Genital warts - symptoms , treatment and removal


1. Way infection

2. disease manifestation

3. Genital warts in men

4. Genital warts in women

5. Treatment of genital warts

genital warts - warty education flesh, pink or brown, which are located predominantly on the penis, vagina, or around, the anus and into the rectum, at least in the mouth, and is a symptom papillomovirusnoy infection sexauthorities.The size of the elements can vary from one millimeter to several centimeters.They are capable of rapid quantitative growth and eventually rashes take the form of a cauliflower.


infection Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection is widespread.Currently there are more than hundred kinds thereof, some of which give rise to tumors in human considered.

Until recently it was thought that the human papilloma virus, which causes the appearance of warts is transmitted only through sexual contact.To date, there is evidence of possible transmission of HPV from mother to child during pregnancy or during birth.We can not co

mpletely exclude the possibility of infection in the domestic environment: through clothing and items during breastfeeding.However, the main mode of transmission of HPV - infection during sexual intercourse.

Getting in the human body, HPV reaches the epithelial cells of the genitals, anus and perineum.Epithelium invades the cell, the virus integrates its DNA, which leads to disruption of its functions.Cells begin to actively share, growing eventually to a characteristic of the disease formation.

disease manifestation

Genital warts occur, usually in areas that have been injured during intercourse.The incubation period may be from several weeks to 6-7 months on average - 1,5-3 months.Sometimes the virus persists in the body in a latent state for several years.Its activation is directly associated with reduced immunity.

Initially, the tumor looks like a small wet swelling pink or red.The amount of swelling can increase quite rapidly, forming a so-called "stems".Expanding, warts are rough to the touch and visually begin to resemble a cauliflower.Particularly rapid growth of their notes in the presence of inflammation of the skin, as well as pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems (people taking medications that suppress the immune system, AIDS).

Genital warts in men

In men, genital warts affect the head and neck of the glans penis, prepuce, the area of ​​the external opening of the urethra, sometimes localized in the channel.For gay men characterized by the spread of education in the area of ​​the anus, although this localization of genital warts in men with heterosexual orientation also occurs.

If the warts are not isolated, that are often, indicate the presence of "condylomatosis", emphasizing the character of multiple warts growth.Genital warts in men can cause the formation of a malignant tumor.That is advanced disease causes cancer.

Treatment often radical - complete removal of genital warts.

Genital warts in women

Genital warts in women appear on the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals.Neoplasms may appear brown and the vaginal wall, in the anus, the language.

most common disease in women is manifested in the form of separate entities.The lack of treatment leads to their unification and appearance of growths.

particular danger are rapidly sprawling genital warts in women, because the type of papillomavirus, their causes, related to oncogenic viruses, and can cause cervical cancer.According to WHO, each year in the world's recorded more than half a million cases of cervical cancer, 50% of which are fatal.

Treatment of genital warts

treatment is mandatory.In itself, the disease is not passed, and the clinical picture over time is only getting worse.Intentional or accidental damage to tumors leads to poorly healing ulcer bleeding.

If untreated, genital warts can fester.From contact with underwear violated the integrity of warts, they may fall away, leaving in its place the wound.

However, local complications are secondary compared to the main problem, which leads to a prolonged lack of treatment of genital warts - a sharp decline in immunity.Then to the existing disease may join other infectious diseases.There is a worsening of already acquired human chronic inflammatory processes, treatment of which in this case is much more complicated.

There are several ways to treat this disease.To date, carried out the removal of genital warts by laser, cryotherapy or chemical degradation.During treatment, patients are often prescribed drugs, the effect of which is aimed at improving and strengthening the immune system.

However, the approach to each patient must be unique.In some cases, without direct surgical intervention can not effectively remove genital warts.But in the struggle for health, and perhaps life, patients should not scare it.


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