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1. Causes of tinea versicolor

2. Symptoms and diagnosis of tinea versicolor

3. treatment of tinea versicolor

4. Prevention of tinea versicolor

Pityriasis (multicolored) versicolor - a fungal skin disease that affects only the part of the epidermis (outer skin layer), which has direct contact with the external environment, namely its upper stratum corneum.

Causes of tinea versicolor

Peak incidence of pityriasis versicolor falls in the hottest time of the year, that is, when the conditions for the "life" of the so-called "sun fungus" is most favorable.The viability of the fungus are directly dependent on the activity of the sweat glands of man.Most often suffer from young people and middle-aged people, the elderly and the less practically never - children.

Not so long ago chromophytosis considered contagious disease.But recent studies have shown that the disease is contagious conditionally.That is, the fungus can be transmitted through contact with the sick person or

his things, but that does not mean that the symptoms immediately arise from infected person.The fungus is able to live for years on human skin, and show themselves only after the occurrence of favorable conditions for its existence.Or does not manifest itself at all.

90% of people are carriers of Malassezia furfur - the fungus that provokes scaly (colored) lichen, but only a fifth of them are sick with the disease.

difficult to name the main cause of tinea versicolor, in each case, it is individual.It has long been known that the development of the disease has a low immunity rights.That is why people often get sick, who suffered severe blood loss and surgery, face relaxed after the treatment, and pregnant women are just given birth, as well as cancer patients, HIV-infected and other seriously ill.

In addition, the following causes of tinea versicolor:

  • sweating, as well as the specific chemical composition of sweat;
  • diseases of internal organs, such as the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disruptions of the endocrine system;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun in the solarium;
  • unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Enough can often hear about the genetic cause tinea versicolor.It so happens that the disease shows its symptoms in all family members, even when they do not live together.According to some scholars this fact is due to a genetic predisposition to the development of scaly (colored) lichen.

Symptoms and diagnosis of tinea versicolor Pityriasis

(multicolored) Ringworm manifests itself pink-red-brown spots on human skin.Over time, the stains color may change and acquire the color "coffee with milk".The action of the sun destroy the spores of the fungus on human skin while leaving its "footprint" in the form of white spots.

Places localization fungus - skin areas around the sebaceous glands.

most commonly affected areas are observed on the back, under the breasts and in a hollow between them, at least in the neck, abdomen and torso.With long-term treatment of tinea versicolor shelving spots may merge with each other and thus become even more unsightly appearance.

pityriasis (multicolored) Special inconvenience zoster does not deliver.Possible just a little itchy and flaking patches.

diagnose the disease is quite simple, even at home.If scrape scaly flake (spot), then there is a slight peeling it.In addition, it is possible to diagnose with iodine.To do this, you need to lubricate the affected skin with iodine ordinary pharmacy and immediately wipe this part of the alcohol.Spots depriving instantly stand out and acquire a dark color.

experienced doctor will decide on the eye disease.But in order to make sure in their assumptions, the doctor will make iodine sample Balzer (the above procedure with iodine) and / or review the affected skin under Wood's lamp or conduct microscopic examination of skin scraper.

treatment of tinea versicolor

Before treatment tinea versicolor is appropriate to conduct a survey of the sick person.Since shingles is often accompanied by serious diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, it is necessary to eliminate the possibility that the incidence of these diseases.

Conservative treatment of tinea versicolor in humans based on the external use of keratolytic and antifungal agents.Action keratolytic products is softening and rejection affected fungus top layer of skin (stratum corneum layer of the epidermis).Action antifungal agents sent directly to the destruction of the causative agent.For antifungal drugs from tinea versicolor include fungicidal preparations and products containing zinc pyrithione.

traditional keratolytic preparations of tinea versicolor are 2-5% salicylic alcohol and an alcoholic solution of resorcinol.

But today keratolytic preparations gave way to more effective in the treatment of tinea versicolor in humans - an antifungal drug.

Antifungal drugs - drugs (ointments, gels, sprays), the active ingredient which are azoles, such as: clotrimazole, miconazole, bifonazole, isoconazole, ciclopirox, naftifine, terbinafine, amikazol, econazole, oxiconazole, ketoconazole.

disease Treatment is usually externally.Only in some cases possible to use tablets.Antifungals

based on zinc pyrithione (Psorilom, Skin-cap) azoles some inferior but nevertheless are widely used for prevention and treatment in humans pityriasis versicolor.

In advanced cases, when one agent is unable to cope with the disease, it is appropriate to carry out the complex treatment.It consists in carrying out antimycotic therapy by a combination of several drugs from the group of azoles.

Prevention of tinea versicolor

to eliminate the causes of tinea versicolor, and thus minimize the likelihood of its occurrence follows:

  • Wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fabrics;
  • Always keep your body clean, especially in the hot season, when increased sweating;
  • Do not use other people's towels, hygienic facilities;
  • Before treatment, and after it boil bed linen and underwear.Or carefully ironed on both sides;
  • good prophylactic drug from tinea versicolor - anti-dandruff shampoo, it can be used as a shower gel.


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