Pancreatonecrosis pancreas - Causes, Treatment


1. Causes

2. Symptoms of pancreatic necrosis of the pancreas

3. Treatment

Pancreatonecrosis called extremely severe disease of the pancreas, in which it startsdigest its own cells.As a result, some parts of the pancreas mertveyut and necrosis appear, which may lead to an abscess purulent.

Pancreatonecrosis pancreas provokes imbalance of other organs and contributes to a very serious disorders of the body.If untreated, it is fatal.


The most common causes of pancreatic pancreatic necrosis are alcohol abuse, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, overeating, excessive consumption of too much fatty food, fried, spicy, salty foods.

reason pancreatic necrosis can be an overabundance in the body of vitamins A and E, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, kidney disease, and liver.Provoke the development of its trauma, surgery on the pancreas, severe intoxication, frequent intoxication.Pancreatonecrosis can cause problems with circulation and blood coagulation, infectious diseases.

Symptoms of pancreatic necrosis of the pancreas

most basic symptom of pancreatic necrosis of the pancreas - excruciating pain under the left bottom edge, extending to shoulder, side and back.It is slightly reduced in the supine position, if pre-load to the stomach knees.Soreness can be different.Someone they are brought to a state of collapse, and someone is able to tolerate the pain.

Another important feature of pancreatic necrosis - frequent vomiting, causing degidradatsiyu body.The other symptoms are:

  • Redness of the skin (in the collapse, it becomes pale);
  • intestinal bleeding;
  • Spots purple or blue color on the abdomen and buttocks.

When the disease progresses, it begins with a swelling of the pancreas.Then there are areas of the affected tissues, which, if the patient did not provide immediate medical care, lead to abscess and other serious complications.


success of the treatment of pancreatic necrosis depends on how quickly the patient sought medical help, and on the size of lesions in the pancreas.With timely treatment to the doctor's disease is usually diagnosed at an early stage, which allows you to make a favorable forecasts.

As a method of treatment of pancreatic necrosis at an early stage in favor drug therapy, the main component of which are drugs that block the work of the pancreas.Operation at this stage in pancreonecrosis contraindicated due to the fact that it is not possible detection of necrotic areas.Valid only endoscopic pappilosfinkterotomiya, which helps reduce the amount of enzymes in the blood and urine.

Conservative therapy in the treatment of pancreatic necrosis involves reducing gastric acidity drugs (atropine, cimetidine), antibacterial and antiseptic agents, immunomodulators.In severe cases, apply a broad spectrum antibiotic.

to output of toxins used intravenous and intra-arterial injection of diuretics.If the patient accumulates in the peritoneal cavity fluid with blood, it makes the laparoscopic dialysis.It is pumping fluid through the drainage, and which are intended to enter chloride solution containing procaine and antibiotics.

Then, when the intoxication increases, patients underwent blood purification (hemosorption).Operations in necrotizing pancreatitis are suitable only for the development of any severe complications.It involves removing the pancreatic lesions.Operations in necrotizing pancreatitis are poorly tolerated by patients and can cause intoxication of the whole organism.Therefore, they are made only in extreme cases.

When timeliness of treatment of disease progression can be stopped.But at the same patient for the rest of life will need to adhere to a strict diet and completely exclude the use of alcoholic beverages.

Those who recovered from pancreatic necrosis, is strictly forbidden to eat fatty, salty, spicy, smoked products.Such people are contraindicated sweets, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned food, soft drinks, mayonnaise and fresh milk.

The diet should consist of stewed or steamed dishes, milk products, meat cooked low-fat varieties, cooked porridge on the water, boiled vegetables and light soups.


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