Fracture of the coccyx - symptoms, treatment , consequences


1. reasons

2. classification of fractures of the coccyx

3. Symptoms of a fracture of the coccyx

4. Diagnostics

5. Treatment of coccyx fracture

6. Consequences of fracture of the coccyx

coccyx fracture is a violation of the integrity of the coccyx bone under the influence of mechanical force.Typically such a fracture can be found in the elderly and in women, as they have a wider structure pelvis than men.In rare cases, injuries of this nature are the athletes and racing drivers.This fracture of the coccyx - this is quite rare, and most patients are observed perelomovyvihi.


Since fracture of the coccyx, usually occurs in the elderly and young children, we can say that this disease is associated with age-related features of the spine.In children, the bones are just beginning to take shape, and the ligaments and muscular frame is still fragile so fractures in children are more common than in adults.In old age, the content of calcium in the body decreases,

due to which the bones become more fragile.

So, causes tailbone fracture can be:

  • fall on the buttocks from a great height;
  • set of bumps in the transport and solid seats;
  • a direct blow to the tail bone in an accident;
  • injuries of athletes;
  • passage of a large fetus through the birth canal;
  • weakness muscular system;
  • brittle bones.

classification of fractures of the coccyx

Depending on the causes and circumstances of the coccyx injuries are fractures with displacement or without it.

In addition, a fracture can be open or closed, but the second option is much more common because of certain structural features of this part of the body.Open fractures are in an accident, when the operation force is very high.

Symptoms of a fracture of the coccyx

coccyx fracture is accompanied by a variety of symptoms.After the trauma the person feels intense pain in the coccyx, which does not allow him to sit in the correct position and is exacerbated when walking and sharp movements.The pain usually increases with change in body position, coughing, and sexual intercourse.In addition, the patient begins to experience severe difficulties with defecation.

10 minutes later after the damage to the fracture site appear swelling and bruising, which usually do not go for a long time.For outdoor palpation of the coccyx can be seen its abnormal mobility.In some cases, this symptom appears coccyx fracture, a sharp shooting pain in his leg.

If you after a severe trauma found at least one of the symptoms of coccyx fracture, better as soon as possible to consult a surgeon.Damage to coccyx - this is quite a complicated injury and untimely to see a doctor of her treatment is delayed for several months.


All symptoms of coccyx fracture require differential diagnosis, and for this it is necessary to hold the vaginal or rectal examination, which will reveal the presence of damage.To confirm the diagnosis of fracture do X-rays, and to assess the state of the surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels - MR.

Treatment of coccyx fracture

scheme coccyx fracture treatment depends on the type of damage, as well as the presence of the offset and its value.Also taken into consideration the overall condition of the patient, presence of comorbidities and complications development.

Conservative treatment of coccyx fracture is aimed primarily at eliminating the pain.The patient is prescribed analgesics (pain syndrome in a strong over several days painkillers punctured and then transferred to a tablet).The intense pain usually disappears after 5-7 days after starting treatment.If the skin is not damaged, the doctor may prescribe the use of ointments.With an open fracture in the formation of a fistula or the injury in any case not be treated with ointment.

In the first days after the injury the patient must comply with strict bed rest.This lie is permitted only on the abdomen.To prevent the formation of pressure ulcers, patient periodically need to turn on your back by placing a rubber circle tailbone.At the turn of defecation few days should be carried out only by means of enemas, in order to avoid the risk of displacement of the coccyx bone.

Surgical treatment of coccyx fracture (partial removal) is prescribed for the wrong accretion coccyx segments in the case of a strong bias fragment, with long-term pain syndrome, as well as when there are problems with defecation due to excessive compression of the pelvic organs.

After removing the acute condition (it usually takes 2 - 4 weeks), the doctor prescribes rehabilitation activities such as massage, physiotherapy, hirudotherapy, elektroanalgiziyu, LFK.To the body was able to quickly restore damaged tissue, it is recommended to use special drugs and supplements containing calcium, vitamins and collagen, due to which bone will grow together better.Also important is a complete and balanced diet - it is useful to eat foods rich in fiber and calcium.

During the rehabilitation period the patient has to take care of the coccyx and avoid trigger factors such as exercise, weight lifting and cycling.In addition, after the injury to the patient will be very uncomfortable to sit.To facilitate this process, you need to sit on a special lining or a small pillow.This weight should carry the one, then the other buttock.In no case can not be too soft to sit on the surface, as this will only increase the pressure on the coccyx.

Consequences of fracture of the coccyx

Compared with injuries to other parts of the body, a fracture of the coccyx does not have a strong influence on the function of the body, if the first time after the injury the patient is at rest.The consequence can be a fracture of the coccyx bone incorrect splicing, which in turn leads to constipation.In this case, doctors recommend surgery.

at the fracture site can be formed callus, and joint damage - salt deposits.Because of this, a few years later in this part of the spine may develop stiffness.This is reflected in the fact that, after long sitting or sudden movements of the patient can be confusing pain.Over time, such a consequence of the coccyx fracture passes itself or after several courses of physiotherapy and physical treatments.

consequences of fracture of the coccyx, or rather, its surgical removal may be a hematoma, abscess, fistulas long pass or problems with bowel movements because of damage ligamentous apparatus of the rectum.


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