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1. reasons parovarian cyst

2. clinical picture and symptoms

3. Complications

4. Treatment parovarian cyst

parovarian cystneoplasm is a hollow which is formed from ovarian tissue of the epididymis.This cyst is localized between the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and is covered with sheets of broad ligament.This pathology is typically detected in the 20-40 years of age (the reproductive years).In gynecology these cysts are fairly common - 8-16% of all ovarian formations.

parovarian cyst has a round or oval shape and tugoelasticheskoy consistency.It is located on the side or on the uterus.Regarding the cyst wall, they are quite thin (2.1 mm) and transparent.The inner surface of the lining has a single row of cubic, cylindrical and flat epithelium.This tumor contains a transparent, uniform watery fluid, which has a huge amount of protein and minimum content of mucin.

upper pole of the cyst is very close to the extended fallopian tube and ovary is located near the surface of

the low back formation.If we talk about the blood supply to the cyst cavity, it carried the vessels of the fallopian tube, the mesentery, as well as their own vessel wall.

above inactive cysts grow long and slow.Increased size is due to the accumulation of the contents and walls of stretching.As for the size of symptomatic parovarian cyst, they may reach 8-10 cm.There are cases where the cyst is almost identical to the value of the head of the newborn.Such situations require immediate removal parovarian cyst, because the consequences can be the most unpredictable.

reasons parovarian cyst

These abdominal cysts are formed as a result of violations of embryonic development.This disease does not have a genetic predisposition and can not be inherited.Others reasons parovarian cyst does not exist today.But there are some factors that can trigger the growth of tumors.These include abortion, early puberty, thyroid disease, endocrine diseases and disorders, solar radiation, local hyperthermia (hot tubs, a visit to the baths) and a violation of the processes of follicular maturation.

clinical picture and symptoms

small cyst in size (2.5-3 cm) usually does not cause symptoms and clinical manifestations.In these tumors, patients do not complain.Shows a small parovarian cyst accidentally when ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

But, there are times when these abdominal cysts grow to gigantic proportions (more than 30 centimeters in diameter).In such cases, they lead to compression of adjacent organs and tissues, which provokes the appearance of pain in the abdomen and lower back.These pains are aching periodic.Many women are confused pain with pain during the critical days, but all these manifestations do not have any connection with each other.Pain may be exacerbated at the time of sexual and physical activity, and at rest - cropped (are) independently.

Complications In severe physical stress, excessive sun exposure, sudden changes in body position or local hyperthermal exposure parovarian cyst may be complicated by torsion tumors, festering leg of content, as well as the capsule rupture.

Perkrut legs cyst accompanied by necrosis, which leads to a sharp deterioration of state of health (stress the anterior abdominal wall, cramping abdominal pain, gas retention, skin pallor, tachycardia, drop in blood pressure, sweating, and so on.).

Suppuration content caused by hematogenous or lymphogenous skid pathogenic microflora.This complication is usually manifested intoxication, fever (body temperature ranges from 38 to 39 degrees), vomiting and sudden tenderness in the abdomen.If in such situations not to resort to emergency treatment parovarian cyst, the end result of this disease can be the worst.

capsule rupture is accompanied by a common shock phenomena, symptoms of internal bleeding and sharp pain.

Very large parovarian cyst often lead to abdominal strain (asymmetric increase), especially when it comes to thin women.Also, the disease may contribute to the emergence of various infertility or menstrual disorders.

Treatment parovarian cyst

does not cause discomfort, as well as small in size cyst treatment can not be.Women with this pathology are required to be at the dispensary, visiting a gynecologist once every six months.Speaking of anti-inflammatory therapy, it is also not carried out because the inflammatory processes are not the cause parovarian cyst, therefore, and the treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs is not conducive to positive results.

Medium and large cysts that cause menstrual disorders, pain or infertility, are subject to surgery - removal parovarian cyst.At the time of the operation a surgeon removes not only the cyst but all rudimentary (rudimentary) formation in which the pathology is born.As a rule, no longer appear after surgical removal parovarian cyst.

At the present time the most optimal surgical treatment parovarian cyst - laparoscopy.During this operation the cyst husks together with its capsule.This technique reduces the risk of traumatic lesions of the ovary or fallopian tube to a minimum, which is important for those women who are planning a pregnancy in the future.In addition, at a laparoscopy parovarian cyst hemorrhage it is only a few milliliters.

If the operation was done in the morning, the evening, a woman may have to walk, and the next day it is usually discharged from the hospital.As far as full disaster recovery (after laparoscopy parovarian cyst), it lasts no more than thirty days.


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