Otitis Ear - types , causes, symptoms, treatments


1. Types of otitis, and the nature of their current

2. ear Otitis media in a child: causes and symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of otitis media ear

4. disease prevention

Otitis media - inflammation of the ear of one of the sections: the outer, middle and inner.

Types otitis and the nature of their current

Our ears with anatomical point of view consists of three divisions, which are called the outer, middle and inner ear.

The outer ear includes the pinna, the ear canal and eardrum.Inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa) often occurs as a complication of chronic purulent otitis ear or on the background of boils, pimples, blackheads.

middle ear comprises the tympanic cavity, which accommodates a three sound bones they are attached to the tympanic membrane and function as a treat sound.Otitis - a disease inherent in any of the three sections of the ear, but often there is inflammation of the middle part, and in 99% of cases, doctors diagnose otitis media.

The inner ear contains in itself the auditory organ - the cochlea.It mechanical vibrations are converted into nerve impulses, which is transferred to the appropriate brain nuclei.Internal otitis media - a relatively rare, but it is always a serious disease.It almost always occurs as a complication of suppurative otitis middle ear or on the background of an infectious disease.

By the nature of the flow distinguish chronic and acute otitis media ear.The disease begins with its acute form, which is due to improper or untimely treatment becomes chronic form.In benign course of chronic otitis serious complications usually avoided.But in the case of malignant course, the disease brings to human health irreparable harm, including death.

ear Otitis media in a child: causes and symptoms

Otitis considered primarily a children's disease.80% of children during the first three years of life experienced the symptoms of otitis media ear, and half of them had been ill with the disease several times.We are talking about an average acute otitis ear, because 99 times out of a hundred children are diagnosed with his name.

reason otitis ear of the child (as well as in the adult) - change of pressure in the middle ear.The most common cause of this change - SARS (severe respiratory viral infection), which is accompanied by inflammation of the nasopharynx, in other words, a runny nose.Mucus from the nose and throat, gets into the Eustachian tube that connects the throat and the tympanum.As a consequence of impaired ventilation and pressure of the tympanic cavity, it becomes inflamed.Under the action of bacteria and viruses are also very inflamed Eustachian tube.

SARS is not the only cause of otitis media.The disease can develop after a bath, or, if we talk about children, infants, due to falling milk in the Eustachian tube.

Acute otitis media ear in a child often cause the adenoids, which compress the Eustachian tube.

Of course, the main symptom of otitis media is an ear ache.The intensity of pain depends on the anatomical features of the ear baby.In addition, mandatory symptom of otitis ear when acute course is a slight hearing loss, which can be stored up to three months after treatment for the disease.

Against colds pain and hearing loss can join a high fever, headache, cough, and, of course, cold.

After some time (2-3 days) after the onset of symptoms of otitis media ear bacteria from the Eustachian tube commute to the middle ear and start it "safely" to multiply, there is purulent inflammation of the middle ear.

purulent otitis ear behaves very severe pain.The higher the pressure in the tympanic cavity, the more pain.At very high pressure the eardrum does not stand up and torn, and then begins to stand out from the ear purulent fluid.

Symptoms of chronic otitis weakly expressed.The person can ignore signs of the disease for as long as the hearing loss reaches substantially.Even in the case of discharge in chronic suppurative otitis media ear so sick "szhivaetsya" with them, which considers them the norm.

Diagnosis and treatment of otitis media ear

diagnose acute otitis media ear can only otolaryngologist by examination of the eardrum and tympanic cavity with a special instrument.The physician is necessary to clarify the presence or absence of pus, the number of clusters of inflammatory fluid in the middle ear cavity and choose the scheme and terms of treatment of otitis media ear.

If symptoms of otitis media ear having a child is to make sure in the presence of the disease, click on the tragus of the ear (ear canal front projection).The shrill cries of the child - a reason to seek medical advice immediately.

In some cases, the diagnosis of chronic otitis media may need x-ray and computed tomography.

Treatment of ear otitis media in children and adults is carried out:

1. vasoconstrictor drops

2. antiseptic solution

3. Antibacterials

To remove the swelling of the Eustachian tube and thus improve its permeability, in the ear is necessary to bury vasoconstrictor dropswhich are usually dripping nose rhinitis, for example, Nazol, Galazolin, Vibrocil, Naphthyzinum.

next step in the treatment of otitis media ear - the introduction into the ear canal antiseptic solution.Modern medicine offers a wide variety of antiseptic drops, among them: otinum, Otipaks, Sofradeks and many others.These same properties of boric acid.

Treatment of ear otitis with purulent inflammation is carried out with antibiotics.Antibiotic treatment lasts at least ten days.Prolonged therapy is necessary to antibiotic in sufficient amount accumulated in the tympanic cavity of the middle ear.When properly chosen therapy consequences purulent otitis ear end a small scar on the tympanic membrane, which does not affect hearing.

Doctors do not recommend to apply to the ear warmers and the like, as well as using other traditional methods of treatment of chronic and acute otitis media ear.

Remember, treatment of otitis media ear the child should be implemented after consultation and doctor's appointments, any amateur often leads at best to the emergence of chronic otitis media in the worst hearing loss and purulent meningitis.

disease prevention

Performing a few simple preventive measures reduce the risk of otitis media:

1. It is necessary to drink a lot, remember that fluid daily rate for an adult - 2-2.5 liters, for a child older than three years - 1 liter.., for baby 1-3 years - 700-800ml.

2. Heat wear themselves and their children, but the dwelling temperature should not exceed 20 ° C.

3. Do not forget to do wet cleaning and ventilation.

4. In the case of the common cold should be promptly take antipyretics (paracetamol, ibuprofen).

your actions should be aimed at, in order to prevent the mucus, which is present at a cold, thicken.If you notice that the mucus is viscous consistency, then the purpose of washing the nose should be instilled saline akvamaris, Salina or other similar drops.


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