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The disease is an inflammation of the bodyresponsible for the secretion of digestive organs and the production of insulin that is a pancreas.

The result is the development of heavy intoxication.

There are two forms of this disease is an acute and chronic pancreatitis.

In acute pancreatitis may restore the normal functioning of the pancreas, but the chronic form with time observed a steady decline in its normal operation.


There are certain factors that affect the development of pancreatitis:

1. Increased pressure in the biliary tract

This process usually takes place on the background of gallstone disease, about 70% of acute pancreatitis developed for this reason.

2. Stagnation in the upper digestive tract

In this case there is a throw-intestinal contents (with enzymes) in pancreatic flow, most often, this process occurs in gastritis, gastric / duodenal ulcer and duodenitis (

inflammation of the mucous membrane,lining the wall of the duodenum).

3. Metabolic disorders

First pancreatitis develops in violation of lipid metabolism, as it leads to the activation of enzymes.

4. Disorders of blood circulation in the prostate

This process is usually diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, alcoholism and atherosclerotic changes.During pregnancy, circulatory problems can be caused by pressure from the uterus on the blood vessels.

5. General and local infection

Particular attention is paid to the presence of infection in the abdominal cavity that occurs in hepatitis C / B and mumps.

6. Injuries pancreas

to acute pancreatitis may cause injury to the pancreas as a result of injury, surgery or blunt trauma.

addition, activation of enzymes leads to acute or chronic pancreatitis, may be caused by chemical poisoning or food, it may be alcohol, tetracycline antibiotics, various acids, immunosuppressants.

Currently, some experts support the allergic theory of the origin of acute pancreatitis.

Symptoms The main symptom of pancreatitis in acute form are severe pain in the abdomen.It is worth noting that their location can be in different places, such as inflammation of the pancreatic head pain seen in the right upper quadrant, if the tail is inflamed, then the left, and in inflammation of the gland of the body the pain is localized in the epigastric part.

In the event that all of the pancreas is inflamed, symptoms of pancreatitis are girdle pain, which may be given in the back or behind the sternum.

Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis is aggravated by the use of fatty and spicy foods, in this case, there is a burning / boring pain.In addition, in chronic pancreatitis observed poor appetite, nausea (vomiting), increased salivation, disturbance of the normal functioning of the digestive tract.The pain in this form of the disease are similar to those observed in acute pancreatitis.

To diagnose pancreatitis symptoms are not enough for this purpose specialists typically conducted ultrasound and angiography prostate procedure, besides exploring the activity of enzymes, blood / urine.


pancreatitis Treatment of acute pancreatitis forms is carried out in a surgical hospital.Most often, a critical period which is characterized by severe pain, lasts no longer than a week.It is worth noting that the disappearance of pain does not mean recovery, because in some cases after sham calm comes a sharp deterioration.

the treatment of pancreatitis focuses on the removal of pain and compensation exocrine / endocrine insufficiency.

In the first 1-2 days in the hospital is recommended fasting, then picked up a special diet.Additionally pancreatitis conducted surgery involving the removal of dead tissue of the pancreas.

Drug treatment of chronic pancreatitis forms

for pain relief in this case it is recommended to use no-silos.Additionally such preparations as appointed Almagell Fosfolyugel or which action is directed to the suppression of increased pancreatic secretion.

pancreatitis treatment can be carried out using the enzyme preparations, these include Mezim Forte, Pancreatin, Festal or Panzinorm.These drugs are able to restore the necessary production of pancreatic juice, with its lack.

Assigning specific treatment for pancreatitis, chronic or acute forms should be carried out only by the attending physician.

Diet for pancreatitis

Particular attention is paid to diet for pancreatitis, which must comply with the 4 th day.The diet should consist of fresh cottage cheese and cheese (low fat), some types of meat / fish.Daily intake of fat should not exceed 60 grams, this can be achieved by abandoning the use of pork / mutton fat.Besides costs limit the use of starchy foods.

Maintaining the necessary diet leads to a gradual recovery of the pancreas.That is why it is recommended even after the end of treatment to monitor a balanced diet and avoid excesses.

Diet for pancreatitis, chronic form will prevent exacerbations of the disease.In this case, it is recommended to eat vegetables, cooked in the oven or steamed, white dried bread.From meat should eat low-fat beef variety, turkey, rabbit.


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