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broken toe- fairly frequent injury, as you have quite a big load of your body weight on your toes.

In most cases, this damage traumatic nature that occurs when tucking his feet under compression or bounce on the fingers.Such trauma can be obtained even in the house, after hitting the corner or furniture.

In addition, there are pathological fractures of the toes, which are the result of the negative effects of some diseases, which reduce the strength of the bone tissue.Such diseases include osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, hyperparathyroidism and others.The most common foot injury - a broken big toe.


broken toe can be closed and open, without bias and with bias, complete and incomplete.At the place of localization of the injury can be on the nail, the middle, the main phalanx or be combined.

With an open fracture of the bone fragments torn muscles, ligament

s and skin, resulting in post injury with the external environment.Pathologic fractures are open only in rare cases.

anatomical structure toes causes easy breaking in several places.This localization of the injury determines the finger fracture symptoms legs.

Symptoms finger fracture leg

This type of injury is relative and absolute indications.Relative symptoms toe fracture allow to prevent the possibility of injury, and the absolute point exactly at the turning point.

For relative grounds include intense and sharp pain, worse when trying to movement dysfunction of limbs, swelling of the damaged finger, bleeding under the skin or nail.

Among the symptoms of absolute fracture of his toe abnormal mobility, unnatural position, crepitus in injury localization, that is, the pressure-sensitive characteristic is heard crunching bone fragments.

relative signs are always present in one way or another.Their intensity depends on the localization of the injury.For example, at the turn of the distal phalanx of toe pain are less pronounced compared to the damage to the main phalanx of connecting to the foot bones.

When fractures occur vascular damage, the size of which varies at the base of the finger and around the nail, so the swelling and bruising at the turn of the proximal phalanx is much more than an injury of the distal edge of the finger.

fracture any fingers except the thumb, it can not even be seen immediately affected.Trauma is detected only with an increase in pain.

fracture great toe a few stands out among other similar damage to the toes and has more severe symptoms.This finger is larger and consists of two phalanges, rather than three as others.In addition, he is experiencing a greater load than the other during walking.Therefore fracture of the big toe is characterized sharp, intense pain, which does not occur on the affected leg.This swelling of the foot and extends to the neighboring fingers, the skin on the leg becomes cyanotic shade, foot swells.

Diagnosis To diagnose this injury, as with any fracture, it is necessary X-ray study.Even with the relative and absolute signs of external examination does not guarantee an accurate diagnosis.


toe fracture Upon receipt of this injury it is necessary to provide first aid to the victim.To relieve the pain and swelling of the growing need to apply cold to the injured finger, and then to immobilize the injured limb impose bus.These measures will help to avoid further complications and partially remove the pain of the victim.The toes are no major arteries, so open fracture does not lead to severe bleeding.After that you should not take any independent action, you need as quickly as possible to address to the doctor-traumatologist.

Regimen toe fracture depends on the nature of the damage.If it is an open fracture, the required measures to reposition the bone fragments and immobilization of a limb complement antibiotic therapy to prevent secondary infection.

Simple fractures of the toes, except for a large, can be treated without the imposition of the cast.It is enough that a broken finger splint for a period of 4 to 7 weeks.To remove the pain is recommended to use orthopedic shoes or shoes with hard soles.At the turn of the big toe is required imposition of plaster bandage from the toes to the upper third of the leg for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Treatment of toe fracture when intra-articular injuries often require surgery, which is performed at open reduction, intraarticular fixation with the use of special needles and, in some cases, the imposition of compression-distraction devices.After this treatment restores full functionality of fingers in 2 months.

To speed up the recovery process and the regeneration of bone tissue, as with any fracture, it is recommended to carry out restorative treatment, including physical therapy and a diet high in protein and calcium.It is also possible the use of biologically active additives to food, stimulating collagen synthesis.


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