Lacunar cyst - Symptoms , treatment and removal


1. mechanism of cyst lacunar

2. Symptoms cyst lacunar

3. Complications

4. lacunar cyst removal

cyst lacunar- is one of the diseases of the urethra in women, representing a saccular cavity filled with a secret allocated lacunar glands and localized mainly near the mouth of the urethra, at least on the side or the rear wall of the channel.The prevalence of lacunar formations ranges from 2 to 8%.The most common disease faced by women of reproductive age (18-50 years).

Diagnosis and treatment of benign data is complicated by the fact that due to their narrow prevalence of urology and gynecology have sufficient experience in the treatment of this disorder.

mechanism of cyst lacunar

In the urethra localized set of lacunar glands.These glands are also known as the Skene's gland, named after the American scientist who studied in detail and described them in 1880.Secret secreted Skinievymi glands, is a protective barrier for the female urethra during intercourse.

If due to any reasons lacunar glands mouth is narrowed or completely blocked, the mucus produced by the gland begins to accumulate in the inner cavity of the prostate.Thus, under consideration is the formation of cysts.

In different periods of life, women tend Skinievy cancer undergo various changes.For example, during pregnancy they can hypertrophy, and after giving birth again to return to normal.In menopausal breast atrophy data.This explains the fact that this pathology is detected, usually in women of reproductive age.

Symptoms cyst lacunar

disease symptoms are similar to a number of other urological diseases.However, they may vary significantly for each individual case, and depend directly on the cyst size and stage of the disease at diagnosis.

early stage of the disease, characterized by infection with lacunar glands, manifested in various disorders of urination.A woman can be confusing for frequent and painful urination, and the presence of urethral discharge.

Over time, the existing symptoms can join pain during sexual intercourse and pelvic pain of a different nature.This is due to the fact that in the absence of treatment, the cyst is not reduced in size, but instead starts to rise.Develop chronic inflammation around a cyst.

In addition to these symptoms in patients may have clinical signs of disease, such as a foreign body sensation in the urethra, the admixture of pus in the urine, increased sensitivity, and seal in the Skene's glands.

However, from 2% to 20% of cases of this pathology are asymptomatic.This lacunar cyst diagnosed in patients during regular preventive gynecological or urological examination.


lacunar cyst is a kind of reservoir for microbial growth and accumulation of stagnant urine.It is not surprising that patients with this disorder also suffer from the lower genital tract infections.

presence of blood in the urine may indicate the presence of a tumor or stone within view education.

Inflamed cysts can lead to the development of purulent inflammation - abscess, which opening takes place in the urethra, so that there is protrusion of the urethral walls.

neoplastic and hyperplastic changes cystic areas are the result of chronic traumatic urethral mucosa.

known cases of carcinoma (cancer) in the range considered pathological formation.According to statistics, among all the cancerous lesions of the urethra up to 5% of cases occur in carcinoma provoked lacunar cyst.

lacunar cyst removal

In most cases, removal of the cyst lacunar - this is the only correct treatment of this disease.The use of laser and electrocautery is highly undesirable, as these methods are not able to completely eliminate the disease, and lead to a short-term relief of the patient condition.

aim of surgery lacunar cysts is complete resection of the pathological formation of the walls.

lacunar cyst surgery planning boils down to a detailed study of cystic formation and anatomical features of the patient.For a successful operation, the doctor must know exactly the size and location of education.

Surgery cyst lacunar threatening complications following:

- uretrovlagalischnyh fistula formation;

- the possibility of recurrence of the disease;

- urinary incontinence;

- urethral stricture;

- occurrence of recurrent urinary tract infections;

- urethral pain.

The severity of possible complications leads to the conclusion that an operation to remove a cyst lacunar must be carried out exclusively high quality specialist with practical experience in carrying out operations on the urethra.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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