Inguinal adenopathy - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. Causes

2. Symptoms of inguinal lymphadenitis

3. Diagnostics

4. Treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis

5. Complications of inguinallymphadenitis

bubonadenitis - a type of inflammation of the lymph nodes, indicating the presence in the body of any infection.In most cases, the disease is secondary and occurs when there is inflammation in any area of ​​the human body.Often bubonadenitis men and women indicates the presence of a sexually transmitted disease.

In rare cases, a primary inflammation of the lymph nodes, which is caused by the penetration of the lymph nodes of pathogens through the damage of the dermis or mucous membranes.


bubonadenitis in women's and men's develops due to infection of the inguinal lymph nodes by various microorganisms.The most common causative agents of diseases are streptococci, staphylococci, various types of diplococci, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas.As a result

inflammatory cell accumulation at the site of the detection rea

ction is a direct microorganism swollen lymph nodes in the groin area.The most common microorganisms enter the lymph nodes via the lymphatic vessels with lymph from the current area of ​​the body that was initially infected.This can be inflamed wound on the surface of the skin, boils, purulent-necrotic inflammation of the follicle.

Also, the infection can spread through the bloodstream, it takes place at the location of the source of infection in the internal organs.Less likely pathogen is transmitted by contact, direct contact with the lymph node tissue and infectious material.Contact microbes in lymph node tissue and possible damage or injury.

Once in the lymph nodes, food poisoning pathogen of life surrounding tissue, causing inflammation, which can develop into a purulent fusion of tissues.Tissue surrounding lymph node, undergo serous inflammation, which can turn into a purulent.

reason inguinal lymphadenitis in men may be a metastasis of malignant tumors of the testicles and penis.Women bubonadenitis - one of the signs of ovarian cysts.In addition, the disease may be caused by syphilis and other diseases, sexually transmitted fungal infections, inflammation of the nail bed with ingrown nails, etc.

Symptoms of inguinal lymphadenitis

disease is accompanied by the following symptoms:

- lymph nodes in the groin area are condensed and increased;

- increases the overall temperature of the body, the patient feels weakness and malaise;

- redden the skin in the area of ​​inflamed lymph nodes;

- in the groin and lower abdomen while walking and physical activity appear painful.

Sometimes bubonadenitis spread to other lymph nodes.If there is inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin area is necessary as soon as possible address to the therapist.


In normal lymph nodes are soft, painless, with normal physique them often, if not impossible, to probe.

For diagnosis doctor conducts an external examination of lymph nodes in the groin, to install all the signs of the disease.After that it addressed the issue of laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods.

Most often, for the correct diagnosis of the disease requires a complete blood count.If you suspect the presence of neoplastic processes may conduct a biopsy of affected lymph nodes, on the basis of which the results, conduct further histological studies.

Treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis

Before you start treatment inguinal lymphadenitis, it is necessary to find out the exact reason for its occurrence.Sometimes, after the removal of the inflammatory focus of infectious or process, for example, in the case of sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of lymph nodes runs independently.

If the source of the disease can not be established, usually given local radiotherapy, as well as preparations for the general strengthening of the lymphatic system.Until recently, for the treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis used radical methods, which included the removal of affected lymph nodes surgically.Modern medicine rejects this method, since such an operation could negatively affect the process of lymph drainage.

In the initial stages of the disease it is important to ensure patient comfort and warmth at the same time directly to warm himself inflamed node is not valid.Used such methods of physiotherapy treatment, as exposure to ultrasound, galvanization, iontophoresis.anti-inflammatory ointment for topical application can be assigned.

In the case of a proven infectious cause of disease prescribe antibiotics certain group, depending on the type of pathogen.If the results of the biopsy found a benign or malignant tumor process, the patient may be given a comprehensive chemotherapy and radiation.

purulent lymphadenitis requires surgical drainage festering cavity.This procedure should be carried out under sterile conditions to avoid secondary infections.After the procedure, be sure to conduct regular treatment and bandaging wounds.

Complications bubonadenitis

In the absence of a proper and timely treatment, the disease can cause the development of cutaneous abscess, meningitis, encephalitis, osteomyelitis, and sepsis.


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