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2. Osteochondropathy spine

3. Osteochondropathy calcaneus

Osteochondropathy - a disease characterized by a peculiar change apophyses short and long tubular epiphysisbones, spine, bones enchondral ossificans foot and hand, as well as other growing bone structures.For all osteochondropathies characterized by predominant involvement of child and adolescent age, chronic benign course and sufficiently favorable outcome.

Reasons To date, the causes of osteochondropathy not fully understood, but there are several critical factors:

  • family or congenital predisposition;
  • sharing violation of essential substances;
  • hormonal factors;
  • traumatic factors (increased muscle contraction, frequent injuries).

Osteochondropathy spine

disease development is slow, the clinical picture depends on the stage, the child's age and the severity of the pathological process.First, patients with muscular hypotonia appears, asymmetry of the back muscles and fatigue, non-intensiv

e pain in the spine syndrome, which is usually diffuse and disappear after a night's sleep.Then the pain intensified, periodically there are local pain in the spinous processes of the vertebrae, and formed arcuate kyphotic curvature of the spine.In the future spine deformation significantly increases.

Treatment spine osteochondropathy is to relieve pain, restore mobility, improve posture and prevention of degenerative disc disease.

patient can not engage in intense physical activities associated with the jumps and heavy lifting.Recommended physiotherapy and swimming.When severe pain is a longitudinal traction on the ramp, followed by wearing a corset.

as a medical treatment for spinal osteochondropathy appointed analgesics (Zaldiar, paracetamol), NSAID (deksalgin, aertal, nimesil, Celebrex, Nise), systemic enzyme therapy drugs (Phlogenzym, Wobenzym), as well as vitamins B, cardiovascular drugs and Neostigmine.

To prevent osteoarthritis patients received drugs that modify the structure of cartilage (arthritis, alflutop, terafleks, stopartroz, structum).Very effective procedures such as swimming, physiotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage.If the treatment start time (early), it is possible to stop the progression of the disease and the subsequent formation of spinal deformity.In case of severe kyphosis fixed surgical treatments are applied.

Osteochondropathy calcaneus

establish the correct diagnosis can help the following features of the disease:

  • in vertical position the patient feels pain in the heel or just a couple of minutes after relying on the hill of the calcaneus;
  • patients have to move with the front and midfoot, while using crutches or a walking stick;
  • frequently in patients on the sole in the heel area is determined by the atrophy of the skin and hypersensitivity, increased tactile sensitivity, mild swelling of the soft tissues.

X-ray examination in most cases are defeated apophysis of the calcaneus in a loosening of the bone structure and the cortex under the apophysis.

These signs are not accurate evidence osteochondropathy as may occur and periostitis.Conclusive evidence is only the presence of sekvestropodobnyh shadows shifted to the side.

the treatment osteochondropathy calcaneus conservative methods are not always effective, but the treatment should start with them:

  • long unloading heel when walking with the help of plaster splints with unloading stirrups;
  • spirtonovokainovye injecting soft tissue of the heel region;
  • physiotherapy;
  • drugs - pirogenal, Brufen, vitamins B6 and B12.

In case of failure of this treatment shows neurotomy subcutaneous and tibial nerves with radiating branches of the heel.This saves the patient from excruciating pain and allow him to load when walking calcaneal tuberosity without fear.After the operation in the toe is lost not only painful, but also skin sensitivity.


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