Swelling of the eyelids , swelling of the century of the child - causes, treatment

Edema of the eyelids - a fairly common condition, in which there is an abnormal increase in fluid in the subcutaneous tissue of the eyelids. Especially this problem affects people over 30 years of age, but the eyelid edema in a child can also develop. With infrequent manifestations of this pathological swelling of the eyelids does not lead to severe conditions, but it greatly affects the appearance of the person's face and delivers a special discomfort to the female sex.

Causes of edema of the eyelids

However, one should not underestimate the manifestation of edema of the eyelids, since this symptom can speak about the presence of more serious diseases of the body. For example, in some cases, the cause of the edema of the eyelids can be an allergic reaction of the body. There is an allergic edema angioedema of Quincke, and it is characterized by a rapid appearance and the same sudden disappearance. Such swelling in most cases is one-sided, they are clearly visible, but not accompanied by any uncomfo

rtable subjective sensations. Provoke edema of this type can various allergens, such as milk, eggs, chocolate, strawberries, citrus fruits, fish products and various plants. Because of the allergic reaction, the edema of the upper eyelids mainly occurs.

Also common causes of edema of the eyelids are various systemic pathologies, such as kidney, heart or thyroid disease. There are also known local causes of swelling of the eyelids: trauma, lymphatic drainage, insect bites, leakage of cranial cerebral fluid.

Also, certain physiological features contribute to the development of edema of the eyelids: high skin extensibility, abundant blood supply to the eyelids, too loose fiber texture located in the subcutaneous fat zone, which causes excessive accumulation of fluid.

So, the causes of edema of the eyelids can be both inflammatory and non-inflammatory. With inflammatory edema, reddening of the skin is clearly visible, the temperature rises, palpation of the eyelid zone causes painful sensations. For example, with furunculosis, erysipelas, dacryocystitis or barley during palpation, there is a certain densification of the structure of the eyelid. The edema of the non-inflammatory eyelids is manifested as follows: the skin of the eyelids is paler, colder, with palpation painful sensations absent. The swelling is distinctly expressed in the morning hours and usually it is bilateral, it is often accompanied by swelling of the hands, feet and ascites.

Edema of the upper eyelids can develop due to many diseases, for example, kidney, liver, heart and connective tissue pathologies. Edema of the upper eyelids may indicate a disease of the orbit and the eyelids themselves. Edema of the upper eyelids sometimes arise due to a tumor of the eyelids, in particular squamous cell carcinoma.

Edema of the eyelid in a child

Eyelid swelling in a child can occur for several reasons, one of which is genetics. If at least one parent or someone from close relatives shows this pathology, then in many cases there is a swelling of the eyelids in the child. Also, other causes leading to swelling are insufficient sleep, excessive intake of salt. These problems can easily be eliminated if you watch for the baby to get enough sleep, go to bed on time, and also cook a moderately salty food. Sometimes the appearance of puffiness in the eyelids may indicate the presence of heart, liver, kidney, vegetative dystonia, urinary tract disorders, etc. in the child. It can also talk about low hemoglobin in a child, metabolic disorders or increased intracranial pressure.

In order to prevent the development of this pathological condition in a child, it is necessary to be very careful about his daily routine and lifestyle. As often as possible, a child should walk outdoors, and not spend leisure time in a stuffy room by the computer or television. If these symptoms do not pass and after the normalization of the child's lifestyle, it is necessary to seek medical help for the examination of the general condition of the child. This will allow timely detection of serious diseases.

Treatment of the disease

Depending on the cause of this pathology, different treatment of edema of the eyelids is used. For example, if the swelling occurs not because of diseases of the internal organs, then it is possible to confine oneself to correct cosmetic care for the eyelid region. During the day, you can carry out various cosmetic procedures. Only to have the effect of such cosmetic care will be only with the normalization of the pace of life, i.e.organization of proper sleep, proper nutrition and refraining from excessive consumption of alcohol.

Treatment of edema of the eyelids includes various therapeutic procedures that carry out active lymphatic drainage. Today, the method of electrostimulation is used - it is a therapeutic procedure, in which the subcutaneous lymphatic pathways are stimulated with the help of thin electrodes by low-frequency electric current. This procedure allows you to improve metabolism, normalize blood microcirculation, restore the physiological activity of cells and lymphatic exchange. To achieve this effect, the procedures of microcurrent therapy, dermotonia, mesotherapy, which are carried out in modern cosmetology salons, help. Professional and home cosmetic masks will help.

Treatment of edema of the eyelids at the initial stage is carried out with the help of manual lymphodrainage massage. You can do some simple exercises yourself:

- massage the skin around the corners of the eyes and temples with gentle and gentle pressure for 2 minutes;

- tap your fingertips around your eyes with your fingertips.

In order to achieve a lasting effect, it is necessary to pass a whole course of one of the above described techniques.

The danger of self-medication and the benefits of folk remedies

Many patients suffer from the fact that they begin self-treatment of edema of the eyelids, without prior medical advice. However, without revealing the real cause of puffiness, any self-treatment can only aggravate your condition. For example, some people apply a warm cloth to the swollen eyelids to relieve the condition, or take antihistamines without a doctor's appointment - this can lead to negative consequences.

The cause of the edema of the eyelids may be blepharohalasis - the formation of a skin sagging fold that forms in the outer part of the upper eyelid. This is a cosmetic problem and it appears mainly in older people due to the age-related weakening of the connective tissue of the upper eyelid. Eliminate blepharohalasis by performing cosmetic surgery.

After visiting a doctor and finding out the cause of puffiness, you can also carry out home treatment for oedemas with methods approved by your doctor. After sleep, you can impose on the eyelid region a cooling eye gel containing plant extracts. You can carry out "ice" masks made of plastic filled with gel, they need to be stored in the refrigerator. When there was swelling, this cold mask for a few minutes is put on eyelids.

Timely examination and treatment will help you to keep your face beautiful.


1. Reasons for swelling of the eyelids

2. Edema of the eyelid in the child

3. Treatment of the disease

4. Danger of self-medication and the benefits of folk remedies


This article is only for educational purposes and is not a scientific material or a professional medical advice.

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