooth.This forms a soft tissue swelling around him.Gradually, in the absence of treatment, under the periosteum begins to form an abscess.Edema is significantly increased in size.Its position depends on the location of the affected tooth.The swelling can spread to the lips, neck, eyes.With the increase in swelling and increased pain.In this step, periostitis jaw body temperature can rise to 39 ° C.Sometimes an abscess (purulent inflammation of tissue) is opened through the oral mucosa.After this diminish the pain, but the jaw abscess fails.

Classification of periodontitis jaw.

simple abscess.It is an inflammation of the periosteum without the intervention of bacteria.This kind of disease is most often due to injury or a fracture of the jaw bone.The patient station swollen, red.

periostitis ossificans jaw.Formed as a result of constant irritation of the periosteum, it is characterized by a chronic course.Layers periosteum proliferate, which is accompanied by inflammation of the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Fibrous abscess.The reason is periosteal irritation over time.Grows fibrous tissue forms a thickening of the periosteum (periosteum).

purulent abscess.Formed as a result of infection through contact with the affected tooth or blood vessels.This type of jaw periodontitis occurs in acute form with the formation of an abscess.

Acute periostitis

The following forms of acute periodontitis.

serous periostitis.In this form of the disease develops within 1-3 days and is accompanied by swelling of the soft tissues.Localization of periodontitis depends on the location of the tooth of the patient, and the magnitude of swelling - the structure of the blood vessels of the periosteum.Serous form of acute periostitis usually starts after an injury or fracture.The inflammatory process is short-lived, but sometimes contributes to the deposition of calcium salts, and the appearance of bone tumors.In addition, it can be the cause of fibrous growths.

purulent abscess acute form.The most common symptom of this form of the disease - strong, pulsating pain.This pain often spreads to the temple, eye, ear.It is significant that the applied heat only increases the pain, cold - decreases.Appears redness and swelling of the mucous membrane.In this form of acute periodontitis can be fairly high body temperature.The symptoms are worse with the accumulation of pus.The cause of acute purulent forms of periodontitis are diseases of the teeth, trauma, open fractures.

diffuse periostitis.This form is characterized by an acute periodontitis toothache high intensity, symptoms of intoxication of the whole organism.The patient feels very weak, his body temperature rises to 38 ° C.Harder flows diffuse form of acute periostitis of the mandible than the top.The inflammatory process is localized based on the location of the patient's tooth.With the defeat of the upper incisors cover the swelling of the upper lip and nose.If patients are upper canines, and premolars (small molars), pus is formed in the periosteum.In case of defeat molars (back molars), the inflammatory process is formed in the upper part of the cheek close to the ears and cheeks.If suffer mandibular premolars, swelling is formed at the bottom cheek.

Treatment of diseases

periostitis choice of method of treatment depends on the course of the process of the disease and its severity.In acute serous periostitis tooth nerve was removed and the exposed wound is washed with solutions of antibiotics and antiseptics.In the treatment of periodontitis in acute purulent form of complementary therapy physiotherapy.If you need an active anti-inflammatory therapy, the patient is prescribed antibiotics.During the chronic periodontitis remove an aching tooth.

periostitis General treatment includes the use of antibiotics, antiallergic drugs, reinforcing agents in the form of calcium and vitamins.

With proper therapy has 3-5 day recovery occurs.If you do not conduct timely treatment of periodontitis can be severe complications.Thus, the gum can form a fistula, or penetration of pus in the surrounding tissue can cause the formation of abscess or cellulitis (acute purulent generalized inflammation).

Periostitis tooth or jaw - quite a serious illness that can have serious consequences not only for the teeth and gums, but also for the whole body.Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease should contact a dentist and begin treatment.


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