Causes and symptoms of periodontal disease , treatment methods


1. symptoms

2. generalized periodontitis and symptoms of this form of the disease

3. Chronic periodontitis

4. Treatment of diseases

5.Treatment of periodontitis folk remedies

periodontitis - inflammation of periodontal tissues, in which the broken bone and ligament around the tooth.Periodontitis is a complex of tissues surrounding the tooth and keep it in a tooth hole.

Causes of periodontal disease are:

  • microbial factor - with inadequate oral hygiene products microorganisms affect mucosa and deeper tissues;
  • abnormal development of teeth and jaws - malocclusion curving teeth;
  • diseases of internal organs - vegetative dystonia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, allergic and autoimmune conditions, lack of vitamins;
  • substandard conduct dental procedures - filling defects, poor-quality prosthetics, restoration of teeth, trauma from wearing briquettes;
  • teeth injuries.


Symptoms of periodontitis depends on the stage o

f the disease.Their three - light, medium and heavy.

In mild stage of periodontal disease there is looseness, swelling of the gums.They bleed, become bluish tinge, loose fitting to the necks of the teeth.At this stage, periodontitis observed subgingival and supragingival calculus, and in the interdental spaces - subgingival recess in which dental plaque formed.

Symptoms of periodontal disease are inflammation of the middle stage, and atrophy of the gums, increased spacing between the teeth, intense accumulation of supragingival and subgingival calculus.In this case the depth of periodontal pockets increases to 5 mm.It appears another symptom of periodontitis - serous-purulent discharge.

latter stage of periodontal disease is characterized by severe attenuation or complete disappearance of symptoms.But this process involves inflammatory bone, which leads to a reduction of its density and bone atrophy.Significant worsening of periodontal tissue blood flow.As a result, damage to the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth, there is another symptom of periodontal disease - high mobility of the teeth.

generalized periodontitis and symptoms of this form of the disease

There are two forms of periodontitis - localized (focal), in which the affected parts of the periodontal and generalized periodontitis.

generalized periodontitis - a form of the disease in which the inflammatory process affects the tissue of both gums.This form is characterized by a chronic course with periods of exacerbation.

reason generalized periodontitis is called the appearance of the teeth plaque, which is the basis for the formation of supragingival tartar.On its surface pathogens actively proliferate, which contribute to inflammation in the gingival tissues.Inflammation develops faster in immunocompromised patients or in the case of oral tissue damage.

At the initial stage of development of generalized periodontitis in the gum area feels itchy and throbbing, there is bad breath.Yet another notable symptom of periodontal disease is the increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold.Also, there is mobility.Then, the gums become swollen and painful, begin to bleed.

In severe generalized periodontitis forms appear sharp pain, increased body temperature, there is a malaise, and weakness of the patient.In the mouth accumulates a lot of fat.Patients concerned about the pain of high intensity when the teeth touch.When launched generalized periodontitis teeth can move or even fall out.

Chronic periodontitis

Chronic periodontitis - a disease of periodontal tissues, has a chronic course with periodic exacerbations.The disease occurs more often and is aggravated due to late treatment of the patient to the doctor.

There are several reasons that lead to the development of chronic periodontitis.

Inadequate oral health care.Plaque, which is formed on the surface of the teeth, eventually turns into tartar.

Smoking is one of the factors that increase the risk of progression of periodontal disease in the chronic form.The constant presence of nicotine in the mouth helps to reduce the body's resistance and reproduction of bacteria.

Improper diet and lack of vitamins for a long time can also trigger the development of chronic periodontitis.

Taking certain medical devices.There are medications that trigger dry mouth, and decrease slyunoobrazovaniya.As a result, dental plaque is formed more rapidly.

Genetic predisposition to chronic periodontitis.In this case, even the proper care of the oral cavity and the teeth are not always able to prevent the occurrence of disease.

In chronic periodontitis gingival changes color, there are gaps between the teeth, pain, difficult chewing, possibly tooth loss.In the period of acute patient feels a sharp throbbing pain, weakness, sometimes purulent discharge on patients with tissue sections.

Treatment of diseases

At the beginning of the treatment of periodontal disease specialist removes dental deposits and mines the professional dental cleaning.As tartar beneath the gum may be, their removal is often carried out surgically.

In the treatment of periodontitis used anti-inflammatory and antiseptic preparations.They are used as a mouth trays, gels and rinses.Antiseptics and injected into the periodontal pockets.There NSAIDs as gels and pastes, which facilitates their introduction.

also often use stimulants tissue regeneration, which is applied topically.In the treatment of periodontitis prescribe vitamins, strengthens the vascular wall - Vitamin P (rutin), vitamin C.

In the acute phase of the disease used antibiotics.If necessary, the patient is prescribed antihistamines.

In the treatment of periodontitis successfully apply methods of physiotherapy.The most commonly used electrophoresis with painkillers and vitamin preparations, laser radiation, flyuktuorizatsiyu (treatment medium frequency currents), darsonvalization (therapeutic impulse currents).

For the treatment of severe periodontitis surgery is used.

periodontitis Treatment folk remedies Treatment of periodontitis

folk remedies involves the use of herbal decoctions and infusions mouthwash.Here are some of them.

1. Two tablespoons of Hypericum pour two cups of boiling water.Boil for five minutes into small fire, insist for 4 hours.Is used three times a day.

2. As periodontitis treatment folk remedies proved itself rinse the mouth with tincture from the leaves of the forest blackberry.

3. Two teaspoons of calendula flowers pour two cups of boiled water, 30 minutes.Use 4-5 times a day.

is important to remember that the methods of treatment of periodontitis folk remedies should only be used as adjunctive therapy in the early stages of the disease.Such procedures help to relieve the main symptoms of periodontitis, but effective treatment of the disease can only get in the dentist's office.


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