Periodontal disease - symptoms , treatment of folk remedies


1. Symptoms of periodontal disease

2. Treatment of diseases

3. Treatment of periodontal disease in the home

Periodontal disease - a non-inflammatory disease of periodontal tissue (the setfabrics forming the tooth supporting apparatus), which is accompanied by atrophy gums, reduction of bone mass and periodontal fibers.

Periodontal disease refers to a not very common periodontal disease, it is about 2% of all these pathologies.But at the same time, the disease is "younger".If earlier periodontal disease was typical of older people, it is now increasingly common in younger.

unambiguous cause of the disease has not been established.But there are many causes that trigger the development of periodontal disease.

most often attributed to them tartar.Stones put pressure on the gums, causing it to become inflamed and starts to flake off from the tooth.Near the tooth forms a channel in which pus accumulates.On the gums appear ulcer.

In addition, the cause of development of peri

odontal disease can be a chronic disease - diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, digestive systems.

specialists observe and genetic predisposition to periodontal disease.

Symptoms of periodontal disease

Symptoms of periodontal disease depends on the extent of the disease development.

Mild disease its symptoms are virtually absent.Atrophy (decrease in weight and volume) and the connective tissue of the gums occurs gradually.After some time, there is exposure of the tooth necks.Patients teeth become sensitive to cold or heat, sweet or acidic foods.Although at this stage of the disease no pain, bone tissue is already beginning to crumble.

Gradually the symptoms of periodontal disease is added to a small tooth mobility.This is due to the fact that the bone atrophy reaches half the height of the teeth roots.Then, a fan-shaped divergence front teeth and gums outcrop.At this stage of periodontal disease is significantly increased tooth sensitivity to temperature variations and different stimuli.The destruction of the bone reaches half the tooth height, its hardening begins (formation of connective tissue).

Symptoms of periodontal disease in the severe degree of exposure of the roots of teeth are 6-8 mm.As a result of the disappearance of the gingival margin between the teeth significantly increased interdental gap.The discrepancy between the teeth, change their position and inclination leads to a change in the bite.Teeth have greater mobility, which often requires their removal.

In addition, patients with periodontitis note metabolic disorder, exacerbation of diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.


Treatment of periodontitis Treatment starts with the establishment of the reasons that caused the disease.To this end, the patient should consult a physician, endocrinologist and other specialists, as periodontal disease can be triggered by systemic diseases.After normalization of the body, treatment of periodontal disease has been a dentist.Combined therapy aimed at arresting the development of the disease, tooth retention, normalization functions dentoalveolar apparatus.

Treatment of periodontal disease includes many methods:

  • caries treatment and removal of tartar;
  • activation of local blood circulation gums with the help of physical therapy and massage;
  • occupational health gums and mucosa of the mouth with the help of special pastes and gels;
  • orthopedic techniques, including full dentures and replacement of teeth;
  • drug therapy - hormonal, immune-boosting, vitamin preparations.

in periodontal disease therapy proven effective physical therapy techniques that can significantly enhance the metabolism and blood flow in the affected gums.

to stimulate blood flow, stopping the inflammatory and purulent processes in gingival tissues used tube-quartz (short-wave ultraviolet radiation).In order to "transportation" of vitamins through electric current is used in the treatment of periodontal disease electrophoresis.To speed up the metabolism and cell regeneration processes using ultrasound therapy.

most commonly in the treatment of severe periodontal disease have resorted to surgery.For gum regeneration materials used for transplantation and special equipment.

Treatment of periodontal disease in the home

There are many recipes for the treatment of periodontal disease folk remedies.In addition, these same techniques can be used for prevention in the case of chronic disease course.Here are some of them.

1.Smeshat teaspoon of garlic and a teaspoon of green tea, pour a glass of boiling water.20 minutes to insist, then strain.Rinse your mouth for 5-10 minutes immediately after brushing.Continue for two weeks.

2. In the treatment of periodontitis folk medicine propolis is used effectively.In a glass of water is added twenty drops of alcoholic propolis extract 10-15%.Rinse your mouth in the morning and evening for two weeks.

3.Lechenie periodontal disease at home is well supplemented with fir oil.To do this, swab or cotton bandage moistened fir oil, and for 10-20 minutes the patient is applied to the gums or tooth.The course consists of 15-20 applications, repeated after six months.Care must be taken to prevent burns of the mucous membrane.

4.Pomozhet in getting rid of periodontal disease folk remedies ordinary garlic.Two weeks to strengthen their gums rubbed with garlic cloves.

5.Suschestvuet old recipe treatment of periodontal disease in the home, which is used for bleeding gums.A tablespoon of onion peel mixed with two tablespoons of rose hips and five tablespoons of pine needles.The mixture is poured 1.5 liters of boiling water and boil for five minutes.The resulting broth drink for a day in the form of heat.

6. When the treatment of periodontal disease folk remedies has proven himself the following recipe.Cup of boiling water pour a teaspoon of oak bark.Hour insist, filter.Rinse the mouth three times a day for 2-3 minutes


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