Paraproctitis - treatment , recovery, effects


1. Acute abscess

2. Chronic abscess

3. Operation at paraproctitis

4. After paraproctitis

Paraproctitis - an inflammationtissue around the rectum, purulent and is divisible into two types: acute and chronic abscess abscess.paraproctitis arises as a result of several factors - from poor personal hygiene to the presence of other diseases rectal passage, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures and traumatic manipulation.

Any such damage can cause bacterial contamination, which later develop into abscess.Often, you can not reliably determine which type of bacteria caused inflammation.paraproctitis Treatment consists of surgery, admission bracing and antibiotics.

Acute abscess

Acute abscess is defined as new-onset, respectively, often in the most acute stage.It appears as a result of penetration of the infection into the subcutaneous space.Most often the damage pararectal cellular space, at least - retrorektalnogo.Also distinguish abscess on the lesion and ulcer location - fro

m the subcutaneous to the deep.The vast number of ulcer patients is on the boundary of the skin and mucous membranes.

The first signs of the appearance of acute abscess - strong sharp pain in the perineum and rectum that become sharper when driving or walking.Pronounced outward signs of the disease there.The next stage - fever, headache, chills, pain intensifies.Then intoxication can occur.

rate of development and severity of symptoms depend on the degree of infection.In particular, if the abscess is deep, located in the pelvic area, in the absence of a competent and hasty treatment of abscess disease can lead to death of the patient - especially when spontaneous breakthrough abscess in the abdominal cavity.

Chronic abscess

Chronic abscess develops as a result of spontaneous opening of the boil or abscess incorrect treatment, as well as incomplete.The anal canal is formed fistula due to incomplete and superficial scarring tissue.At the slightest damage to scar can disperse again, that provokes the formation of an abscess.Surgical intervention is needed immediately, as these moments are fraught with not only the recurrence, but also the common abscess, as well as numerous inflammatory complications.

Operation at paraproctitis

cure abscess is only surgically.And surgery is necessary immediately after diagnosis - to avoid the complications of the disease or transition into a chronic stage.The operation to remove and abscess treatment should be carried out in a specialized proctology department of a hospital.

It is not only the purification of cavities filled with pus, but also in the complete removal of the fistula - a channel in the wall of the rectum, linking the inflamed tissue with a source of contamination and infection.This operation is called when paraproctitis radical as it cures, and acute and chronic stage of the disease.

After paraproctitis

recovery period after surgery when paraproctitis is three months.These three months after the abscess patient, it is desirable to refrain from active travel, sports and other vigorous activity - it can contribute to a violation of the joints, prevent healing and result in not only a relapse, but also complications.

In the first days after the operation the patient should avoid any activity, as well as a variety of public places (swimming pool, gym, many visits to the clinic) - it can cause inflammation of the postoperative wound and negate all treated abscess.After paraproctitis need to undergo regular supervision by a surgeon to operate - in order to avoid various complications and to monitor the healing process.


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